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Blake Lively plays Serena van der Woodsen in the hit television show, Gossip Girl. Serena is slim and ethereally beautiful; she is admired by every other girl in the show. She is very intelligent, but she is told often that she is not working to her full potential. She lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and comes from a family that is very prominent in New York society. She plays a very modest yet beautiful girl who is sought after by many guys in the show. She is a true romantic and is swept off her feet by Dan Humphrey, the lower middle class classmate from Brooklyn.

The real life of Blake Lively is not that far from the character she portrays on the series. She was born in Tarzana, California and is the youngest of five children. Both her parents were actors and all of her siblings have acted at one point as well. They are a very talented family and are well known in the acting world. Lively did not always want to be an actress though and it was not until later in life that she realized this desire.

As a child she was homeschooled and ironically, one of her home school classmates was actor Penn Badgley, who plays her love interest on the television series. Blake Lively went to Burbank High School in Burbank, California where she was in the National Show Choir. She was very popular in high school, just as she is in Gossip Girl and she was senior class president as well as a cheerleader. All through high school Lively had plans to attend Stanford University, but the summer between her junior and senior year, her brother had his agent send her out on a few auditions. She only went on two auditions, but in one of them she landed her very first acting role as Bridget in the film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She actually did very well in her film debut and won a Teen Choice Award nomination for the Choice Movie Breakout Female.

Blake Lively put her college dreams on hold and appeared in movies such as Accepted, Simon Says, and Elvis and Anabelle. She will actually reprise her role as Bridget in 2008 in the sequel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Blake Lively is a force to be reckoned with and she looks like she will be on the circuit for a long time.

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A courier service is a company that supplies door to door shipping and delivery of packages, letters, and other shipments. Courier services can be local, national, and international. Courier services among companies vary so when selecting the right service that meets your needs, it is important to ask the right questions.

Do you offer on-time delivery?

Most couriers offer guaranteed on-time delivery. This is normally available for standard shipping service, express shipping, same day delivery, and overnight shipping.

Do you have a solid reputation?

The success of a courier depends a lot on if they fulfill their shipping obligations, Couriers should have a list of customers who are happy with their services. They should have a reputation of handling packages with the best care and do not have a record of damage or loss of items.

What is the cost of the courier services?

Cost of shipping items can vary among couriers. It is important that you are getting the best value for your money. Ask if they offer discounts on bulk items. Find out what the exact services are for each shipping service. The lowest price is not always the best service.

What does the insurance cover?

Ask if the insurance covers the full value of the item being shipped and if it covers stolen, lost, and damaged items. You want an insurance guarantee on your item in writing. Producing a Certificate of Insurance should not be a hassle for an insured courier. Every courier company should have a minimum of one million dollars worth of general liability insurance

What are your delivery hours?

Some couriers work all hours and days. Some do not work on holidays. You may have to pay an additional feel for a specific delivery time.

What is your State Permit number?

Each state issues a permit to motorized transporters of freight. You should not use a courier who does not have the proper permit.

Are you bonded?

Bonding is insurance against a crime committed by an employee of the courier company. For instance, if a computer shipped an expensive item that was stolen by an employee, bonding would cover the customer for their financial loss.

How much will my shipment cost?

Cost of shipment will depend on the size and weight of the package. Many couriers have online calculators to determine shipment costs.

Are there items that the courier will not ship?

There are items that couriers are prohibited from transporting. Examples include livestock, liquids, perishable goods, glass, gases, pyrotechnics, arms and ammunition, corrosive..etc.

What information do you need when I book a courier?

Couriers usually need to know the type of item, size and weight of the item, destination address, what type of service is needed..etc.

When you enlist the services of a courier, they are obligated to answer your questions. Couriers are now an essential part of transporting items nationally and internationally. Knowing what questions to ask will go a long way to ensure your shipment arrives safe and sound.

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Although Jupiter’s location in Palm Beach County, Florida may conjure up images of America’s wealthy elite and an unheard of amount of glitz and glamour, this northern town is actually a quiet and welcoming haven for tourists to the area. Focusing on its natural assets and offering an obscene amount of relaxation, there is no better place to cool your heels and enjoy Florida’s spectacular beauty.

