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Today is the day many have been waiting for! And unfortunately the movie is neither great, nor prophetic. Hey, it’s a MOVIE. We’re talking entertainment. The special effects are off the charts! The acting lines are awful. And take a sack lunch because the move is two hours and thirty eight minutes long. 

This is the first of many 2012 movies with many more to come. We’re still more than three years out!

Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. The 2012 movie is an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. Right!  🙁

I will go see it for the special effects and entertainment; however, I am going with no false expectations as here are three movie reviews:

1-The script is nonsensical and while the actors do their best they are, inevitably, dwarfed by the breathtaking visual effects. Emmerich has outdone himself this time; this is a film that makes Independence Day look modest.

2-If you want massive spectacle, an orgy of disaster-movie clichés and schadenfreude run riot, you won’t be disappointed. Cinematic popcorn doesn’t come poppier, cornier (or cheesier) than this.

3-How is it possible that a $250 million film can be less effective on it’s audience than the $11,000 Paranormal Activity. The film is laughably bad.

Ah, but what do they know? Right?

What we do know is that the world is changing GREATLY- EXPONENTIALLY. Human consciousness and information is expanding so fast that we cannot keep up with it. Our world is shrinking and the resources with which to support six billion plus people are dwindling quickly. We’re headed for some serious times in the next three years regardless of what galactic, solar, or planetary events may come.

So, let’s just chill and fantasize a bit about the 2012 Final Fantasy (I like the title).  🙂

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The call to save Mother earth and preserve the ecological balance has been rising in huge proportions, especially now that we are facing extreme global warming and the possibility of climate change.

The good thing is that a lot has answered, ranging from the private individual to the mega corporations. Among these mega corporations doing their share of saving the environment are the telecommunications and mobile phone companies.

More than just plant trees by the roadways or teaching people on how to manage and segregate their wastes, these corporations attempt to help in ecological preservation through things they excel at – mobile phones.

The mobile phone is already an integrated part of the modern individual, a device that has evolved from a mere phone into an essential part of human communications. Simply put, the modern person most likely possesses a mobile phone for obvious reasons.

But that being said, most mobile phones are made of materials that contain chemicals that are harmful to the land such as cadmium, nickel, and lithion. And every day, tons of mobile phones and cellular batteries have been clogging the landfill all over the world, adding to mass of human junk we make every single passing day.

Granted, mobile phone companies are not tree huggers. But with the current state our environment is facing, it is nice to know that these communications giants are fusing modern communications technology and environmental awareness with their lines of eco friendly cellular phones.

Samsung, the South Korea-based mobile phone manufacturer, has been consistent in launching pro-environment mobile phones. The still-in-the-works Samsung Blue Earth is slated to be made of recycled water bottles and is powered by the sun. While this phone is still in the drawing board, the Samsung Blue Earth is nearing its completion and will be available later in 2009.

Another environment friendly Samsung mobile that is already out in the market is the Samsung E1107. Powered by a solar panel in the back, the Samsung E1107 eliminates the need for conventional cell phone batteries.

Sony Ericsson, another mobile phone titan, also chips in its share of eco-friendly mobile phones – the Sony Ericsson Green Heart. Though there is still no news when the phone will be made available to the public, the news is that the Green Heart’s chassis is made of biodegradable materials and the keypad is molded from recycled plastic.

Nokia also joins the pro-environment mobile phones race with the two concept phones currently in the designs phase. One is powered by solar energy while the other phone will utilize radio waves frequency. It is slated that such energy are more efficient than solar power, but current prototypes are still to deliver such claim.

Another good thing is that electronics companies all over the world are also bent on easing the world from further environmental damage with solar chargers and other alterative and unconventional power sources for mobile phones, such as chargers with hand crank-mechanism.

If the trend should pick up and generate enough following, then there is a big chance we will be using environment friendly phones in the near future.

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The world has no idea what life is like in Nigeria. Living in the country located in the western part of Africa is like living in hell. In fact, Nigeria is like a very big prison where the common masses are allowed to move about freely while wealthy politicians and cohorts can move in out of the prison. No one single person who has not lived in the country and experienced hardship can exactly explain what living in the country involves. The people are suffering and everything that humans should ordinarily and commonly posses are lacking to the average Nigerian who must doubly struggle hard to keep hope of survival alive.


