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1. Crooning Bob, Hidden Muse

2. Masked & Anonymous

3. Robert Allen Zimmerman

4. Elston Gunn

5. A Star Is Born

6. A Legend Mends A Legend

7. Emergence

8. Bringing It All Back Home

9. Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid

10. Grammy Time

11. Pope On The Red Line

12. In Their Father’s Footsteps?

13. Albums Of The Year

14. Hollywood Hit List

15. Jack Fate

16. Award Monger

17. The Missing Beatle?

“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan

1. Crooning Bob, Hidden Muse

Recently a Japanese writer named Junichi Saga was astonished and flattered to learn that passages from one of his books apparently found their way into a few of Bob Dylan’s lyrics.
In Bob Dylan’s 2001 song, “Floater”, he croons – “My old man, he’s like some feudal lord, got more lives than a cat.” “I’m not quite as cool or forgiving as I sound” “Sometimes somebody wants you to give something up, and tears or not, it’s too much to ask.”

On page six of Junicihi Saga’s book, “Confessions of a Yakuza”, he writes – “My old man would sit there like a feudal lord.” “I’m not as cool or forgiving as I might have sounded.” Then on page 182, writes – “Tears or not, though, that was too much to ask.”

The practitioner of Chinese medicine resounded that the revelation of Dylan calling upon his own work was surprising. This could be counted as a literary theft of sorts, but the author has stated he has no plans to sue. “Why would I sue? To take something that made people around the world happy and try to exploit it for money – that’s poverty.”, stated Saga.
“This shows that people in other countries can relate to the harsh realities of prewar Japan, which was a poor, struggling nation. I’m just happy somebody read my book and liked it.”, said Saga. “My book hasn’t even sold that well, and it’s out of print in Japan.” He further added he has estimated to have only made about $8,475 from the publication.

A few weeks ago, Saga bought his first Bob Dylan CD, “The Best of Bob Dylan”.

2. Masked & Anonymous

Would you reach out a hand to save a drowning man if you thought he might pull you in?

This is the tagline for Bob’s latest film called, “Masked & Anonymous”. In it, Bob plays, Jack Fate, a singer whose career has gone on a downward spiral and is forced to make a comeback to the performance stage for a benefit concert. For this film he was joined by some of Hollywood’s hottest and brightest, all of which reportedly signed onto the film at scale rates. The cast includes: John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, Reggie Lee, Angela Bassett, Steven Bauer, Larry Campbell, Bruce Dern, Alex Desert, Treva Etienne, Dan Frischman, Tony Garnier, Laura Elena Harring, Ed Harris, Shawn Michael Howard, Val Kilmer, Bruce Kirschbaum, Antonio David Lyons, Cheech Marin, Chris Penn, George Receli, Giovanni Ribisi, Mickey Rourke, Sam Sarpong, Charlie Sexton, Jon Sklaroff, Christian Slater and Fred Ward. On top of all of that, T-Shirt King friend, Keri Bruno, pulls 2nd Unit Directing duties on the talent heavy film.

The film hits theatres in a limited US release on July 25th.

3. Robert Allen Zimmerman

At 5 foot six inches, Robert Allen Zimmerman might be a slight man, but under the name Bob Dylan, he is a legendary giant of a musician.

4. Elston Gunn

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born May 24th 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. His father, Abe, was employed by the Standard Oil Company there, but when Robert was six the family moved to Hibbing, Minnesota. The one riddling note about Hibbing is that is very often the coldest place in the United States. Yikes. Growing up there he taught himself piano and guitar and formed several high school rock bands. Around this time he toyed with the stage name, “Elston Gunn”.

5. A Star Is Born

By 1959, Robert entered the University of Minnesota and began performing under the name Bob Dylan at clubs in Minnesota and St. Paul.

6. A Legend Mends A Legend

In 1960 he traveled to New York to perform in various folk clubs throughout Greenwich Village. While in New York he spent time with his idol, Woody Guthrie at his hospital room.

7. Emergence

Late in 1961 he landed a contract with Columbia Records and the following year his debut album was released with two original songs. A year after that, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” emerged with an all original album, including a song that became an anthem of the ’60’s – “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

8. Bringing It All Back Home

In February 1964 Dylan and a small group of friends drove south out of New York City and stopped in unannounced to see poet ‘Carl Sandburg’ in North Carolina. Disappointingly, Dylan left only 10 minutes after arriving when he realized he couldn’t get the venerable man of letters to take him seriously as a fellow poet.

He popped folk-rock into the mainstream after touring with Joan Baez with his own flavor of electric/acoustic swagger, culminating with his hit song, “Bringing it all Back Home”. Soon after the Byrd’s turned his song “Mr. Tambourine Man” into another hit with their cover version of the famous tune.

9. Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid

Following a motorcycle accident in 1966 which took him out of the limelight until 1969. Around that time, Sam Peckinpah asked him to compose the score and appear in his film, “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”. This would be the only the beginning of a long and continuing relationship with Hollywood and filmmaking.

10. Grammy Time

In 1974, Bob Dylan and The Band hit the road to promote their first number one album, “Planet Waves”. The next year they had another chart-topper with the release of, “Blood on the Tracks”. He followed that with several Rolling Thunder tours, a film called, “Renaldo and Clara” and then stunned the music world with the release of his fundamentalist Christian album, “Slow Train Coming”. A song from this album garnered him his first Grammy.

11. Pope On The Red Line

In May 1997, he was stricken with histaplasmosis, a possibly fatal infection of the heart sac, but recovered to take on a tour of Europe. He kicked off the trip by September, starting off in Rome by special request of the Pope.