Since the further north you head from Palm Beach the more peaceful and less hurried it becomes, it is no wonder that you will find some of the area’s best beaches in Jupiter. Untrammeled by the flocks of tourists and untouched by condominium developers, these are not merely small strips of land but rather wide open spaces that rest along the shores of the Atlantic. While there are numerous available options and it is always easiest to simply select the one closest to your accommodations, there are definitely a few that you must check out.

Even though the John D. MacArthur Beach is located on Singer Island, its preserved subtropical environment, extensive water frontage, and picturesque hiking trails make it the perfect place for an activity-filled day. Another option that is popular with families, Dubois Park features a soft sandy shore and shallow water where you can swim and sunbathe to your heart’s content. Just across the footbridge from this 29-acre beauty, Ocean Beach offers rougher conditions that are just right for thrill seekers who love windsurfing or surfing.

As Jupiter’s beaches highlight the surroundings beauty and the calm, relaxed way of life that pervades here, it becomes easy to see why other creatures might want to nestle in and enjoy the unceasing serenity. From May to August of each year, Jupiter and the surroundings North Palm Beach communities welcome giant Loggerhead turtles and their eggs onto their warm sands for another breeding season. Although you could go out on your own in search of the egg-laying sites, it is recommended that you join an organized turtle-watching program through either the Jupiter Beach Resort or the Marinelife Center of Juno Beach to avoid disturbing the turtles.

When you aren’t touring the beaches or working on your tan, be sure to get participate in some of the exciting active pursuits that Jupiter has to offer. Golf and Palm Beach are virtually synonymous due to the fabulous weather that reigns on this area throughout the year, so get out there for a round at the Golf Club of Jupiter or, if you can swing it, on one of the fabulous, award-winning courses at the PGA National Resort & Spa. Out on the water, the crystal clear water and beautiful coral reef about a quarter-mile offshore also make snorkeling and scuba diving attractive options.

While other activities such as fishing, canoeing, and cruising the waterways on a guided tour are sure to keep your itinerary jam-packed, set aside a little time to visit the town’s distinct feature, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Home to a small historical museum and offering a one-hour tour complete with information about the wars and shipwrecks that shaped the area, it is a worthwhile detour if only for the bird’s eye view.

As the simple pleasures in life take center stage and tourist attractions fall by the wayside, invoke the easygoing spirit of Jupiter at all hours of the day by selecting a vacation rental for your accommodations needs. Whether you are relaxing on your private patio in the morning, walking to the beach in the afternoon, or resting in your spacious living room at night, Jupiter vacation rentals make it easy to experience the getaway you always imagined. For your next trip to the Palm Beach area, leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and surround yourself with pristine, natural beauty in Jupiter Florida rentals that rest just steps away from the Atlantic.

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This summer has seen some of the most interesting developments in the watch industry with designer watches leading the change in the watch fashion world. Designers watch labels like Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY launching summer ranges that wowed the public and have seen watch sales sore and now with other labels like Miss Sixty joining these well established brand names the choice on the high street this season has been even greater for the general public.

Women’s designer watches have really changed the consumer’s perception of watches this summer, with the likes of the Italian fashion legends Dolce & Gabbana launching their summer season styles in conjunction with Italy’s largest watch manufacture Binda Co to much acclaim.

Watches like the Turtle and the Prime Time have captured the essence of the Dolce & Gabbana wearer and have changed the way that the women look at designer watches. Women’s designer watches now double up as pieces of jewellery as well as timepieces.

Other companies have followed suit with the likes of Fossil launching a new range of DKNY watches which have all the wow factor you would expect from a product baring the DKNY name. With a strong presence of Swarovski crystal in the DKNY range this summer Fossil ltd have created watches that women will want and aspire to the likes of the NY3746 and the NY3950 DKNY’s womens designer watches have pushed the DKNY label further into the consumer mind and have made women want these watches.

This season’s new watches have come with high profile advertising campaigns both on the Television and in press. The use of the media gas pushed the designer brands into the public realm even more and has validated the designer brands importance in the watch industry.

