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Are You a mom? Do You have time for fitness? Moms really have a tough time. They are the cook, the maid, the taxi driver, the teacher, the referee, and the list could go on. If you’re a mom, you know how to get things done for everyone else, but chances are, you don’t take care of you. In the day where children keep parents on the go, it is hard to do the things you’d like to do.

School schedules, car pools and after school activities combined with household chores and a full-time job doesn’t allow for much time to exercise and workout. However, that excuse is no longer good enough. Today’s mom knows how to get things done. They can squeeze in a last minute dentist appointment for little Tamie and show up without a moment to spare for a class play that little Tommy forgot to mention. Super mom can always find time to do whatever needs to be done to run a happy home for all of the occupants. So the “I don’t have time” doesn’t fly anymore. In fact, moms everywhere should be embarrassed to use the excuse when a real mom knows, if you really want to do something it’s like that Divine Sisterhood stuff , scoot on over , because here comes mom!

It is important to take care of yourself. Plenty of rest and exercise should therefore be one of those little things that you mark on the calendar and do. In fact, do it now. Mark in your day planner or on the dry-erase board your “me-time.” Then, dust off that tennis racket and head on out for the courts with one of your girlfriends, or join a Fitness Center, or take up walking for overall health and fitness. Procrastination is a word that has no meaning for moms wanting to do something nice for their children, the same should apply for what you want or need to do.

Flexibility and diversification is a nice thing. Diversify your workout schedule to include solo walks, tennis matches with girlfriends, and horseback riding with your husband. Be creative in planning your week ahead. If you know that on Monday you have to pick up your daughter from school at 3:00, but your son gets out at 2:30, make proper use of your time and throw your Nike shoes in a gym bag and walk while you wait. If your daughter has a volleyball practice 25 minutes across town at the high school, then take your swimsuit and use the school’s swimming pool to swim laps. Most schools don’t mind if you call ahead and some even offer free swims on certain days of the week.

The most important thing for you to remember is that because you are a mom, you may have to jump in and take advantage of a thirty-minute window just to have time to exercise. Be prepared for those opportunities and learn to expect the unexpected and take care to use the time wisely. If your son’s football practice is held over 45 minutes, continue walking around the track until you hear the sweetest words in the world, “MOM, I’m ready to go!” You can accomplish what you want, even as a busy mom.

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WOW!! Here we are on lesson #10. Hasn’t it been an amazing journey over these two months? What you are discovering is all the secrets to your weight loss are within you. You’ve always had the power within you to lose it; you just needed to discover that you hold that power. As women we feel we need to manage the Universe and that’s a huge responsibility. When this happens, we take care of everyone’s needs first and then leave us to the last and lose our power. We find we run on empty most of the time and then wonder why we struggle with weight. Who are we really mad at? Us!

When I did some introspection work when I got sick years ago, I was really mad at me. I was struggling with my marriage and I kept blaming my husband. Then God kept sending me messages, “Tami, this is about you and learning about you.” I was having some heart to heart conversations with God telling Him that it wasn’t about me—it was my husband. I felt like a little kid with my fingers in my ears telling God, “Neener, Neener, Neener. You’re not the boss of me!” And then running away. God, in His gentle, loving way kept insisting that I needed to work on myself. I finally listened! I can be pretty stubborn. Can you relate to this? Then I had the AHA moment. I was giving away my power by having to please others. WOW! What a revelation! Whenever I have a moment where my power wants to sneak out, I just get a rope out and lasso it and shout, “Oh, no you don’t! You come on back to momma!”

I just recently watched The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya’s for the second time. This movie depicts what can manifest when we hold on to our stuff and give away our power. It affects us and those around with whom we come in contact for generations. This movie also demonstrates the power of sisterhood and provides a lot of humor and bonding that can take place.. With this in mind, we’re going to do a little Ya Ya lesson. Ready Ya Ya’s?? I can’t hear you. Are you ready? Shout it from every cell in your body. “I am ready to release my stuff and have some fun.” Remember, clothing is optional! After all, you’re in the comfort of your own home, embrace your body and tell it that you love it.