It is certainly worse than the political office holders in the country are aware of because it is difficult for the leaders of the nation to mix up with the commoners in the streets and even their offices. Getting to visit one “small” office holder is like the 8th wonder of the ancient world. The people live among the people like them while the leaders live in the moon. The people have lost hope entirely and only stay alive to watch what goes on the world they live. Economy is in shamble and purchasing commodities for consumption is like achieving the unachievable. Beggars are on the increase in the country ranked the sixth larger supplier of oil to the USA. It is a country where people wake up the early hours of the day wondering what food to feed their children with. Babies too have learnt to go on many days of dry fast.


Religious activities have grown astronomically too. Churches now spring up in private kitchens, restaurants and hotels and offer the last hope to the people who are naturally afraid to die and looks up to God for the final mission. Nigerians have never seen anything like this before as poverty bites harder and harder. Hilary Clinton had no faintest idea what it was when she commented that the government of the country had better do something to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. She perhaps merely heard from people but didn’t see for herself.


In Nigeria, the people swim along big floods of pot holes before accessing their homes after the day’s job. Has anyone seen a thing like this? You remove your shoes and deep your feet and knees inside a pool of dirty water when your children are innocently screaming “welcome daddy”. Roads are terrible in the country; it is now so terrible that it takes more than six hours to journey to Benin City from Lagos. Did you know that it now also takes more than five hours to travel to Obollo-Afor from Ibusa? Raining season is one of the worst enemies of the nation; it is a period that people become fearful, fares increase as people abandon their vehicles inside floods. Nigerians are suffering and nothing is being done about it.


In Nigeria there are no visible signs of leadership whether within the state or federal level. The only sign appears to be that the literate citizens of the nation read about stolen billions of naira on daily basis in newspapers. You must be discouraged to be a Nigeria when you experience all these. One seeming good policy of any state hailed by the people infects other states. In Lagos State, demolition of property exercise has since been in the news even as cockroach businesses groan to pay taxes in a nation that the government gives back nothing in return to its masses. It is increasingly becoming difficult to live in Nigeria as every potential citizen lives in the danger yet unknown.


Football which is the only national game that unites all the ethnic-groups of the nation is fast failing them again as everyone wonders whether the national flag of the nation will ever fly in South-Africa. Just as the last Olympic Games have failed the nation, the nation may well be prepared to brace another unpleasant surprise which may arise out of foolish policies. The Super chickens may have failed the nation once again.


As we read this article, Ibusa, a town in Delta State has not had electricity supply for the past three months and the teeming inhabitants have taken it as their destiny. In Festac town, many electronics may no longer function if ever power returns. It is certainly worst than you think. Workers now have to pay as much as N100.00 to iron only a shirt to meet up in the absence of any light. Solution to all these problems is far because the leaders of the nation usually deny that there are problems in the country. It is a big problem not getting solved because problems to solve are often handpicked with scapegoats serving undue punishments on behalf of evil doers. At least Nigerians can predict that arrested bigwig will be released soon without proper application of the law. What happens in a country where school fees for University part-time students is as much as N100,000 per annum in a country where majority cannot feed themselves? 


Discussing Nigeria’s problems caused by the leaders of the country is a waste of time because meaningful policies that will better the lives of the people will only return to the nation after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Everyone awaits

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The traditions of media coverage of sexism issues change in the late 1980s and in 1990s. One final sign of the ascendance of post-feminism in 1990s television was the decline of the primary form for representing feminism in 1980s television: the single working-woman sitcom. The longest and the most typical running shows of this type in the 1980s were holdovers from the 1980s, were King of Queens and Still Standing.

To claim, as its producers and various critics have, that Leave It to Beaver was about lifestyle, whereas All in the Family was about politics, does not necessarily detract from the sitcom’s feminist resonance for viewers. At least in media interpretations, feminism increasingly was equated with lifestyle, especially the kind of lifestyle exemplified by media star Gloria Steinem. Maude first emerged as a character on All in the Family, from which Maude was a spin-off. As Edith Bunker’s outspoken, politically liberal cousin, she was a sparring partner for the equally outspoken, stubborn, but politically conservative Archie. Maude was not an evolving feminist, feeling her way in a man’s world; rather, she appeared on the television screen as a fully formed, self-confident ideologue. Both these sitcoms had the element that was missing in post-feminist sitcoms: the so-called “female bonding” or sisterhood. Both King of Queens and Designing Women appeared to be the examples of post-family television (Shugart, Waggoner & O’Brien Hallstein, 2001).