Dolce & Gabbana open this season with sexually charged Television campaign which pushed the profile of D&G watches and particularly the Prime Time which has been difficult for retailer to keep on the shelf. Other companies like Police brought in the high profile figure of Antonio Bandarass and Breil have used high profile rock star JK and Eva.

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A program to aid local environmental projects has taken a big step forward with the decision to aid the Matapalo Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Project by helping fund the work of the Association of Volunteers for Service in Protected Areas in Costa Rica.

The ASVO is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that promotes environmental conservation and education through volunteer participation and has been recognized by the Costa Rican Government for its work with the youth of Costa Rica and visiting international students by providing “hands-on” education while they work to save ecologically sensitive areas.

For more than 16 years ASVO has been working in Costa Rica and it’s volunteers have played an active part in working in the nearly 25% of the country’s area that has been set aside for nature conservation. You can find ASVO volunteers donating their time in many of Costa Rica’s National Parks wildlife preserves plus a number of other projects; annually there are some 1,500 volunteers striving to make a difference here.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Matapalo began in the 1990’s when a group of students from the Professional Technical School of Matapalo teamed up with different community members to develop an initiative to protect marine turtle nests from poachers and some natural predators.

In 2005, the local organization began coordinating with the ASVO,and the Developers of Hacienda Matapalo which were able to supply volunteers in the form of college students from both Costa Rica and abroad,. Most of the students worked on the project for 15 day periods under the supervision of biologists, helping construct fencing around nest areas and collecting eggs from isolated nests, then transferring them to protected areas (eggs that otherwise might be robbed by “hueveros” who would sell the turtle eggs-a practice prohibited by law).

On nights when marine turtles come ashore to lay their eggs, volunteers patiently wait as the turtles dig their nests, while egg laying takes place the turtles are measured and fitted with numbered i.d. bracelets so they can be tracked for migratory purposes. When the eggs are transferred to the new protected nests, they are identified according to species, the number of eggs, and the date of egg-laying. From then on the new nests are watched day and night. The work of monitoring the Matapalo Beach nests falls under the jurisdiction of the National System of Area Conservation which is part of the Ministry of Atmosphere and Energy.

Turtles that lay eggs on Matapalo Beach

The Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea), the Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricatta) and the Black turtle of the Pacific (Chelonia mydas agassizi) all visit Playa Matapalo, and all are in danger of extinction.

The Olive Ridley turtle is smallest of the marine turtles. The adults measure of 55 to 70 cm in length in their shell, with a gross weight of 35 to 45 kg Reach their sexual maturity between the 10 and 15 years and probably live about 50 or 60 years, nevertheless they are reproductively active by only a little more than 21 years. The season of egg-laying mainly for the dark-brown turtle initiates about the 1st of June and it extends until the 30th of November of every year.

They deposit an average of 110 eggs by nest and the period of incubation runs 46 to 65 days, depending on the temperature. Olive Ridley’s are famous for their mass beaching when literally dozens upon dozens of females come ashore to lay. The females return every one to two years. A same turtle can lay eggs up to 2 times each season, in an interval of 17 to 28 days.

The Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricate) are most commonly found in hard-bottomed and reef habitats containing sponges.. They also reside in shoals, lagoons of oceanic islands, and continental shelves. In general, they are found in water no deeper than sixty feet (18.3 m). When hawksbill turtles are young, they are unable to dive into deep water, and therefore are forced to live in masses of floating sea plants, such as sargassum. Mating for mature hawksbill’s occurs about every two years and the females always return to the beach where they originally hatched.

The Black Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas agassizi) is closely related to the common Green Sea turtle, but it is slightly smaller with weights ranging from 150 to 280 pounds. Their range is the tropical eastern Pacific and nesting areas can be found along the Central American coast and they are the only species of turtle to be found nesting in the Galapagos Islands.

Marine turtles return to lay eggs to the same beach of their birth once they reach sexual maturity. Exactly how the turtle know which beach is the right one is most likely a combination of smell and some sort of internal tracking (we asked and they aren’t talking). Once the eggs hatch the baby turtles dig their way out of the shallow nests and head into the sea.