12. In Their Father’s Footsteps?

His son Jakob Dylan has made a good time semi-emulating his infamous father with his own band, The Wallflowers. However, his Jesse Dylan has taken a slightly altered route to stardom, opting for the glamour of Tinsletown. His first major directing gig is about to be released, “American Pie 3”. Jesse also directed a film called, “How High” and appears with a special thanks credit on “The Matrix Revisited”.

13. Albums Of The Year

He is truly legendary, his 1997 album, “Time Out of Mind” and his 2001 album “Love and Theft” were both voted Album of the Year by the Village Voice’s annual critics’ poll. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

14. Hollywood Hit List

He has composed and recorded songs or had his recorded songs used in the following films:

Gods & Generals

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Vanilla Sky



Remember the Titans

High Fidelity

Wonder Boys

The Hurricane

American Beauty

Hope Floats

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The Big Lebowski

Jerry Maguire

Breaking the Waves

With Honors


Band of the Hand

American Pop

Renaldo and Clara

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

15. Jack Fate

The small $10 million dollar film, “Masked & Anonymous” was directed by veteran TV comedy director, Larry Charles, who has also helmed shows for, “Mad About You”, “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

He appeared on the TV show, “Dharma & Greg” playing himself. When he met Conan O’Brien at a recent concert, Bob was quoted as saying, “I know you from the TeeVee.”

16. Award Monger

He has received numerous awards of note, including: The Polar Music Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 2000, The Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from France in 1990, an honorary doctorate from Princeton University in 1970 and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Bruce Springteen at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1988.

17. The Missing Beatle?

He appears on the sleeve of the Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club”.

At the famous “Johnny Cash at San Quentin” concert, Johnny Cash introduced a song he co-wrote with Dylan by describing his as “…the greatest writer of our times.”

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Flower tattoos are not just for women. Some rose tattoo designs, for example, can be combined with skulls or daggers tattoo designs to realize a real masculine tattoo.

Nonetheless, some flowers are not really appropriate for men. The probably most feminine among flower tattoo designs is the Daisy tattoo design. I think it is really difficult to find a man wearing such a tattoo. They are very much associated with a feminine, ladylike appearance (Daisy is also nickname for Margaret) and are usually small cute tattoo designs. The femininity of these tattoos depends on this flower’s characteristic: its beauty, its delicacy and the meanings it carries. The daisy can symbolize different things to different people but it is a typical symbol of innocence and purity. It can also mean sisterhood, love and faithfulness. Daisy tattoos, on the ankle, shoulder or foot for example, are pretty and delicate.

The common Daisy is native to western, central and northern Europe and is also known as Lawn Daisy or English Daisy, but its scientific name comes from Latin: Bellis perennis, a wonderful name which can be translated into perennial beauty.

The medieval poet Chaucer called it “eye of the day” as it closes at night and opens again in the morning.

A daisy is very much loved for its natural beauty and symbolic meanings.

A daisy tattoo can be made to symbolize different things depending on the colors and the shape of the flower design.

In medieval times daisies have often been associated with the baby Jesus. Since that time daisies have always symbolized the innocence of children and childhood in general.

During the second part of the last century, daisies and daisy tattoos became a most widespread symbol of the peace movement.

As said, daisy tattoos can have many different meanings. Today they are mostly chosen for their beauty and their ability to express joy and bring brightness to anybody’s life.

Little daisy tattoos are usually to be seen on girls’ feet, ankles, shoulders but also hands and neck. Quite much widespread are also complex tattoo designs which can even cover a girl’s whole side, or part of the back.

A big concern when it comes to a daisy tattoo is originality. Today is not easy to come out with an original tattoo idea and the quite simple shape of daisies is not of much help.

There are different ways to personalize a daisy tattoo and make it unique. You can play with colors or combine a daisy tattoo with some other tattoo designs.

Saturday night brought us our Symphony Orchestra concert with harmonica virtuoso, Robert Bonfiglio. He not only performed a harmonica concerto; he delighted us with five or six encores. (I lost track after the fourth.) Excuse my ignorance; I had no idea harmonica virtuosos even existed…nor did I have any clue that concertos were written for this lovely little instrument. (The harmonica is an instrument?!?) The guy was incredible. I’ve never seen—nor heard—anything like it. Please…check out http://www.robertbonfiglio.com to become enlightened yourself.

I got home around midnight last night, only to wake up and head back to the auditorium this morning to rehearse with one of our local dance troupes, our full symphony orchestra, narrator, lighting crew, and director for our annual Family Concert, the working committee for which I chaired. We interpreted the award-winning 1963 children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak, by setting it to classical music and to classical ballet. Starting with The Creaky Door Overture, a little-known work by Kozinski, to an excerpt from Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade,” to Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain,” the dancers performed to Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite,” one of my personal favorites (with a climax that leaves me choked up each and every time I listen to it.) Actor Keir Dullea, best known for his performance in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” narrated the prose as set forth in the book by Mr. Sendak.

This is not meant in any way to showcase our local, fully professional symphony orchestra, nor the dance company which performed so brilliantly today. Rather, it is used to illustrate a lesson that hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend. I had learned this lesson—albeit less intensely—years ago when my daughter performed in ballets with her troupe. But too many years had passed and the lesson had been forgotten. I learned this lesson more palpably today by witnessing it firsthand. I observed the level of commitment required—and cheerfully given—by many different people of many, varied talents—in order to achieve a highly desired result for a common cause, for the welfare of many.