King of Queens, Still Standing and One Day at a Time, sitcoms of 1990s, were designed strictly for white, heterosexual, middle-class women (Cancian & Ross, 2001). The sitcoms of 1990s were glorifying to female bonding and alternative family forms. That is why their radical view were combined with the analysis of the obstacles that modern women face in the world, these obstacles, by the way, were rather traditional (Shugart, Waggoner & O’Brien Hallstein, 2001). That is why such shows are post-feminist. In King of Queens, for example, the gender-related matters were analyzed like being dramatic for individual women instead of discussing them as problems of women at all.

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Collagen has been widely used in cosmetic surgery as a healing aid for burn patients, reconstruction of bone and a wide variety of dental, orthopaedic and surgical purposes. Until quite recently Collagen as a beauty treatment has not been widely used for household cosmetic makeup.

What is collagen?

It is probably more popularly known in the beauty industry as being used in cosmetic surgery, like lip enhancement.

Collagen is also one of the most abundant proteins found in mammals. Approximately one quarter of all of the protein in your body is collagen. Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue. It has great tensile strength, and is the main component of ligaments and tendons. It is responsible for skin elasticity, and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. Collagen also fills out the cornea where it is present in crystalline form.

Without getting too technical about its chemical make up it is a basically a triple helix compound with 1050 amino acids in it. Superimposition of these triple helix compounds produces fibrils of collagen that can be stabilised. By doing this it renders the collagen insoluble, buy using hydrolysis the collagen can be brought into a soluble form resulting in Collagen Hydrolysates. Collagen hydrolysates as a natural biological cosmetic ingredient are isolated and purified using mild extraction or gentle enzymatic degradation. They are dermatologically compatible and free of all contaminants.

Why is Collagen Good for the skin?

High-molecular collagen is an important moisture retainer and is suitable for all skin types. It has been proven that collagens increase hydration, improve skin feeling and decrease the extent and depth of wrinkles.

Protein hydrolysates or wheat protein hydrolysate due to their film-forming properties, provide additional positive effects by contributing to skin smoothness and softness. They also have a remarkably high capacity for free radical capture.

With the busy lifestyles most of us lead now days, everything has to be done quicker. Doing thing quicker often involves cutting corners. This might be reflective in our diets, fitness, sleep, etc. Ultimately any one of the previous will have an effect on the skins body and health. By using a Collagen skin care product you can be getting the optimum nutrition to support the skin and body’s health.

The Benefits of Collagen

* Collagen is a protein that acts as a key structural component of connective tissue in skin, hair, nails and joints.

* The inner layer of the skin contains large amounts of collagen which breaks down at a rate of 1.5% every year after the age of 25. The skin’s surface becomes dull and lifeless and the elasticity reduces over time causing certain parts to sag and wrinkle.

* Collagen has been proven to be beneficial for the improvement of the elasticity of the skin aiding repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones and improving the connective tissue of the skin.

* In the Harvard Medical School arthritis research on collagen, up to 89.9% of those tested reported a greater ease of movement.

The way your skin looks is directly related to the way your skin is supported. Wrinkles form when the natural collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin diminish during the natural ageing process.

* Collagen provides structure and volume to your skin.

* Collagen allows protein to be bio-available and water soluble – meaning it can be absorbed readily.

* Collagen stabilises the body’s immune system and helps neutralise production of abnormal molecular structures which is also known to be a major cause of joint problems and stiffness and provides the raw materials for cartilage.

* Collagen to works at its optimum level during alpha sleep mode when the body’s regeneration and rejuvenation mechanism is at its best. Therefore it is best to take supplements 1 hour after eating and just before sleeping.

* Drinking 1 1/2 litres of water daily helps disperse nutrients into the body and aid the detoxifying and regeneration process.