According to Hacienda Matapalo data taken between 2005 and 2008, 900 turtles were registered at Matapalo Beach; altogether 42,743 eggs have been protected and 35,794 baby turtles (tortuguitas) were freed. In spite of the monitoring taking place, it is expected that about 20% eggs laid on the beaches of Costa Rica are extracted by the egg poachers. Natural predators include wild pigs, coati, and birds.

Threats by man

The populations of turtles can survive the natural threats, but the intervention of man has brought about a noticeable acceleration in the loss of the populations. The main threats by man are the alteration of the turtles habitat: the egg extraction for consumption or commerce, pollution, urban development in coastal zones with an increase of artificial light in nesting areas; plus the incidental capture in commercial fishing operations and finally egg depredation by domestic animals such as dogs and feral cats.

Through sponsorship from Hacienda Matapalo the marine turtle project has been supplied with all of the materials and equipment to construct secure nesting areas. In addition the expense for maintaining the manpower for its construction was covered as well. The breeding ground has an area of 200 square meters (over 2,100 square feet) which will house about 200 nests for this season.

Also, Hacienda Matapalo has donated funds for the purchase of instruments and software for recording the data for soil and water temperatures and the relative humidity of the nests with the aim of determining how these factors influence the sex of the turtle hatchlings. These instruments will allow us to monitor about 30 nests for a period of about two months, which covers the time line from egg laying to hatching. Over the entire season about 60 nests will be monitored.
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The holidays are fast-approaching and we need to gather all our gifts before it’s too late. We need to give gifts to special people – mother, children, father, sister, grandma, grandpa, co-workers, and some friends. You are a good gift giver that is why people love you. You may give to all of them or just choose anyone this year but all you have to do now is to think of a special gift that they will truly treasure.

Jewelry can be the best gift that you can give your loved-ones, not the expensive ones, but the ones that they can wear and keep. Cheap but beautifully-designed jewelry are out in the market and you just have to find them. It can be perfect if you can find personalized bracelets and necklaces. Here are some suggestions that you can give special people this holiday season.

Mom & Dad cuff bracelets

These sterling silver cuff bracelets can be a sweet and perfect gift that you can give your mom and dad, even your grandma and grandpa. These are usually customizable where you can engrave your mom and dad’s names on each bracelet piece. Try to find gold versions of these bracelets if your parents or grandparents prefer gold than silver.

Sisterhood bracelet

You can find white and pink pearl sisterhood bracelets that are perfect to give your friends and BFF. This can also be a great piece to give your daughter and other young women in your house. If you are a woman and you have a sister, this can be a perfect treat to her and to yourself. Try to find something like this where you can add a pendant and engrave a name on it.


I am talking about the silver and gold bangle and not the plastic ones. This can be a gift that you can give any woman especially the active ones. You can give this to teens and office women because it can fit their hip personality. Because it is made of solid gold or silver, you will be able to let their names engraved in those pieces.

ID tag bracelet

You can choose so many ID tag bracelets that are fit for all ages and any gender. If you want to buy a piece of jewelry to everyone that is cheaper and personalized, this is the perfect gift to give. You can gift this to your dad, brother, sister, co-workers, and friends.

Mothers bracelets

Mothers bracelets are specially made for mothers which are usually made of either beads or pearls with gold and silver chains and pendant. Just like any other pieces, you can also find something like this that can be personalized.

Name necklace

This necklace is definitely customizable because you can choose to make the name as the pendant. This can be made of gold or silver and they are perfect gifts to your friends or children.

Those are just few of my suggestions. I hope that you enjoy giving gifts and feel the satisfactions of seeing them happy with those presents.

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To paraphrase a quotation from Patrick Henry, who of course was one of our founding fathers in America, “give me energy independence or death.”

In our economy, it’s time to face this truth:  Boone Pickens, the famous Texas oilman, knows a lot more about energy and energy policy in America than virtually any of our politicians and is certainly better informed on these subjects than almost any of the “chattering class” in Washington, DC.

Specifically, he says that we as a society are engaged in a massive wealth transfer, where America is each year shipping nearly $700 billion overseas to other nations, some of which hate us, such as Iran or Venezuela.  Of course, these are nations, which often own major oil companies outright and which our Congress in Washington, DC cannot easily call into our nation’s capitol for testimony in an effort to look for “a scapegoat” for our nation’s energy and economic ills.