The conductor needed prepared musicians; the musicians needed the conductor. The choreographer needed attentive, energetic dancers…and they needed her direction. The set designer needed the choreographer’s vision, and we all needed his set! The make-up artist needed the dancers who needed the make-up artist. The stage crew needed the lighting contractor, who relied on the stage crew, choreographer, director, and conductor for direction. We all needed concert-goers…and they needed this concert. This interdependence, lovingly given and enthusiastically accepted, mingled with emotionally charged music to produce a concert of significant aesthetic fuel. It will doubtless keep my tank filled for weeks.

So it is with all relationships. Husband needs wife and wife needs husband. Children need parents and parents need children. And political leaders need the electorate as the electorate needs leadership.

This is not an earth-shattering concept. But keep in mind, as you go through these next fifteen days before our Presidential election, of the interdependence of our citizens. Of how your vote will impact your neighbor, your brother, your employer, and your kids. Study the interdependence of the issues, how they fall like dominoes once stacked upon each other. And how we are, each and every one of us, in this life struggle together, like tiny separate dots…just waiting to be connected.
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Chapter Six

The Ice Sheet

Moreover, everyone seemed to have their place: some were designated as hunters, others as fisher-people, and still others, such as the women would clean up the campsites, caves they’d live in and so forth and so on; and there was those who carried wood and looked for wood; and still others who made the fire and of course the protector, Big-chest—who along with being the leader and giving orders did an assortment of things, in reality, a little bit of everything. They even had some sacred signs, a starting of a language and spoken words that they all understood; all signs of a civilization in the makings, a culture if you will in the process: a background for a new nation one might add

—in addition, Big-chest often went against the current of the group, but on the other hand, won their respect. In essence what Big-chest was doing, was new to him—that being, dealing with emotions, and thinking along with being a responsible leader, and not knowing the difference before—in any of these categories, and having just learned it recently: the difference between thinking and feeling, or thinking vs. emotions, he now was squeezing refractory-emotions into what one might call—longer and slightly wider, channels: so you see, he was now feeling them, and slightly reacting to them. And so during his leadership—should we say—the learning process, he was equated to being, or having a double-edge to his personality (which in itself was healthier than being only one edged, and having it be all of terror): but what I was about to say is: being double-edged made him a strict leader, as he was a disciplined survivor and hunter of men, by nature: thus, it served the purpose of the group at this vital time. Had he been the way he was in the Valley of the Caves, no one would have survived; in a like manner, had he turned out to be, too soft for this journey, no one would have survived either. And so it was, in all respects, and I repeat myself: his temperament was rooted in the right soil at the right time, for the right people, on such a long, very long journey.

[Eskimos] Little Bird-turtle was 4’11,” with dark black hair and dark brown eye, similar to her sister, who was also a bit taller and prettier; and the men were of a short size also, as I previously mentioned; all officially part of the Eskimo group. It also should be noted: it was not uncommon to have most of the tribe’s children being: half-brothers and half-sisters—and if a women chose not to be bear children, she was either cursed, or begged to bear them, or considered as Little-bird was: of a sacred mission.

As they drifted slowly across the Atlantic, every so often one could hear the tail, the underwater tail of the ice-sheet rubbing against other objects; the ice-sheet was hitting land—scratching and scraping it sounded like: horrible, frightening, akin to twisting the ice-sheet about at times; where it was thicker it made more noise as if pieces of the extending ice under the water was being broken off—and the ice-sheet was getting thinner. (It would seem the closer they got to the west, to the pole in the Hudson Bay, the warmer it got.) Soon the square mile of the ice-sheet, was half its size, and the seals and walrus’s that migrated onto the ice-sheet as it drifted, had now gone, for they could be seen with the blink of an eye—and evidently that was too hazardous for them, especially with Toma and Tundra around with their harpoon like spears. And if they did come upon the ice [the walrus’ that is] it was for only a moment and then dived back into the cool waters—escaping the deadly arms of the Eskimos. And so during this time, hunting for food got slim at best.

One of the things during this time was Toma’s wildness in the catching of turtles; he must have captured a dozen in a week, and brought them to the three igloos and shared them with all on the floating ice-sheet. This substituted for some of the loss of protean and nourishment they were receiving from previous hunting activities.

Toma cutting up a Turtle

Big-chest and the White Polar Bear

It was going on their 24th month since they left the Valley of the Caves, and now Big-chest’s little girl was running around [End of winter], and one could see land way off in the distance; possibly this was the land that kept hitting the ice sheet (a gradation to its surface), so thought many in the Assemblage [now the group being called the Assemblage, a name of their own, one all could pronounce], but whatever it was: for the most part, it seemed to be somewhat of a land bridge to the north of this huge iceberg they were on, and a great white bear found himself on it also. As Single-tooth squeaked his danger sounds, all were alerted, especially, Big-chest.

The group stood by the igloos, the king, King Big-chest stood in front of them, and the bear crawled closer and closer to the igloos.

Said, Tundra:

“No, you can’t fight him; I will kill him with my spear…” But Big-chest couldn’t, or didn’t want to understand the full of it, and even though he looked at Tundra’s long and piercing spear, he shook his head, not believing it would do the trick. The bear was too big for him, Tundra thought. When the bear got within a few feet of Big-chest, he stood up, and he must had been all of thirteen-feet high, Bigger than Big-chest, whom was over eight feet, possibly eight and a half, but far from thirteen-feet: and in his old age, he had lost at least a foot off his back arch.