Before we begin, I need to explain something about chakras. They are spinning circles of energy in your body and govern the endocrine system. With this in mind, they bring your hormones and thus your emotions into balance. We’re going to be working with one particular chakra—your power chakra.

Take a deep breath in and feel the energy surrounding you as you realize the full power within. Put one hand on your solar plexus, which is located in the area between the belly button and the rib cage. While rubbing your hand counterclockwise over the solar plexus, I want you to do Rapid Eye moving your eyes left to right. Find two points on the wall so you can move your eyes from left to right. Now start up at the ceiling moving the eyes in a zig zag format all the way down to the floor. While moving your eyes, repeat after me: I release the pain, I release the trauma, I release the guilt, I release the anger, I release the sadness, I release all the negative emotions past, present and future. How did that feel?

We’re going to activate your POWER NOW!! While rubbing your hand clockwise over the solar plexus, continue with the Rapid Eye movements as above and repeat after me: I have my power, I retain my power, I love my power, I am a powerful child of God, I love me forever. How did that feel?

Okay, now we’re going to have some fun. Now that we have our power back, let’s do a Ya Ya Power Ceremony. Visualize you, me and everyone who you want to be in a circle of light underneath the stars late at night. The moon is bright and illuminating its full potential. We are going to moon….oopps I mean we are the moon illuminating our full potential. Some day I’ll have to tell you about my mooning experiences.

We breathe in our power! We’re wearing our slinky dresses and swaying our hands up in the air. Darn, we look good! Someone starts drumming and we dance to the beat of the drum while chanting the power song, I’ve Got Da Power and You Don’t!” Keep chanting first softly and then louder and louder until you’re screaming it from the depths of your soul. We are the Ya Ya’s and true Ya Ya’s always retain their power. It is done now and forever.

What a ceremony! Thank you for joining me in the Power Ceremony. God wants us to keep our power. It’s His job to manage the Universe so you don’t have to.

Keep up the GREAT work. You are AWESOME!

Love and hugs,




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Roughly two to three percent of the American population has an under active thyroid, while another ten to fifteen percent have mild hypothyroidism.

This condition usually affects women over the age of 50, but it can also affect anyone else. Caused by a variety of reasons, an under active thyroid can result from the removal of the thyroid, radiation treatment, pituitary gland issues, an inactive thyroid or an autoimmune disease.

An under active thyroid usually results in a person feeling tired, as well as a lack of energy that also affects memory retention, bowel functioning and body temperature. Typically, an increase of five to 20 pounds in body weight happens in people with this thyroid problem.

There is no cure for this, but by having lifelong control of the thyroid hormone, you can lead a normal life.

First of all, to deal with the weight gain, you need to get moving. It may be tough to do when you feel tired, but by making the effort to get some exercise each day, you will reduce your weight gain rate and be on your way to leading a healthier lifestyle with thyroid problems.

Nutrition is very important when dealing with thyroid problems, but there is no special food you can take to cure the condition. Instead, try a calorie controlled diet that allows for adequate fiber and hydration that includes a wide variety of foods. This will increase the treatment of high cholesterol levels, which is caused by thyroid problems. Soybeans, cabbage, turnips, rapeseeds, peanuts, cassava, cauliflower and broccoli are all very important if you have a thyroid condition.

You also need to ensure you have the proper amount of iodine in your diet, so eat a good amount of dairy, eggs, strawberries and kept. If you cook with salt, then use iodized salt.
Your thyroid also requires tyrosine, zinc and copper, so eat squash, kale, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, peas, sesame seeds, nuts, dried beans, beef and liver.

There are many different diets available on the internet that will show you how to best cope with this type of condition. Of course, you also need to take time to rest and relax. When you have an under active thyroid, it can be difficult to deal with it, but if you take time to rest and relax, you will find you have a lot more energy and will be able to handle those day-to-day activities that somehow elude you when you are feeling rundown.

