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In utilizing the Law of Attraction, or manifesting your intentions, or just plain progressing in your chosen path, there will always be times when you feel “stuck.” It may be that you feel bound by circumstances, or the scene isn’t playing out as expected, or maybe you’re just not sure where to go next – what move to make. Although you may (or may not) intellectually understand that all setbacks are as temporary as you allow them to be, it can be difficult to keep from getting frustrated, or even giving up.

First, let me reassure you that my life is NOT pie-in-the-sky perfection. I love every second, even the challenging ones (especially the challenging ones!), because I recognize that no matter what the circumstances, this is MY life, and I have so much to grateful for. Further, I know that my greatest growth will always come from adversity, not easy gains. It is imperative to understand that having that amazing power to manifest your intentions in all of the varied facets of your world is not about have a “perfect’ life where nothing goes wrong (and I postulate that that would, in fact, not be perfect either!), but about how you handle the challenges that will inevitably arise.

In the future, for the times when it seems all roads lead to dead ends, here are seven techniques for getting “unstuck.”

Identify specific problem areas – don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the nebulous sense of frustration that “nothing is going right.” Sometimes, when you pinpoint the exact issue, you suddenly see that it is not as bad as you thought, as possibly even easily solved! Now that you’ve pinpointed your issues, identify what you feel is “holding you back.” Is it lack of time, resources, support, organization, education, fear of failure or of success? Address that issue. Is there anything that you can reasonably do to rectify it? If you’re not sure, ask for help! It’s amazing how often we get hung up on feeling like we have to solve every problem on our own, when there may be someone with an answer within arm’s reach! Recognize that everything you need to succeed already exists, and will come to you if you’ll allow it! Stop telling yourself that you can’t have something. Instead, try believing that you CAN! The universe wants to give you everything you want, but when you’re busy saying “I can’t have ______,” the universe interprets that to mean that you don’t really want it! When you put a question out to the universe, stop trying to figure out the answer! Get quiet enough so that the universe (or God, or your creative source, or whatever you call that inner voice that is WAY smarter than you) has a chance to get a word in edgewise! Then trust your instincts as you take action – they are there to guide you. Let go of the outcome. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pursue your dreams, but if at every step of the way the cards seem stacked against you, it may be that you are pushing toward something that is not in your best interest, or at least going about it in the wrong way! Realize that you don’t always need to be “in control.” Your human consciousness – your ego – is so finite, you cannot possibly see all potential paths and outcomes… so what makes you suppose you can control them? Relax! The universe is always acting for your highest good! Why not go with the flow instead of fighting the current? You might be surprised to discover that more often than not, it carries you where you wished to go. Remember that at all times, every moment, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. It goes back to the old mantra, “Be Here Now.” There is no other time or place you can be, so take three deep breaths and just be grateful to be alive. You are only as “stuck” as you believe you are. Take this gift that is the present moment, and see what lesson it offers you. This will almost always free you to continue moving forward.

Wishing you a passionate, prosperous, and powerful day!
a.k.a. The Average Goddess