Big-chest started beating his chest, and the bear started growling, both now walking in a circle, as Tundra and Jaguar-eyes both got their weapons ready; Jaguar-eyes had a flanked-stone long knife, Toma a bow and arrow, Tundra a spear, long with a Clovis fluted point; Stern-toes a club, and the women had long tusks from the walrus. Then Tundra told the group to circle the bear, as no one could tell Big-chest what to do, he figured it better he take command on the perimeter, while Big-chest does what he wants to do in the inner circle. Next the bear took a sweep with his hand, his giant paw: at Big-chest—and Big-chest stopped it. All were surprised, even the bear, as the bear stopped a moment to refigure out his plan; thus, he tired it again, but Big-chest again stopped his paw from slapping him yet he got scratched from his long claws: which were in, in itself painful. The bear threw out his paw again, and with Big-chest’s large mouth, he bit the bear’s paw, it was similar to a knife cutting through ice, you could hear the bones crack—Big-chest’s jaws were akin to a bulldogs. After that, the bear became frustrated, stood up to show his height, and fell right on top of Big-chest, but as he was falling Big-chest grabbed him by the sides of his belly, holding him up and off a tinge, and threw him to the side, but the bear was too powerful, he just got back up—a little shaken, but not hurt, and Big-chest was getting tired, he was not the unbeatable young buck he was decades earlier (as he may have thought he was).

Toma shot two arrows into the bear, but it didn’t stop him, and Tundra took the spear and shoved it into his spine, and Stern-toes clubbed him over the head several times, then Big-chest beat his chest for everyone to stop, and he jumped on the bear beating him and beating him with his powerful hands: all could hear the ribs of the bear crack, his spine now was disengaged, and his neck broken. Aw yes, likened to a bull, the bear was weakened, and Big-chest did the rest, but it was Big-chest nonetheless who legend would record, stood up single-handedly against the bear.

Tundra the Hunter of the Arctic

As Big-chest got up, he found he had a hard time balancing his body—in addition, he lost all logic of direction for a moment, and even his thoughts were stagnate. He had never been tired like this before and was a bit dizzy, along with being a tinge embarrassed because he needed help. But all in the group jumped up and down with joy, calling him: “Big-chest, the king, and the mighty one,” he of course enjoyed the celebration and adulation, but he knew after this day, he knew he was not as mightily as the skilled hunter, and he needed them, as he hoped they remain needing him.

The Dance

That evening the whole group got together and held hands dancing around one of the igloos. It wasn’t resembling the dance the People of the Fire used to dance, thought Jaguar-eyes, where his father would try to excite everyone in the tribe, get their blood hot, and then kill a few boys or women for a sacrifice, eat them, and then dance all night until they got exhausted, as they chewed on local-weed which grew nearby.

This was started by Little Bird-turtle, along with some humming which was added to the dance, and holding of hands, which seemed to calm all down, even old Big-chest; for still he was trembling inside, yes again he knew these were signs of old age, that the new people around him, the young ones, it was their time, and he was on his way out. His eyes slightly down a bit, kind of ashamed he needed help, but it was something he’d now have to get adjusted too, to get used too: it was reality. He was in a different world now, and a new time period for the world at large, an epoch had started, and he was part of making this new and different world-epoch, this era what it would be 10,000-years beyond his life time, and he knew: that is, kind of knew, how his leadership was, it would have to be a sample of how it would be for all after he was gone, and he did for some reason want to leave a legacy, or at best, a new group of people with hope for their future, something taken away from him by the Stone-Builders: for spite if anything, the Stone-People for killing off the whole world that did not see eye-to-eye with them—this new mixed group would be a new breed that someday would have to confront possibly, them again. And he was not king for nothing, he told himself, he was king because it was fate, it was meant to be, and he was the best one for it (he did have a rich ego you know).

Along with watching the stars in the sky, and the beautiful colors of the Northern Lights, they, this group learned now how to hum and dance, and laugh, it was breathtaking when one added this to the beautiful night, as if a ray came right out of heaven with its rainbow of mystic colors to sweep over this one and only drifting ice sheet in the Atlantic—this night was a night to remember, a night of celebration. Pekingg-girl stood silently looking at Big-chest daydreaming as the twilight darkened:

Pekingg-girl Daydreaming

Pekingg-girl in her own way loved Big-chest, for deep in her loin’s stirred desire—her breath stopped the first time they had made love: she felt sensations in her stomach as well, when he touched her. She lay naked—with her youthful wishes; Big-chest saw this and sniffed the air often, gazing at her, drawing close to her, she’d touch his thigh, not knowing how at first, but somehow learning quickly: instinctive if you will. With her touch and kisses were important, she held him captive and he held nothing back.

Now she turned her mind to the present, his body got exhausted quickly, his life force was spent for the most part, his knees trembled at times, and his arms limp, yes old age was his disarmament—and quickly did it come, she thought. And in the process of all, he was becoming fully human it seemed.

As brave as he was, Big-chest was, he told Pekingg-girl in confidence, “Why should we fear, we are mortal now, like the Stone-People by the Valley of the Caves; and our time is like a flicker of light in the bonfire, then we are gone, dead.” Big-chest had now seen a few life times compared to his race—his breed, and many a creature and man died, it was part of the cycle, nothing to fear, only face and go through, and now what he was saying or thinking, was go through and out of perhaps; this never bothered him before, but now it was a reality, not an issue, but a known-observable and thinkable fact (if not most of life being of foolishness and vanity).