Collagen Skin Care products can give the face a dramatic boost, by simply replenishing what the skin is naturally loosing. This treatment will result in a natural younger looking face, and delay the need for Cosmetic Surgery. By combining a Collagen skin care routine with the application of natural ESCA makeup a much younger cleaner face can emerge.

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Halloween is a great opportunity for children to dress up as their favorite cartoon or movie character, but also look cute and adorable for their parents at the same time. Even children who are too young to enjoy trick-or-treating can still get dressed up and enjoy Halloween, especially since there is a huge selection of baby Halloween costumes that can be found at almost any department or Halloween store.

There are so many different cute infant and baby Halloween costumes, so dressing a baby up is no problem on this holiday. Some of the most popular costumes are Halloween related, such as pumpkins, devils, spiders, and even baby witch costumes. Some other popular costumes include peapods, carrots, and many other vegetables that just look so adorable on any baby.

Costumes with masks should be kept for children who are a little bit older, because keeping a mask on a baby is a whole different story. Most infant costumes that have hats or some type of headpiece will normally include a strap to keep it on, since most babies will try to play with and pull off items that they are not used to wearing.

Kids who are a little bit older than infants have much more of a selection when it comes to Halloween costumes, since they can dress up as almost anything they can dream up. Most stores fill their racks with costumes relating to new movies that have been released that year, along with the classics such as witches and other Halloween related characters.

Some great ideas for girl’s costumes include witches, fairies, and even angels. Dora the Explorer, Bratz, and even Shrek are great movies and TV shows that many costumes are created after, along with the many Disney movies that are both new and classic. Girls can even dress up as pirates, goblins, and other scary characters if they like.

Boys have many different costumes to choose from for Halloween, no matter how old they are. There are many great accessories that can be put on to make a little boy look like a zombie or creature visiting from the dead, but some help from mom is normally necessary to apply the makeup. Boys can also choose to dress up as Shrek, Superman, Spiderman, and even one of the characters from Fantastic 4 if they like, since finding these costumes will be fairly simple this Halloween season. Masks and hats are also popular with toddler boys, since they can play dress up on this holiday packed full of fun and candy.

Halloween costumes can be purchased at department stores, Halloween specialty stores, or even online. The most popular costumes are normally targeted to movies and television shows, but the classics and Halloween related costumes are also a favorite year after year. Halloween is a great time for toddlers, babies, and infants to dress up as their favorite characters, and it can be fun for the parents as well. You can let your children choose whatever they want for a costume this holiday season, or even pick a theme or movie that your entire family can be included in.

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If you’re looking to customize your MySpace pages and you have absolutely no idea how to code them using HTML, you can still go about it by making use of the pre-made layouts and backgrounds which are available freely on the internet. You can then use the provided HTML codes for MySpace to change and customize your profile pages.

There is no hard and fast rule saying that you must change your MySpace pages, but you know that the better you make your profile pages look, the more people who will look over it, and the more your friends and family will also be attracted to it, (if that’s what you want of course!).

And since not every one of the forty million plus members currently to be found on the MySpace pages will be able to code using HTML, the use of these readymade layouts and such can be somewhat heaven sent, to many people.

Added to that, you will find that it’s also quite simple to add these free HTML codes for MySpace, and that you can change the look of your pages quite frequently if you want to, as well. All you need to do is to follow the provided instructions on how to go about using the provided free HTML codes for MySpace, and you will be able to easily and simply place the code into the correct place.

This is normally accomplished by going through the Edit Profile section, where funnily enough, you will find that you have at your disposal everything that you need to edit, change and update your profile.

You will then be able to customize your MySpace pages using not only the HTML codes for MySpace backgrounds, and layouts, but also HTML codes for MySpace page graphics, icons and even pictures.

And if you search a little bit more you will even come across HTML codes for MySpace games, as well as HTML codes for MySpace music and music video uploads. Although the later can be accomplished quite easily if you use the music and the music videos provided on the MySpace Music pages, the HTML codes for MySpace games needs to be taken from these websites.

And after that, it’s all a hop, skip and a jump to customize your MySpace pages to reflect your personal tastes and characteristics. All of these can of course, for the most part be accomplished without having to use any of the pre-made layouts etc. and their HTML codes for MySpace, but in the long run, it can be very much easier on you to use them.