And, so, I say to my fellow Americans this morning:  “Wake Up!  Wake up!”  We cannot continue indefinitely to make such choices and, then, stupidly expect no consequences in this country.  In addition, we must also understand that other countries will shock us, both now and in the future, by buying our companies outright with American dollars, which will come from the money each American pays to pump gas, which should be coming from the US but ISN’T.  How could we have allowed this level of political correctness to so infect our society?

“Yes,” it’s time to develop alternative types of energy in our society to the maximum, including biodiesel, ethanol from such Midwest crops as corn, wind, solar and battery-powered technologies in the future.  In fact, every “green innovation” in our society needs to be pursued.  But, what about the other options?  Should they also be included in our list of choices or not?

Once again, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes.”  All options need to be pursued, both now and in the future.  And, so, I say “Drill, drill, drill!”  Off the East Coast of the United States, off the West Coast of the United States, off the Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (in an area the size of one of our large airports in the US).  The United States also needs to be willing to share the revenue with these coastal states in an effort to encourage their cooperation with the oil companies, who want to drill off of their coasts.  Money can be a great incentive to our states.

By the way, “Yes, ANWR is a pristine area in Alaska,” but almost no US Senator has ever even visited this area (perhaps excluding only former Senator Zell Miller from Georgia).  On the other hand, Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska knows this area well and endorses drilling there.  As a patriotic American, who has never worked for any US Oil company, either directly or indirectly, I accept her recommendation.

Truly outraged US citizens must stop allowing the threat posed by certain trial lawyers, who represent overly zealous environmental interests, to stop our nation from becoming energy independent.

Do I mean LNG?  “Yes.”  If we can spend 40% less than gasoline in the future on Liquefied Natural Gas. as Iran is currently doing, then we need to wake up and start using this bridge energy source, which can be found in abundance in the US, to its fullest in our society.  We need to look for solutions versus complaints about this energy source or that energy option.  Again, I am not now, nor have I ever been an employee of an LNG firm.  But, I am a  American citizen, who wants desperately to solve this problem, instead of simply wringing my hands about it, once again, 10 years from now.

Do I also include nuclear energy, too?  Absolutely!  We must also be willing to rely more often in the future on an increased use of the nuclear energy option.  If France can find a way for nuclear energy to work in their society, so can the United States of America.  We must start looking for reasons to use nuclear more frequently rather than excuses NOT to use it in our nation’s energy future.  Of course, the #1 reason for greater use relates to our economic vitality as a nation.  As an economically, well informed American, who has never worked for any US company in the nuclear industry, either directly or indirectly, I challenge my fellow Americans to re-evaluate this option, too.

And, what about coal?  Perhaps, you may think that the United States is the “Saudi Arabia of coal.”  If you have heard that statement in the past, it happens to be true.  At current rates of use, our nation has an estimated 240 years of supply buried in the ground of America (Source:  National Mining Association).  But, we have to build more coal-fired electricity plants in the United States over the next five years and during the next 10 years in order to meet increased demand for electricity.  Once again, I have also never worked for a US-based coal company, either directly or indirectly.

However, as an economic conservative, I challenge my fellow Americans to think differently and to act in a new way on each of these important subjects, as we mutually seek “new” answers to old problems.  “Yes,” we do need CHANGE from the tired, old conclusions of the doom and gloom crowd, which has consistently stood against progress in our society.

As the Editor and President of NowWhatJobs.net, Inc., http://www.nowwhatjobs.net, I say that these proposed construction projects will provide so many high-paying jobs in our society and all over the United States that politicians of all stripes will smile from ear to shining ear.  Plus, our wealth in the future can stay in North and South Dakota, in the Rocky Mountain states, in our Coastal states, in Alaska and all across America in terms of more jobs associated with a greater number of LNG plants, more refineries, a greater number of nuclear facilities and more coal-fired electricity plants in our nation.  We as citizens can and should expect our politicians to do a better job of representing us and the economic and energy needs of our nation.

Let us today decide to stop enriching Iran and Venezuela and countries around the world, who do not have our interests at heart; instead, let us choose to keep the money in the United States, as our nation creates US-based jobs in every possible area of energy production.