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My fifteen-year-old daughter and I have a Sunday afternoon tradition of catching a matinee. Our favorite thing to do is drive downtown to our local playhouse, bumping into neighbors and friends in the process, but as it only ever has one offering, we usually wind up going to the nearest town which has an enormous complex with a huge variety from which to choose. Oftentimes, the movie line-up is so intellectually or emotionally barren that it’s simply not worth our time or gas money. But every once in a while, a little jewel comes along that practically demands that we scatter our cares to the winds and devote an afternoon to cinematic magic.

Ahh! Such is the case right now with Enchanted. It has received such rave reviews from both real live professional critics and us general folks alike that we knew we had to go and see what all the fuss was about.

And what a delight it is! With terrific talent, a happy-go-lucky musical score that found us singing it all night long, and a classic fairytale storyline, one will find it nearly impossible to wipe the persistent movie-smile off one’s face when the movie is long over. Every single minute found us giggling, laughing wildly out loud, tapping our feet and grinning ear to ear.

Wishing I was still in the theater yet finding myself at work first thing this morning, I couldn’t help but reflect on the many less-than-enchanted issues of our day. Given my job and the necessary constant contact I have with the public, I hear stories virtually all day long ranging from health struggles to over-indebtedness to marital woes to wayward teens. Let’s face it: these are interesting times, to say the least. The markets are in turmoil, wars are still raging, and homelessness and joblessness and helplessness abound.

As we enter into the Holy season, perhaps we can be especially mindful that adding a little enchantment to our days would be a very good thing. While most of us will not whistle while we work, or break into song while we vacuum or scrub the toilets-as do Giselle and her animal friends in the movie-doing either one certainly couldn’t hurt…and just might make our day seem brighter. Dressing into gowns for our breakfast of OJ and coffee isn’t exactly what we do these days either…but choosing to dress in red for the holidays rather than the stale brown or black outfit worn every other day might prove to be just the mood-lifter you’ve been looking for.

And for that persistent smile stuck on my face yesterday during Enchanted? Well, I know that others will be happier if I choose to wear it more often than not these next few weeks ahead. For the holidays can be stressful. Shopping lines can be long and credit lines can be depleted. The weather can be downright dreary. Every single person I know, regardless of job status or age or economic privilege or educational attainment, can stand to be enchanted.

So do yourself a favor. Take a little break out of your week, no matter how busy or grumpy you might find yourself. Grab your spouse or your kid or your girlfriend or your colleague. And go see Enchanted. And vow to bring even a tiny piece of the movie back with you for those who move in and out of your life.

At least through the holidays.


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Daisies used as tattoo designs? Yes, of course. Daisies have been long used in the arts, it even dates back to the Medieval and Renaissance art where daisies are portrayed in numerous paintings. At present, daisies are popular body arts’ design – that is in the form of tattoos. One of the simplest and most popular designs is the white daisy which symbolizes innocence. The white flower has been associated with children and the innocence of childhood. If you want to express your innocence, then a white daisy design can be the one for you.

Apart from what a daisy symbolizes, daisy tattoos are popular with women simply because most women love flowers. Getting flower tattoos such as tattoos with the daisy design serve as a form of body adornment for women. This design can also symbolize sisterhood, love and purity.

Daisy tattoos can symbolize different things to different people depending on the color, shape, and size of the tattoo design. If you are thinking about where the best place is for daisy tattoos, then that’s not a problem. Anywhere in the body would be good. However, common locations are on the ankle or on the lower back.

Daisy tattoos would still be striking anywhere you place it, daisy tattoos are versatile this way. But, this will of course depend on how the design is being done. So, you have to make sure that you go to professional artists who have passion and skill for doing this body art. But before that, decide on a design that best suits you.

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So the party is over, the tears are all dried and the Kodak Theatre can call in the cleaners and restore its composure in time for next year.

“Slumdog Millionaire” was the rightful winner of the night’s big kahuna, scoring 8 awards out of ten nominations, including ‘Best Picture’ – which it was – and a well-deserved ‘Best Director’ for Danny Boyle. Which is not bad for a film every studio in Hollywood rejected unseen.

Slumdog is an original idea, made into an intelligent film that requires that same trait in its viewers, the Actors are hard-working people with remarkable talent, there’s no CGI or flashy effects and every dime of its minuscule budget is right up there on the screen.

…So you can see why they hated it. People always fear what they can’t understand.

Sean Penn deservedly won for his bravura performance in Milk, and his denouncement of Prop. 8 and the intolerant bigots who helped it succeed was both well deserved and well said. I applaud every word.

But one part of the evening fell way short of the mark; I said on Friday that Kate Winslet’s elevation to Oscar’s golden sisterhood was overdue and could be the highlight of the evening? Well, that was before the colo-rectal tonguing exam that Sophia Loren and her friends were forced to provide. It was nauseating, gushy and way, waaaaayy too long. And so was Kate’s speech.

As predicted, ‘Dark Knight’ garnered some gold and gave Heath Ledger the due validation his talent deserved. But that film only achieved its success because we lost Heath too soon and Warners re-released it to cash in on the fact. And they don’t give Oscars for exploitational avarice…Yet.

Overall, the show was all that we’ve come to expect, and what happens now is easy to guess: Everyone on that stage will double their fees, Angelina Jolie will deflate her lips and every movie released in the next ten-months will feature Indian kids and a game show.