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The global opportunities have provided many doors for skilled workers and professionals all over the world. The compensation presented by the developed countries is very inviting. Many workers from the third world country are leaving their home to look for greener pastures. No one can really blame them. They would rather sweat it out in a nation that promises reward, than stay where they are, work as much, and earn way too little.

One of the best examples of professionals who are seeking employment abroad is the medical practitioners. Since the nurses are in demand in the different parts of the world, many take up the course, work for about two years, and leave their homeland to wear their landau scrubs somewhere else.

This is not only happening in medical industries. Engineers, pilots, and other professionals are leaving their countries to try their luck in developed countries as well. Although this is good for personal development, this is bad news for the local businesses.

Brain drain is slowly creeping to the veins of local industries. It is difficult because an organization cannot stop a person from leaving the company. He is free to explore other opportunities for the development of his potentials. However, it is very difficult for the country to grow if it continues to lose its talented human resources. When an organization loses talented personnel, there is a chain reaction. First, the organization has to find a replacement. When they find a replacement, they have to train him. The organization cannot expect him to perfect the processes after the training so he will incur certain damages. When he finally gets his act together, the possibility for him to look for better job abroad presents itself.

Although the local businesses want to keep their best assets, they cannot. This is simply because local businesses could not match the compensation offered in the developed countries. An employee who wishes to provide a good future for his family would opt to work overseas where his income is six times greater than what he is earning in his country.

This also has adverse effect on healthcare industries. Some countries are losing their doctors to nursing. There are doctors who give up their profession to take up nursing because of better opportunities abroad. Nowadays, fewer students in the third world countries are pursuing medicine, while doctors slowly shift professions. If this trend continues, the health care industry in developing countries will surely suffer.

It is good to note that many developed countries are opening its doors for talented people from all over the world. However, this has also caused threatening situations in some portion of the world. Many nurses and doctors are leaving their country to wear their landaus scrubs in a more prosperous land. Engineers, pilots and other professionals are doing the same thing. If the government of these developing countries does not do something about it, they will lose their prized assets. Now is the best time to look into the factors that will make their professionals stay.

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We all know that paper money is a source of bacteria and are considered not clean. You can ask yourself whether you wash your hands after handling money.

If you do not wash your hands after handling money – then look into what they found out in 2008 and 2009.

In 2008 it was found that the highest Traces of Cocaine was found on U.S. Bills and in 2009 they found that the highest amount of Cocaine was found on U.S. Bills from Washington D.D in the U.S.

So what did they find out in 2008?

Paper money contains high traces of cocaine, regardless of whether or not the paper money came into direct contact with the drug. And U.S. bills take the top spot, covered in the greatest amount of the illegal powder, while Spanish notes are the most highly contaminated in Europe, a new study finds.

The findings, detailed in the latest issue of the journal Trends in Analytical Chemistry, reflect the popularity of the illicit drug, the researchers say.

“These findings should not be surprising, because cocaine and other drugs are traded using cash, which is handled by the same fingers that directly touch the drugs or wrappings,” chemists Sergio Armenta and Miguel de la Guardia from the University of Valencia in Spain write. “Moreover, many cocaine users use a wrapped banknote to sniff this drug, so inducing direct cocaine contamination of the banknotes.”

Armenta and de la Guardia analyzed Spanish notes for cocaine traces, finding they contained an average of 155 micrograms of cocaine. (A gram of cocaine would fill about half a tea bag. A microgram is one-millionth of that amount.)

They also reviewed previous research focusing on cocaine concentrations found in different currencies around the world.

German Euros contained levels of cocaine that were five times lower than the Spanish ones.

For Irish bank notes, one statistic suggested that of 48 notes studied the highest concentration found was 0.5 micrograms.

The chemists found U.S. bills contained an average of between 2.9 and 28.8 micrograms of cocaine depending on the year and city, with a maximum of more than 1,300 micrograms found on some 1996 bills.

One study based on 356 notes showed just 6 percent of Swiss francs were contaminated with cocaine at levels above one nanogram per note, where a nanogram is one-thousandth of a microgram. Some data suggest, the researchers found, that between 40 percent and about 50 percent of British pounds were contaminated with cocaine at levels of about 0.0011 micrograms per note.