In this way, America will stop choosing economic death for our country.  Instead, we can choose to create more US-based construction industry and energy-related jobs in every possible corner of our nation in the future.  We can also begin to make conscious decisions about moving toward energy independence.  The choice is ours, but the consequence for making the wrong decisions are dire.

May God continue to bless the United States of America, as we collectively make good decisions both economically and politically in our nation’s future.

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Many of us want to be responsible citizens of the Earth. We think about the effects our lifestyles have on the environment. We are concerned about global warming. We want to ensure our children’s future on this planet is one that still has clean air to breathe, an abundance of trees and wildlife, and clean water to drink. However, many of us also think that the sacrifices might be too great to “go green” in our own office. Good news. It’s not as difficult as you think.

There are 3 areas where you can make a significant impact without significant expense or inconvenience: paper, lights, and electronics.

The average American office worker throws out about 150 pounds of paper per year. Paper manufacturing contributes to the deforestation of the planet and in America is responsible for 35 million tons of CO2 a year. So what can you do? Buy recycled paper. Make full use of that paper by printing on both sides and/or using paper that is only printed on one side for scratch paper. Do your proofreading and edits on your computer before printing to reduce the number of prints you make. Re-use file folders by placing new labels over the old ones. All of these changes are easy to make but have a big impact. Pretty painless, right?

Another way you can go green in your office is as easy as changing a light bulb. In fact, it is changing a light bulb. Incandescent bulbs use 4 times more energy than is necessary to produce light. Halogen lights can get as hot as 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot enough to cook an egg! Alternately, Energy Star certified compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use 75% less energy to produce the same amount of light, last 10 times longer and produce less heat. If you feel like you need even more reason to switch to CFLs, consider that you will also save money over the lifetime of the bulb. Once you have made the switch to energy efficient bulbs, make sure lights are turned off when they are not needed. A great way to ensure that this happens is with motion sensors that will turn the lights off when everyone has left the room.

38% of all of the carbon dioxide emissions come from the electricity we generate. That electricity is used to power all sorts of things. A major drain on our electricity is all of our office equipment such as computers, copiers, printers, and fax machines. When going green with your electronics, you need to look at 3 factors. You need to consider the waste that is created in the manufacturing of the products, the effects on the environment when you use the products, and the waste that is created when you are done with the products. That may seem like a lot to think about but if you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to minimize the negative impact your office equipment has on the environment.

The manufacturing of electronics uses a lot of resources including electricity, raw materials, and water. Electronics also account for billions of pounds of municipal waste each year. Just a few of the contaminants that electronics create are toxic heavy metals, lead, PCBs, mercury, and various acids. To lessen your office’s affect on the number of new pieces of equipment that are manufactured, as well as end up in land fills, buy all-in-one machines that combine multiple functions into one. Whenever possible, get rid of machines completely by using services such as Internet fax. With an Internet fax service you get rid of the fax machine completely, as well as reduce the amount of paper and ink that gets consumed. Another way to decrease waste is to recycle machines that are no longer working and donate those that do to charities where they will stay in use.

25% of the total electricity used by all commercial buildings in the US is consumed by office buildings. When buying any new office equipment, look for Energy Star certified machines. This will make a huge difference in the amount of electricity that is used to run your office. For example, an Energy Star certified computer is going to be 52% more efficient than a standard one. Laptops also use a lot less energy than desktops, so consider whether this is a viable option for your office. Energy efficient machines are also going to have stand by options that will power down or go into sleep mode to conserve energy when not in use. Once the office is closing for the day, make sure that all equipment is powered off.

Taking these steps will get you on your way to going green in your office. And as I promised, they will help you make a significant impact without significant cost or inconvenience to you and your employees. And you thought going green was going to be hard.

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With three Centers out of the lineup (Gaustad, Hecht, and Connelly), the Sabres remain undefeated (4-0) here on October 17th. Reminiscing the Sabres of two seasons ago, where one call up from Rochester after another seemed to gain momentum for the team, these Sabres could be the real thing.