For what’s supposed to be a creative business, sometimes prediction’s too easy.
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Chapter Eight

Babies and Babies

As they all disembarked for this new world of sorts, this land of lands, they could see a wooded area, an embankment, and way beyond there were glaciers and mountains. It looked to Big-chest, as if this could be home for a while, but his face showed it was not the permanent home he was looking for, as if he had a vision; or one of those premonitions; that is to say, when it appeared, the perhaps Promised Land, in his mind, he’d know. What Big-chest didn’t know though was that the glaciers led into the Hudson Bay, the North Pole area

(Notes on the Geology of the times): the group had noticed (once they had entered the Arctic area that is), noticed as they went onward to the Atlantic, and even across the Atlantic, as did the Eskimos notice, and as time would prove to be even more so in the near future, noticed what was very noticeable, that the earth was changing. A displacement was taking place. Not all at once, for nothing normally happens that way, but it was or had been taking place for over 5,000-years up to this point, and it was possibly on its last decade before it would completely (beyond doubt) involve its simultaneous effects of the displacement. That is, the system of fractures was taking place within the earth. The general process was at its end, let us say, the dragging apart of the lithosphere, thus causing sporadically earthquakes, fracturing with volcanic effects, but there were also interruptions of periods of quite. What was actually taking place, and Big-chest didn’t know, other than things were changing in the world (in essence, the earth was changing and the weather), was that across the equator, the surface was moving towards the pole, compression being the results, –consequently bringing on a displacement, pushing the pole backwards.)

Within a matter of days, the Eskimos [Inuit’s] had their babies as did the Europeans, for the most part, they were no longer of any race, or creed, but rather, the Assemblage, and the mixed blood would create a new-fangled race. Almost immediately, the men started picking up on huge bones, whale bones, as Big-chest found huge monolithic stones, and the women started digging into a few embankments, creating mound like dugouts, and into the center of the four dugouts, they used the huge whale bones for the foundations support—likened to beams, and small bones of animals for the floor. The entrances were that of the gigantic stones, and were cut slim so only the bodies of the fourteen-residents, plus the babies could fit through them, no big beast were allowed, even Big-chest had a hard time entering a few of the new dugout abodes. Hence, within a thirty-day period, there were six-new babies, now totaling twenty-inhabitants, to include Single-tooth.

Dugout in a Mound-type Embankment
[With Whale Bone supports, as beams]

As the shelters were now built, they decided, the group that is, to remain in this campsite [settlement if you will] until the children could walk, all of them that is, in consequence making their stay eighteen-months (which was to be forty-four months away from the old site, meaning, the Valley of the Caves.)

Stern-toes had his memories, and so did Big-chest, but they did not bring them to surface, just at times they seemed to be off in no-where’s land, and therefore, disassociating with all humankind for a few memories of their homeland.

This land was not all that bad thought the Eskimos, as they tried to display to their friends, newly found companions, now lovers and parents: it was much warmer than where they had come from. They also tried to explain that at one time it was much colder here, in their great, great [about twenty-five greats] grandfathers’ day, whereas the lands at that time were considered unlivable, for its cold spells; and of course many died due to this, they implied. In addition, the said: that year after year, it got warmer, and they could tell by reviewing the old trees that had fallen just about when it took place, the icy-freezing-cold spells could be counted within the rings of the trees. So it would seem they were content for the most part.

Birdseye View of the interior of the Dugout
[And a giant whale bone]

Within this thirty-day period the Hamlet, [or kind of settlement they created], was now operating in full motion. Big-chest was the king of the environment, or Hamlet, and watched over his daughter now, whom was running about, similar to a hawk. Life to him, back with the Branch-People was simple: sex, food and a place to sleep. Now it seemed to dawn on him, there was more to it, more to life: family, friends and spirituality crept in.

For the four-dugouts in the settlement he did most of the lifting of the huge stones putting those in place, as the women dug out the interiors of the caves to be, while Toma and Tundra along with Jaguar-eyes did the hunting; and Fish-girl went fishing, bringing back an enormous load of fish eachday. It was a hardy time for the Assemblage; and all were getting their strength back from the hardships they left behind.

Wolf dogs of the North

The Three-headed Wolf dogs

No one seen any wolf-dogs about, but Tundra seemed to be quite worried about them, however, after evening dinner by the great fire one evening—a fire Jaguar-eyes made—the women, as usual, cleaned the area, and collected branches for the continuation of the fire, for the morning fire also: at this time, all tired, they—each and every one—went into their hollow-abodes, leaving no one to guard the premises: as did the men, women and children alike, all doing the same thing, all feeling for some odd reason, safety was not an issue It was the third month into their stay at this location, and in the still of the night when as all were asleep: a terror took place.

—In the sleepiest hour of the evening came the wolf-dogs, a three-headed beast, out of his lair and into the campsite: the little hamlet of the Assemblage. Through the mist of the cold frosted air that seemed to travel with the beast, under his under belly, over his grayish eyes, above his dark-pitted gray eye-lids, where the grayish light moon over head resided, he prowled the site. He carried a death-shadow with him. He came to the forefront: the dried out area by the fire: snuffed about, smelled one of the women, then a child’s smell, found an opening in one of the shelters—as everything was unguarded—thus, snarling in hunger and rage and calm, he sat his paw against a stone that lay to the side of the entrance of the shelter: dark was his eyes, and monstrous was his shadow—blackblood filled his muscles, cramped with hunger and daring. His hot breath was seeping over the entrance stones, it seemed for a moment, just a split second, his shadow stood still in the evenings frozen stillness, looking with his deep rooted eyes at the shapes that laid in front of him, two shapes, a mother and her child. His hungry eyes were filled with the hot blood inside of these two beings he was watching. His eyes, eyes read, inflamed with the craving of flesh and blood, read: fill my belly, and the bellies of my family.

