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There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to learning how to kiss good. Let me say at the start if you enjoy kissing whole heartedly with a lot of passion and feeling most of the hard work is done for you. All that’s left is learning a few kissing tips or kissing techniques that will have your love interest thinking you’re the best kisser they’ve ever had.

Some people find kissing is the easy part. Making your move is the nerve-wracking part. You probably remember watching Happy Days and seeing all the moves those guys used to make to lock lips with girls.

The fundamentals of learning how to kiss good are experimentation, imagination, kindness, preparation, respect, communication, and very importantly confidence. Build your confidence by thinking that kissing is the natural way that you express how you feel about your love interest. There is no confidence booster like having knowledge. When you truly feel in yourself that you do know how to not only kiss good but sizzle at it, your confidence will carry forward with your kissing.

It’s also absolutely critical before you even think about kissing anyone that you do not have bad breath, you don’t have a rough beard, you don’t have body odour and that you’re not about to pounce on her like an octopus.

Here is the classic kissing move. A great place to try this one out is at the movies or whenever the moment is right and you are sitting next to one another.

Put your arm around her shoulder. Watch her body language and see how she reacts to his.

If she snuggles into you or rests her shoulder on you just enjoy the moment for a few minutes. Next thing to do is put your fingers under her chin with your free hand that is not around her and gently tilt her head up so she is looking at you.

In order to learn how to kiss good you need to practice. If you have never kissed anyone before or have had little practice you know you get just one chance. Blow it and they may never think of you romantically again! That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you learn how to kiss good as soon as possible, to avoid any embarrassment and humiliation.

Anyone can become a great kisser, provided they follow the right kissing techniques, tips and kissing advice from people who are qualified to give it.

In order to kiss good you need to be aware of how your love interest is feeling about you and your kiss. When your two lips meet keep them slightly parted and press very gently against the other person’s lips. Make sure you don’t bump noses (but if you do just laugh) by tilting your head slightly to one side.

Kissing is a lot like dancing. Your lips and tongues move with one another at the same pace in the same style. Just like dancing, you are following one another’s lead. You should be aware of how comfortable the girl feels with your kiss.

Once you have start to kiss one of you will slip your tongue into the other person’s mouth. Whatever you do, don’t make your tongue disappear back into your mouth like a startled turtle; and don’t let your tongue just sit there either. Move it around their tongue, gently suck on their tongue, chase one another’s tongues around their mouths. This is what will make the difference between knowing that you kiss good and being a shocking kisser.

It’s important when you start to learn how to kiss good that you identify all the embarrassing things to avoid! Don’t let your next kiss become an experience that haunts you forever. Make it your goal to follow all the kissing advice you need so that you can avoid the pitfalls and slip-ups that can jeopardize your chances of dating the girl of your dreams and becoming the best kisser she’s ever had. I guarantee if you follow the right kissing advice you will learn not only how to kiss good but how to be a truly memorable kisser that they will remember forever.