Thomas Vanek has six goals and Ales Kotalik has four. Derek Roy is not taking dives and skating all over the place. Patrick Kaletta is drawing penalties like crazy, infuriating the opposition and then playing turtle. The rest of the forwards are all contributing with Daniel Paille becoming the most improved forward on the team. Jason Pominville had not been scoring and Drew Stafford had been a big disappointment. Not much to complain about here.

Andrew Peters is throwing punches again instead of clutching and grabbing. You gotta love Adam Mair too, he just plays so hard every night. Even Max Afinogenov is showing signs of keeping his head up and making plays.

The real story on the team is the defense. A couple of years ago, Tallinder and Lydman were the big pair. Now it looks like they could be fighting for ice time. Spacek is continuing the excellent season he had last year. New captain Craig Rivet has been a very cool customer who contributes both ways. Teppo Numminen who was born when Nixon was elected president. He’s coming off heart surgery, and plays like a 30 year old. Paetsch and Sekera look like they have arrived.

Even though he’s only played one game, Patrick Lalime appears to be the refreshment that Ryan Miller needs to sustain himself as one of the best goalies in the NHL over the long haul.

Lets face it though, Lindy Ruff is the best coach in the NHL. Even with all the mishap last season, he still got the maximum from this team.

It’s a long season, and what a start. They have not given up a power play goal yet. With the Buffalo Bills at 4-1 and the Sabres 5-0, Buffalo fans have early dreams of Bowls and Cups. Who knows? Maybe this is the start of two miracle seasons.

Saturday night brought us our Symphony Orchestra concert with harmonica virtuoso, Robert Bonfiglio. He not only performed a harmonica concerto; he delighted us with five or six encores. (I lost track after the fourth.) Excuse my ignorance; I had no idea harmonica virtuosos even existed…nor did I have any clue that concertos were written for this lovely little instrument. (The harmonica is an instrument?!?) The guy was incredible. I’ve never seen—nor heard—anything like it. Please…check out http://www.robertbonfiglio.com to become enlightened yourself.

I got home around midnight last night, only to wake up and head back to the auditorium this morning to rehearse with one of our local dance troupes, our full symphony orchestra, narrator, lighting crew, and director for our annual Family Concert, the working committee for which I chaired. We interpreted the award-winning 1963 children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak, by setting it to classical music and to classical ballet. Starting with The Creaky Door Overture, a little-known work by Kozinski, to an excerpt from Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade,” to Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain,” the dancers performed to Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite,” one of my personal favorites (with a climax that leaves me choked up each and every time I listen to it.) Actor Keir Dullea, best known for his performance in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” narrated the prose as set forth in the book by Mr. Sendak.

This is not meant in any way to showcase our local, fully professional symphony orchestra, nor the dance company which performed so brilliantly today. Rather, it is used to illustrate a lesson that hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend. I had learned this lesson—albeit less intensely—years ago when my daughter performed in ballets with her troupe. But too many years had passed and the lesson had been forgotten. I learned this lesson more palpably today by witnessing it firsthand. I observed the level of commitment required—and cheerfully given—by many different people of many, varied talents—in order to achieve a highly desired result for a common cause, for the welfare of many.

The conductor needed prepared musicians; the musicians needed the conductor. The choreographer needed attentive, energetic dancers…and they needed her direction. The set designer needed the choreographer’s vision, and we all needed his set! The make-up artist needed the dancers who needed the make-up artist. The stage crew needed the lighting contractor, who relied on the stage crew, choreographer, director, and conductor for direction. We all needed concert-goers…and they needed this concert. This interdependence, lovingly given and enthusiastically accepted, mingled with emotionally charged music to produce a concert of significant aesthetic fuel. It will doubtless keep my tank filled for weeks.

So it is with all relationships. Husband needs wife and wife needs husband. Children need parents and parents need children. And political leaders need the electorate as the electorate needs leadership.

This is not an earth-shattering concept. But keep in mind, as you go through these next fifteen days before our Presidential election, of the interdependence of our citizens. Of how your vote will impact your neighbor, your brother, your employer, and your kids. Study the interdependence of the issues, how they fall like dominoes once stacked upon each other. And how we are, each and every one of us, in this life struggle together, like tiny separate dots…just waiting to be connected.
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