Who was the victim to be, there was not time to cry, to alarm the settlement: the three headed wolf-dog looked in all directions, in the cove, back by the fire, at the huger shelter where Big-chest lived, for even the beast didn’t want to alert him. The child laid nearest to the beast’s breath, and now paw: obsessed with the kill, the meat, the warm blood, the beast tore a limb off the child, dragging the child out of the entrance with a jerk, as the child hung from the teeth of one for the three heads of the beast, while the other digested the limb it tore off the child, then the beast ran out of the campsite—quicker than a flicker from the fire.

Big-chest leaped from his resting place in full force, but by the time he stood over Half-bird, the mother, the beast had fled: completely gone, un- seeable in the misty chill of the night.

The Wolfs Cove

The Arctic winds from the Hudson Bay area, the North Pole area that is, continued seeping down into the laps of the hamlet, and into the cave of the wolf-family, whom had four babies—and now nourishment.

The large three-headed male wolf, crept down by its children, still walking about, to see if all was safe, if indeed he (or they) had been tracked back to its shelter; thus, he continued walking about, sniffing, and blowing out of its nostrils, its icy and hungry insides, and subsequently he laid on his belly, low, very low looking sniffing, more: the child was dead, its blood still warm—by the reflection of the moon’s light, a balled head was visible: the child’s head, that is what could be seen, Half-birds child, it was a female the wolves all crept on their stomachs to get a better look at their dinner, they reached their heads over a bit, rolled the child over onto its face, the mother moving her children closer: pushing them closer to the animal protein: after that, quicker than an eye blink, the wolves all grabbed the child—after smelling it—and had their feast.

Half-bird Remembers

Half-bird standing by the fire in shock (going over her mind what just happened, what just took place): she recalled: feeling someone, or something jerking, and/or pulling her arm—after a slight hesitation, not at first smelling the scent of the animal, after a moment Half-bird woke up, looked for her child, startled: she started bellowing, then racing outside, found the tracks of the wolf and just went hysterical, she now looked at Big-chest who was but a few feet away.

Tundra and Big-chest came running; Big-chest had fought wolves before, he knew what they wanted, and why: yet it was to his belief, part of the cycle of life. They had to eat, just like him: which was his practical, if not logical way of thinking. And he knew he could go hunt them down, even kill them, but he ordered the mother and Tundra to return to their shelters, to grieve if she needed to, and to leave the animals, the wolves alone: ‘let them do what is natural,’ he mumbled, and he sat all night guarding the hamlet

in the morning the Assemblage had a gathering, and decided to have one person each night feed the fire, and stay up with a long spear in hand, and should an enemy, or any sort of danger come near, then he or she was to wake the whole group up, and to come armed to kill the invading forces. Half-bird was miserable of course, as expected, but nothing could be done about it, death was a natural course, expected, even predicted at times, there was no use in getting revenge: even the wolfs knew their stay on earth was but a moment in the calendar of time. And hunger is hunger, no matter what source of life you are.

[Sub-chapter to eight and nine]



Most of the females, not all, like Little Bird-turtle, had physical masculinity features—in that they seemed straight, firm and confident for the most part; some with narrow hips even, some with straight shoulders; a similarity to mannishness one might conclude—; yet they were not what one might call upside-down humans, where they felt ‘congenial sexual inversion,’ crept into their lives, wanting same-sex partners, to the contrary, it didn’t even occur to them, it was basically the load of life that demanded their bodies to be the way they were.

On another issue, Big-chest loved making love—the high of sex, that is, he had a great sexual need, desire, and lust: he would intentionally force himself, his big body on his lovers, even his wife, pinning them to the ground. There was no sex war between, or within the group, or couples; for the most part, their relationships were fine. Yet as a couple (Big-chest and his wife), it could be sour with his wife’s moods at times, she was unsatisfied with his sexual hunting at night for an empty bed. And possibly—even thought she didn’t come out and murmur it—thought I say thought, or I think she was resentful of his domineering, inconsiderate, selfish and seemingly insensitivity, his behavior, in short towards her: she didn’t like being tucked away into an igloo, or hut, or any kind of abode as he fulfilled other sexual needs. This was getting to her.

Aging &

Nothing came out straightforward within the group or the Assemblage if you will. It was the age of communication, the beginning of it, not the end, it had actually just arrived for Big-chest, and was not all that new for the others—other than the Stone-builders. I suppose you could say, many things were misunderstood, especially between the youthful wife of Big-chest, and himself for often he’d simply end up scratching his head trying to figure out where she was with this and that. I think everyone picked up on that head-scratching body language. But he lived by one philosophy now, promising, it was new for him: to create as good life, as good as possible for one and all in his group. I suppose you could say, he was learning how to accept responsibility with leadership.

Big-chest had been, and still was, as incapable of harnessing his sexual appetite mentally as if he was back in his youthful days; save for the fact, his body did not always soar through the air like his mind wanted it to. He was now [on occasions] finding his body being left behind. This bothered him, yet his youthful wife understood it, and did not make him think he was unsuitable.

To Big-chest his youthful wife was very soft and smooth, and he’d often try not to break her sleep, some kind gesture he picked up somewhere, perhaps the woman in the cave whom he’d visit (off and on), and if she was asleep, he’d just sit and wait until she opened her eyes, and try not to scare her (folks remembered she was the only one he was really kind to); he even put a smile on his face for her. She was always so happy to see him, as his wife was.

Pekingg-girl had long girlish legs he thought, thick calves, and paleness lately in her face; an unobtrusive girl she was. Yet she had what he considered good protective coloring to her person, she might be invisible at times he thought, in the thick of the woods.

