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It is believed that France was the first country to discover the wonderful art of kissing and how to tongue kiss. Although the French are famous for inventing the French kiss, initially it was called the soul kiss because such a kiss is believed to come from the heart and of course the soul.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tongue kissing but there are some tongue kissing tips and techniques that will make the journey extremely pleasurable for you as you become an expert at how to tongue kiss.

Let me say that if you enjoy it whole heartedly and kiss with a lot of passion and a lot of heart most of the hard work is done for you. All that’s left is learning a few French kissing or tongue kissing tips that will have your love interest absolutely melt in your arms.

Here are some French kissing tips and techniques to help you learn how to tongue kiss starting today.

The Secret To A Delicious Long And Slow Tongue Kiss

When I think of the perfect movie tongue kiss I think of the way that Tom Cruise so sweetly devoured Kelly McGillis in the movie “Top Gun” with Take My Breath Away playing in the background. No matter how old I am, that tongue kiss has the same impact on me every single time. I feel like a teenager again every time I see that tongue kiss.

But the fact is that real life is very different. You don’t know if they want to tongue kiss you, you don’t know how to tongue kiss, they are really shy, he has been giving you mixed signals, you are not sure if she wants you to be just a friend.

The mere thought of tongue kissing a guy or tongue kissing a girl could have you feeling like you have just been through a train wreck. If you have never tongue kissed before you know you get just one chance. Blow it and they may never think of you romantically again!

I once met this totally cute guy at a night club. This guy was hot. He was the best looking guy in the place, but when he tongue kissed me he was a total dud. It was the worst tongue kiss I had ever had with anyone and I’ve had quite a few.

No matter how great looking he was, I felt nothing when I tongue kissed him and never wanted to see him again. That may sound terrible but that was my first tongue kissing impression of him and it wasn’t good.

What did he do wrong? His whole tongue kissing technique was terrible. The man had been married before, to a French woman too. Maybe when they were giving out French kissing lessons she was away from school. His French kissing style – well, there was none. To me it felt like I was kissing someone who had never been tongue kissed before and I then and there decided never to see him again.

French kissing had always come so naturally to me but all of a sudden I realized that some people are natural born kissers and others just need a little guidance and practice.

Here are a few tongue kissing tips and tongue kissing techniques to help you on your way.

The Start Of A Tongue Kiss

When your two lips meet keep them slightly parted (no tongue kissing) and press very gently against the other person’s lips. Make sure you don’t bump noses (but if you do just laugh) by tilting your head slightly to one side.

The Beginning Of A Tongue Kiss

French kisses, tongue kisses, tongue pashes, whatever you want to call them, involve the use of your tongue. Kissing is a lot like dancing. Your lips and tongues move with one another at the same pace in the same style. Just like dancing, you are following one another’s lead.

Once you have started kissing one of you will slip your tongue into the other person’s mouth. Whatever you do, don’t make your tongue disappear back into your mouth like a startled turtle; and don’t let your tongue just sit there either. Move it around their tongue, gently suck on their tongue, chase one another’s tongues around their mouths.

Keep tongue kissing this way till either of you have had enough or you want to try a different type of kissing.

How to End A Tongue Kiss

To end a kiss finish it off the way it started; slow down the movement of your tongue, ever, ever so slowly move your heads apart, if you like press your lips against theirs one more time, look into their yes and smile.

Voila. You are now on your way to perfecting the perfect tongue kiss and mastering the art of kissing.

I know it sounds easy on paper and some more guidance and even photos would be helpful in perfecting the ultimate mind blowing tongue kiss.