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Flower tattoos are not just for women. Some rose tattoo designs, for example, can be combined with skulls or daggers tattoo designs to realize a real masculine tattoo.

Nonetheless, some flowers are not really appropriate for men. The probably most feminine among flower tattoo designs is the Daisy tattoo design. I think it is really difficult to find a man wearing such a tattoo. They are very much associated with a feminine, ladylike appearance (Daisy is also nickname for Margaret) and are usually small cute tattoo designs. The femininity of these tattoos depends on this flower’s characteristic: its beauty, its delicacy and the meanings it carries. The daisy can symbolize different things to different people but it is a typical symbol of innocence and purity. It can also mean sisterhood, love and faithfulness. Daisy tattoos, on the ankle, shoulder or foot for example, are pretty and delicate.

The common Daisy is native to western, central and northern Europe and is also known as Lawn Daisy or English Daisy, but its scientific name comes from Latin: Bellis perennis, a wonderful name which can be translated into perennial beauty.

The medieval poet Chaucer called it “eye of the day” as it closes at night and opens again in the morning.

A daisy is very much loved for its natural beauty and symbolic meanings.

A daisy tattoo can be made to symbolize different things depending on the colors and the shape of the flower design.

In medieval times daisies have often been associated with the baby Jesus. Since that time daisies have always symbolized the innocence of children and childhood in general.

During the second part of the last century, daisies and daisy tattoos became a most widespread symbol of the peace movement.

As said, daisy tattoos can have many different meanings. Today they are mostly chosen for their beauty and their ability to express joy and bring brightness to anybody’s life.

Little daisy tattoos are usually to be seen on girls’ feet, ankles, shoulders but also hands and neck. Quite much widespread are also complex tattoo designs which can even cover a girl’s whole side, or part of the back.

A big concern when it comes to a daisy tattoo is originality. Today is not easy to come out with an original tattoo idea and the quite simple shape of daisies is not of much help.

There are different ways to personalize a daisy tattoo and make it unique. You can play with colors or combine a daisy tattoo with some other tattoo designs.

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