When you are dealing with thyroid problems, your life seems to come to a very slow halt and you go through life at turtle speed. However, there are ways to counter this and you can allow yourself the ability to lead a normal life without having to worry that you are going to get run down. If you eat the right kinds of food, exercise and rest when you need to, then you will not have a problem with thyroid disease and others will marvel at the amount of energy you have, even with your condition.

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There is no question that the human body is one amazing machine. But sometimes you have to wonder why nature could not come up with a better way of attaching your head to your shoulders. With such a delicate design, your neck is exceptionally vulnerable to sprains, strains, and other injuries. Probably the best – known condition is whiplash, which occurs when your neck is abruptly thrust forward or snapped backward. But neck pain can also result from a ruptured disk, overuse, or even poor posture. Nearly everyone can expect to have neck pain at some point in their lives. The good news is that between 70 to 80 percent of all aching necks get better on their own within a few hours or days. To keep your pain from coming back, here are some tips that you can consider to adopt.

1. Avoid Sedatives

While you are sound asleep, your body turns continuously to make itself more comfortable. Sedatives diminish this self-adjusting ability, so your body does not move around as much. As a result, you may stay in an awkward position for a long period of time and wake up with an aching neck.

2. Exercise

You can do this simple exercise to relieve your muscle tension. Sit up straight and bend your head forward so that your chin rests against your chest. Slowly turn your head to the left. Look up as far as you can, as though you were trying to see directly above your head. Return to your chin to your chest, then turn your head to the right. Again, look up as far as you can. Do a repetition of three whenever you feel tension in your neck.

3. Move Around

It is recommended not to sit in the same position for too long. Looking down at the desk or staring at a computer screen all day puts a great amount of stress on your neck. Suggest changing positions from time to time and taking a stretch break at least every 30 minutes.

4. Drive Using The Right Way

Adjust your car seat so that you can see over the steering wheel without straining. You should not have to thrust your neck forward for a clear view of the road. In addition, you need to adjust your headrest so that your neck will not snap forward if you stop suddenly or are involved in an accident.

5. Try Aspirin

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be effective in the treatment of neck pain. However, none has proved to work better than aspirin. No matter which product you choose, it is recommended to take the smallest does needed to control your pain.

6. Ask For A Raise

Your desk can give you a pain in the neck. And not because your In box is piled high with papers. It should be the desk that comes to you and not the other way round. If it is too low, then find a way either to raise it or bring your work closer to eye level. Do not lean forward all day. If you must lean forward, do it from your hips rather than from your back or neck.

7. Button Up Your Overcoat

Cold can stiffen your muscles, including those in your neck. Therefore, when you head outside in a frigid weather, try to keep your neck warm. Just by wearing a turtle-neck or a scarf can make a difference.

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In short, no, natural male enhancements cannot make your penis bigger.  Natural penile enlargement can only be achieved through repeated exercises. Or a very expensive and extremely risky surgery. Whichever you would choose, there is no short term solution, and the results will differ with each person.

However, natural male enhancements can improve your love life drastically. The Chinese have known and profited from this for thousands of years. In recent years, the western world has caught up with this knowledge and millions have been able to experience and enjoy the benefits of natural male enhancements as well.

As with most things in the western world, money talks. In other words, be careful what you buy. A lot of manufacturers are in this business to make a quick buck. They pay little attention to whether the male enhancement drugs they produce actually work or not. So before buying, make sure you do some research and read some reviews and testimonials.

Natural male enhancement drugs can improve your love life by improving the blood flow. The easier the blood flows to the penis, the longer it will stay hard. It will also increase the speed with which you will be able to get an erection.

They can help battle performance anxiety you might have suffered from in the past as well. As the natural male enhancement drugs are guaranteed to improve your erection, you will feel less stressed. Stress is one of the main reasons of performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. Even your partner will be able to enjoy the benefits; the improved erection and the fact that you will be more relaxed.

High quality herbs like Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed are essential for the enhancement pills to work. Both are important to get the blood pumping strongly and to increase the male libido. The Horny Goat Weed will even help increase the overall energy levels.

