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When thinking about wind power, there are several advantages and disadvantages that can sway you to either use or not use it. Some of the advantages of wind power include that it’s a natural resource therefore making it free and friendly to the environment not harming or depleting the ozone layer. No fossil fuels have to be burned so that we may generate electricity.

Because of the fact that wind turbines only take up a few meters of space, they are a lot better for space compared to power plants leaving more room for the environment and agriculture or for the land to be used for other purposes. Win turbines are also a better resource to use in remote locations like the mountains or the country side. They can come in many different sizes so that they may accommodate different levels of population.

Finally another great thing about wind power is that you can combine it with solar power and upon doing this they can be a source of energy for developed and developing countries. Now as stated above although wind power has many advantages it also has several disadvantages. Such as wind power is unreliable, you’re never sure just exactly how much power you are going to get therefore making solar energy a better alternative sometimes. The construction of a wind turbine can last a long time about a year to be exact and can be quite costly. One of the biggest disadvantages is the fact that they create a lot of noise which is fine if u live a few miles away but not so good if you’re closer to the turbine.

So altogether there are many advantages and disadvantages to whether or not wind turbines are truly effective mechanisms to use to create energy