It turns out, money really is dirty, and not just with drug traces. One past study revealed 94 percent of $1 bills collected from a community in western Ohio contained disease-causing or potentially disease-causing bacteria. The study, published in 2002 in the Southern Medical Journal, was led by Peter Ender, chief of infectious diseases at Wright-Patterson Medical Center in Ohio.

That’s not too surprising, as $1 bills stay in circulation for an average of 21 months, according to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, during which time they get handled by plenty of people. For larger bills, the life span is even longer, with $20 bills lasting about 24 months and $50 bills staying in circulation for 55 months.

When you handle coins, stuff also gets transferred to your hands, though it’s mainly iron atoms (iron is one of the metals in change). Another research study revealed iron atoms from coins cause oils on your skin to break down, producing a “metallic” odor.


And what did they find out in 2009?

Drug was found on 90% of U.S. Bills. This fact is astonishing and makes the term dirty money really a fact. If you live in the United States or Canada, chances are you have cocaine in your wallet.

Nearly nine out of ten bills circulating in the U.S. and its northern neighbor are tainted with cocaine, according to what’s being called the most definitive research to date on the subject.

What’s more, researchers were surprised to find hints that more Americans are using the illegal drug, said study leader Yuegang Zuo of the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth.

In a similar study by the same team in 2007, 67 percent of U.S. bills were found to be tainted with cocaine. The new study puts the percentage at 85 to 95—a jump of roughly 20 percent, Zuo said.

The drug gets on paper money during drug transactions and when people roll bills to snort cocaine powder, Zuo said.

Stress spurred by the worldwide financial crisis may be driving people to abuse cocaine, one of the most common illegal drugs in the world, Zuo said in a phone interview.

The new findings could “help raise public awareness about cocaine use and lead to greater emphasis on curbing its abuse,” Zuo said in a follow-up email.

Part of the reason the new study is so complete, Zuo said, is because the team used new equipment, a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, which doesn’t ruin the money—allowing the scientists to test more bills without breaking the bank.

The team collected banknotes from the Brazil, Canada, the U.S., China, and Japan.

With 5.8 million people having used the drug at least once in 2007, the U.S. is the world’s biggest cocaine market, according to the 2009 UN World Drug Report.

Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the U.S.—along with Canada—had the highest percentage of cocaine-permeated bills in the study.

Of the 234 U.S. bills collected in 17 large and small cities, nearly 90 percent had traces of cocaine, especially in larger cities such as Baltimore, Boston, and Detroit. Ninety-five percent of the dollars found in Washington, D.C., had cocaine embedded in their fibers—among the highest in the study.

In keeping with their reputations for having relatively low rates of cocaine use, China and Japan yielded bills with relatively low levels of cocaine contamination.

Asian drug-taking practices could conceivably be partly responsible for the lower percentages of cocaine-tainted bills. Zuo doesn’t know, for example, whether Asian cocaine users inhale through rolled bills as many Western users do.

“It is for sure that drug abuse in different countries and regions has different use patterns which may affect cocaine contamination on money,” he said via email.

Regardless of where you live, though, there’s little chance of getting buzzed off your bills, Zuo said. Even in the U.S. and Canada, the concentrations are simply too small.


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Independent houses have always been preferred over apartments due to the large space, backyard options and the flexibility that they offer. However, these independent houses have never been considered to be affordable due to the high price of land that has plagued this market. However, with the median price of land in Australia falling by about a percentage and a half house and land packages are now an option that many more can consider. With the markets on a continuous appreciation of 111 percent, the increase in prices had made house and land packages unaffordable for many. With the modest reductions, there was a spate of house and land packages that started to appear in the market and were offered to consumers. However, experts stated that though the land prices had reduced due to the economy, the correction did not seem to have taken the reduction in cost of construction material. Therefore the consumers were still apprehensive about considering house and land packages and were expecting another correction in the market rates. It was only when the rates for the house and land packages stabilized that the market started seeing some signs of pick up and revival. Consumers gained confidence that the prices would not decline further and that house and land packages were a good deal to invest in, given the gap between the growing population and limited availability of housing options. It only required the economy to show some signs of recovery for people to start investing in house and land packages again and ensuring good investment returns from the same.