When buying your enhancement pills online, make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. A strong money back guarantee or free trial offer should definitely be offered. Do not forget to read their FAQ. There may be unpleasant side effects, or inconvenient rules to take into account for the pills to actually work. With most enhancement pills you cannot consume alcohol for example, other pills you may need to take more than an hour in advance to feel any effect. These may seem like minor details now, but are enough to ruin a romantic evening completely.

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Some people have a double chin. They might be a little overweight or just might have loose skin from getting older, and not necessarily putting on more weight. It’s natural to wonder if you can hide a chin obesity at all. To be frank, there are plenty of methods to make double chins look smaller, but it’s never possible to completely hide a chin fat.

One method to hiding a chin fat or making it look smaller is to wear low cut shirts. Guys can wear button up shirts without buttoning them up all the way. Wearing clothing like a turtle neck sweater and other shirts that come up to your neck just enhances the chin obesity instead of hiding it effectively. A button down shirt that is left open or a low cut shirt will both draw eyes away from the double chin.

If you don’t want to go through double chin surgery, you can always apply make up in a way to disguise your double chin. It’s not a bad idea to ask a cosmetologist on tips how to apply make up so as to not enhance the chin obesity. One tip is to make certain you blend the foundation of your make up. The last thing you want is a line dividing your face and chin. This is only going to make your chin look larger. Blending the foundation will make the color in your face and chin appear to be gradual.

However, in order to eliminate your double chin, you need to go through surgery that will get rid of the chin fat. Two methods are used to accomplish this goal. The first method is where they can use liposuction, which removes fat from underneath the skin. The second method is a chin tuck, this is where loose skin is stretched out so that the skin has a tighter and firmer appearance.

There are no certain ways to hide a double chin, but there are ways to eliminate it. Natural weight loss through exercise and proper dieting is perhaps the best method. Whenever work off weight, fat diminishes all over your body through burning calories, including around the chin. That’s probably the best way to eliminate double chins.

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As I sit down at my laptop with thoughts of responding to Sunday’s Headliner, “Before Spring Break, The Anorexic Challenge” in the Style section of The New York Times (April 2, 2006), a banner flashes across my home page with news of the hunger challenge facing millions of women in Africa.

The juxtaposition frightens me.

Apparently, anorexia and bulimia, advocated by teen girls throughout the northern western hemisphere and affectionately referred to as “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” respectively, have taken our daughters by storm. Thousands of teens are forcing themselves to 300-calories-a-day diets in order to fit into string bikinis for spring breaks in resorts all over the Caribbean…while millions of young girls on the other side of the world are sent to school in order to get just one half-way decent meal within any 24-hour period.

As my own daughter and I were lunching with the family on Sunday, she asked me how many pounds I thought she could reasonably lose before she went to Florida to celebrate spring break with a girlfriend and her family. We chatted about the need for daily exercise (and she spelled out their plan for daily visits to the gym as well as for long beach jogs) and the forsaking of sugary snacks (my husband at this point adding his own two-cents worth of the need to stop eating ice cream and cookies as well as to check fiber content in white vs. whole wheat bread and his estimate that she could, indeed, expect to lose seven-and-a-half-pounds in the next two weeks pre-bikini season.) With his tongue clearly in cheek, my daughter, frustrated and a little angry at his underestimation screamed: “But Mooommmm! You said I could lose ten?!?”

So what’s a mom to do when her teen daughter gets regularly bamboozled by peers who post photos of super-skinny models on their home page of Facebook.com (called “thinspiration” or “thinspo” according to the Times article) and by hosting dieting marathons of their own; by celebrity advertising using the skinniest and prettiest of human creation; and by her own mom who is desiring to get back into bathing suit season with stringent expectations of her own? (I confess to verbally, i.e. in front of my own teen daughter, dreading my need to shed the unwanted seven L.B.’s picked up post-Christmas and hidden underneath layers of New England polar fleece; my own visit to Florida in two weeks to visit my “adopted” mom brings internal freaking out about not fitting into my cutest Lilly Pulitzer skirt unless I move and re-sew the waist button.) This sounds so bizarre, even as I write it, and yet I know I am striking a nerve (or cellulite dimple) as many moms have confessed to me (and to friends whose friends have confessed to them) that we could all stand to lose at least ten ugly pounds apiece.