[Stern-toes contemplate]:

Possibly Big-chest accumulated guilt from all the harm he did way back when, thus, a reserve inside of him has, changed him, yes, he contemplated, Big-chest had changed; [Stern-toes] he tried to hypnotize himself as he pictured Big-chest in the ‘Valley of the Caves,’ in his younger days, as dusk befell the valley abodes, he’d take at will—wife’s, daughters, whomever he wised, and now he was kind to one and all. What a remarkable change, could it last was his pondering thoughts?


Pekingg-girl at times felt a tinge inferior and inadequate around the group, if not Big-chest. Reflecting on this, and her husband she remembered him also as being heartless in his younger days, even though he got revenge for her mother’s death by the People of the Fire, for shooting an arrow through her heart. But it really was her own fixation, as she’d conclude at the end of the day, for Big-chest in his old age was different.

As she stepped outside the abode watching Big-chest make his rounds to check on his people, as he’d refer to them, she was proud yet, a bit fearful of him yet. The sky was faded, the sea winds felt a little warm, the sun gone, dampness was filling the air, and a sluggish blowing in from the sea said it might be a windy night.

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Gossip Girl is a television series based on a book written by Cecil von Ziegesar. It talks about a bunch of youngsters from the elite society who attend private school at the Upper East Side of New York. These teenagers experience almost everything right from teenage problems, dangerous situations, drug addiction, to dealing with friends and family members. Each episode of Gossip Girl is narrated by an anonymous person voiced by Kristen Bell. The story revolves around twelve main characters out of which most popular are Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldrof, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald, Jenny Humphrey, Chuck Bass, and Vanessa Abrams.

The above mentioned characters of the series are played by young talented actors. Blake Lively plays Serena van der Woodsen who is a successful socialite and the most popular girl in the school. During the casting process Blake Lively was the first to be chosen to play the character of Serena van der Woodsen. Blake Lively has successfully risen to stardom in a short span of time. Before gracing the small screen she made a sensational debut on the big screen in her first movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. She was nominated for the 2005 Teen Choice awards.

Leighton Meester plays the onscreen character Blair Waldrof, best friend to Serena van der Woodsen. Leighton Meester is perfect for this role and plays it with great panache. She has had a successful television career and has appeared in several other television series including “Entourage”, “8 Simple Rules”, “Numbers” and “CSI Miami”. Her most recurring roles were in “24”, “Veronica Mars”, “House” and “Shark”. Before starting her acting career she dabbled in modeling before sweeping the small screen.

Penn Badgley enacts the part of Dan Humphrey, a romantic character, who attends the private schools but does not fit into the elite circle financially. He starred in a television series called “The Mountain”. After relocating to Los Angeles he was offered a guest role in “Will and Grace”. There was no looking back and he soon played recurring roles on famous television series “The Young and the Restless”, “The Brothers Garcia” followed by “Daddio”. Penn was involved in Children’s Theater in Seattle. The character of Nate Archibald is played by Chace Crawford. He has acted in the top box office opener movie of 2006 “The Covenant”. Chace shuttles his time between Los Angeles where he is based and New York where Gossip Girl is being filmed.

Taylor Momsen plays the young Jenny Humphrey sister to Dan Humphrey and a budding fashion designer. Taylor Momsen is the youngest cast member of Gossip Girl. At only seventeen she has grabbed the limelight and become a successful actor. She acted in successful box office movies like “Spy Kids 2” and “We Were Soldiers”. Ed Westwick is a British actor and plays the part of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass is from a wealthy and sophisticated family. He loves all luxuries of life and makes no compromise. Ed Westwick plays this part to perfection. He has worked in Children of Men opposite Clive Owen and Julianne Moore. Westwick has movies lined up for release. When not filming for Gossip Girl, Ed lives at his house outside London. The character of Vanessa Abrams is played by Jessica Szhor. She has an ethnic background of both African-American and Caucasian. Jessica worked as a model before she was discovered and chosen to play the onscreen role of Vanessa Abrams.

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Apart from all the large tattoos that exist in the world; sisterhood tattoo displays the beautiful relationship between two sisters or friends or any family members. It shows the deep bondage between two people and proves as a support to them. This tattoo is mostly used by the women. Many of them used these sisterhood tattoos to express their commitment with the other person and also get the tattoo done at the same time. Whether these tattoos are used by a small or a large group does not matter. They always represent the same meaning of “I belong”. There are different types of sisterhood tattoo. Few of them are explained in the following lines;

Formal Society Sisterhood Tattoos – Many of the female groups, use the sisterhood tattoos along with 2 or 3 designs; to represent their belief and unity among the group members. Many of them use Greek letters inside the sisterhood tattoo to identify the group. Sorority names, such as Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Chi Omega are also used; for the same purpose.

Sisterhood Tattoos of motorcycle society – Female motorcycle groups have a symbol or a logo representing their beliefs, name of the group and also display their love for riding. Women known as the Biker chicks; develop a long standing relationship with the group. Thus displaying their sisterhood tattoos; on their jackets. In the fifties and sixties; there was a group called the Foxfire that used this tattoo to display their unique meaning. One piece of art, among the sisterhood; is the teardrop tattoos. These tattoos are inked on the skin under the eye; as a teardrop symbol. This is done; on the death of a sister.

Sisterhood Tattoos for Friends – Claddagh is a symbol, found in ring. It comes from the state of Ireland in United States. The symbol, displayed in this tattoo is a pair of hands holding a crowned heart. This signifies the love, friendship and the loyalty that you have for the other person. This is the most popular tattoo among best friends. Few of the combination; that works well with sisterhood tattoos are Celtic knots, symbols of duality and Japanese characters.