The New York Times article goes along to quote Dr. Margo Maine, a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders: “Every year spring break seems to get bigger and bigger,” adding that “body-image pressure also rises…(sic) with expectation that you have to ‘party like a rock star and be over the top” including ‘looking like a rock star, that is, fashionably, even dangerously skinny.’” (*)

Let’s face it: cultural expectations demand leanness. I read a quote two decades ago in a magazine article apparently earth-shattering as it has stayed in my long-term memory all this time, that “the ultimate status symbol is a fit and thin body.” So times haven’t changed all that much, except in the intensity and extremes with which we move toward that end.

That said, and given the enormity of the problem (which might be better understood by reading the fascinating yet deeply troubling article in its entirety…see NOTE at end of this article) here are 7 Ways in which we are weighing in on spring in our own household:

1) Continue to stress radiant health rather than compulsive weight-checking and clothing size comparisons. Granted, this is easier said than done on some days, like on Friday when I had my annual OBGYN check-up. I half-jokingly asked the doc what the deal was with the stuff around my middle, grabbing a couple inches of ugliness and looking up quizzically at my doctor’s face. He picked up my chart and reviewed my own weight trend during the past three years. “Let’s see,” he dead-panned. “The first year you saw me you refused to get on the scale, and last year you were ten pounds lighter.” While I explained to him that this was not exactly one of my lighter weeks—if you get what I mean—and that these heavier weeks consistently carry with them an extra five pounds of pure water weight, and that I just ate breakfast and was fully clothed so that the delta was more like two to three pounds, he did affirm that I looked “great.” While that was clearly code for “don’t feel like you need to lose weight but if you’re asking me about your middle, it’s called ‘fat,’ he did place a premium on being fit and strong over being super-skinny. The fact that I had my tennis skirt and shoes on along with a scheduled game immediately following my check-up was good enough for him. And it’s what I stress over and over with my daughter: just keep exercising and eating in a healthy manner and the rest will take care of itself…even if some weeks are “fat weeks” and some weeks are “thin weeks.” (I realize this is a foreign concept to rocket dads, but trust me on this one.)

2) Strive for a diet that is as natural as possible. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, refined flours, excessive sodium, and chemical additives. While this might make packing the kids’ lunchboxes more challenging (those cereal bars, juice boxes and mini-bags of chips are awfully convenient) it’s far healthier to pack a piece of whole fruit, some raw nuts and a water bottle. Try to cook as many meals from scratch as is humanly possible, avoiding packaged and prepared entrees that are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavorings and coloring.

3) Drink lots of water. Forget sodas and fruit juices loaded with unnecessary refined sugars. Train your kids to drink that proverbial eight to ten glasses a day. And add a squeeze of lemon or lime whenever possible as the health benefits of doing so are tremendous.

4) Eat several small meals a day or three solid ones, never skipping breakfast or eating on the run. If it means getting up in the morning a half-hour earlier in order to get some healthy food on the table, it’s important that you put this practice into play with consistency and longevity. Just because your kids are old enough to make meals on their own does not mean that you should give up on the practice of seeing them out the door in the morning without this wonderful foundation. Sliced fresh fruit or a protein fruit smoothie is far better than a sugary doughnut or processed fruit roll-up. Make sure that when you pack snacks into lunchboxes, too, that they’re as healthy as manageable. I tend towards organic nuts, yogurt and fruit, or dark chocolate chips or whole-grain, organic cookies. (My husband is still trying to decipher the “organic” in Paul Newman’s wonderful—and my personal favorite—organic chocolate or ginger cookies, each crème-filled and especially delicious. “Does he use organic cream to make the icing or is it the flour that’s organic?” he wonders out-loud every time I open a bag. Who cares? They’re a great alternative to the junk that’s out there being peddled as food.)

5) Recognize clear genetic differences in body style. While I subscribe to the fruit theory of women’s body shapes (you really are an apple or a pear), your DNA plays a huge role in body shape, weight, clothing size and in what you will eventually look like. Stop obsessing—and teach your daughter to do the same—about the body-type that you or she will never have. My daughter is built almost exactly like me; I can teach her about my trouble spots, as I know they will be hers, too. But I also need to teach her to treat her body respectfully, which means that she needs to give it the right fuel as well as daily aerobic workouts and regular strength training. And, given that you know your areas of weakness, try not to dissect your body. Try not to say: “I love my waist but I hate my thighs” or “I’d like my body so much better if my hips weren’t so wide.” You can’t change your basic bone structure so learn to live with the genetic hand you’ve been dealt.

6) Practice proper skin care. Teach your daughter how to take care of her skin, especially her face, so that when she’s older, the habits are well-formed and firmly in place. (And she needn’t resort to botox or chemical peels while young.) Using a high-quality olive oil soap with warm water is still the best cleaning technique possible; don’t succumb to all of the expensive glamour-puss products on the market. I confess to perking up my ears when I over-heard a friend talk about a foundation make-up she uses that she jokingly refers to as face spackle, as it apparently covers up all of one’s skin imperfections. I’ve yet to really check it out, but the word picture of spackling my face—sunspots and all—was tempting. Imagine how much more tempted your teen daughter is with the plethora of celebrity and rock star advertising for beauty products in magazines, MTV, movies and billboards everywhere.

7) Focus on shining eyes, hair, teeth and nails. You can’t hide good health. If you’ve got it, your body will show it. Your eyes will sparkle and your hair will shine in the sunlight. Your nails will be strong and your teeth will be white. These have always been hallmarks of radiant health…and they should be your family’s goals. Compliment your daughter when she exhibits these signs of glowing good health. Give these things your attention. Praise her for bouncing through the day with rosy cheeks and laughing eyes and always give priority to health and well-being rather than to weight or dieting or clothing size analysis.

Bathing suit season is upon us, whether we like it—or care—or not. Perhaps as we struggle through “the anorexic challenge” before our nation’s young girls—as well as our collective desires to be tan and thin and able to fit into a bikini (or one-piece or heck, even a pair of shorts), we can get a grip by getting our arms around the situation…and around our own daughter’s shoulders.

* NOTES: All references to the article “Before Spring Break, The Anorexic Challenge” by Alex Williams are found in The New York Times, April 2, 2006. The online edition can be found for a limited time at: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/02/fashion/sundaystyles/02BREAK.html?_r=1&8hpib&oref=slogin

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In this article you will find 6 fast and easy ways to last longer in bed immediately. Read them now so you can try them out later tonight.

Premature ejaculating is not something you can cure forever in a matter of days. Depending on the cause, curing premature ejaculating can take several weeks or even months. There is no reason for you to keep suffering while trying to solve your problem once and for all. The following tips will alleviate some of your problems in the short term.

1) Ever heard of the Kama Sutra? There are hundreds of different love making positions, try them out. More specifically look for a position that is less stimulating for you.

Definitely stay clear of the missionary position.

2) Slow down your thrusting and make a circular motion. This will stimulate your penis in more areas and the slower pace will prevent premature ejaculating.

3) Put your partner in the first place. Engage in lots of foreplay and add oral stimulation on your to do list. Keeping your mind on pleasing your partner will automatically distract you from your own pleasure.

4) Wearing a condom will decrease your sensitivity. For an even better effect, look for a condom with a desensitizing cream.

5) Masturbate before having sex. This is probably one of the best ways to last longer in bed as your penis will be less sensitive the second time.

6) When you feel you are on the edge, withdraw and squeeze just below the head of the penis. Letting your partner squeeze it will have even better results.
You can repeat this a couple of times if you have to.

Try any, or all, of these 6 ways to last longer in bed and turn your sex life around completely.