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The world has no idea what life is like in Nigeria. Living in the country located in the western part of Africa is like living in hell. In fact, Nigeria is like a very big prison where the common masses are allowed to move about freely while wealthy politicians and cohorts can move in out of the prison. No one single person who has not lived in the country and experienced hardship can exactly explain what living in the country involves. The people are suffering and everything that humans should ordinarily and commonly posses are lacking to the average Nigerian who must doubly struggle hard to keep hope of survival alive.


It is certainly worse than the political office holders in the country are aware of because it is difficult for the leaders of the nation to mix up with the commoners in the streets and even their offices. Getting to visit one “small” office holder is like the 8th wonder of the ancient world. The people live among the people like them while the leaders live in the moon. The people have lost hope entirely and only stay alive to watch what goes on the world they live. Economy is in shamble and purchasing commodities for consumption is like achieving the unachievable. Beggars are on the increase in the country ranked the sixth larger supplier of oil to the USA. It is a country where people wake up the early hours of the day wondering what food to feed their children with. Babies too have learnt to go on many days of dry fast.


Religious activities have grown astronomically too. Churches now spring up in private kitchens, restaurants and hotels and offer the last hope to the people who are naturally afraid to die and looks up to God for the final mission. Nigerians have never seen anything like this before as poverty bites harder and harder. Hilary Clinton had no faintest idea what it was when she commented that the government of the country had better do something to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. She perhaps merely heard from people but didn’t see for herself.


In Nigeria, the people swim along big floods of pot holes before accessing their homes after the day’s job. Has anyone seen a thing like this? You remove your shoes and deep your feet and knees inside a pool of dirty water when your children are innocently screaming “welcome daddy”. Roads are terrible in the country; it is now so terrible that it takes more than six hours to journey to Benin City from Lagos. Did you know that it now also takes more than five hours to travel to Obollo-Afor from Ibusa? Raining season is one of the worst enemies of the nation; it is a period that people become fearful, fares increase as people abandon their vehicles inside floods. Nigerians are suffering and nothing is being done about it.


In Nigeria there are no visible signs of leadership whether within the state or federal level. The only sign appears to be that the literate citizens of the nation read about stolen billions of naira on daily basis in newspapers. You must be discouraged to be a Nigeria when you experience all these. One seeming good policy of any state hailed by the people infects other states. In Lagos State, demolition of property exercise has since been in the news even as cockroach businesses groan to pay taxes in a nation that the government gives back nothing in return to its masses. It is increasingly becoming difficult to live in Nigeria as every potential citizen lives in the danger yet unknown.


Football which is the only national game that unites all the ethnic-groups of the nation is fast failing them again as everyone wonders whether the national flag of the nation will ever fly in South-Africa. Just as the last Olympic Games have failed the nation, the nation may well be prepared to brace another unpleasant surprise which may arise out of foolish policies. The Super chickens may have failed the nation once again.


As we read this article, Ibusa, a town in Delta State has not had electricity supply for the past three months and the teeming inhabitants have taken it as their destiny. In Festac town, many electronics may no longer function if ever power returns. It is certainly worst than you think. Workers now have to pay as much as N100.00 to iron only a shirt to meet up in the absence of any light. Solution to all these problems is far because the leaders of the nation usually deny that there are problems in the country. It is a big problem not getting solved because problems to solve are often handpicked with scapegoats serving undue punishments on behalf of evil doers. At least Nigerians can predict that arrested bigwig will be released soon without proper application of the law. What happens in a country where school fees for University part-time students is as much as N100,000 per annum in a country where majority cannot feed themselves? 


Discussing Nigeria’s problems caused by the leaders of the country is a waste of time because meaningful policies that will better the lives of the people will only return to the nation after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Everyone awaits

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To help you select your favorite Ninja Hero costume, I’ve provided is a little backround history on the Ninja Turtles.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a fictional team of four mutant turtles, who are trained by their sensei, Master Splinter, in the art of Ninjutsu. From their home in the storm sewers of Manhattan, they battle nasty criminals, evil grandiose performers, and alien invaders, all the while remaining isolated from society at large. The characters originally appeared in comic books before being licensed for toys, cartoons and film adaptations.

During the height of its popularity in the late 1980s through early 1990s, the franchise reached considerable worldwide success and fame.Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, are the creators of the Turtles. They started the black and white comic book with just $1,200 in 1984. With a lot of work and and massive good fortune, they have seen the Turtles go from an underground hit to a world-wide wonder. “When we created the Turtles, we wanted to spoof the world of super hero characters and poke good natured fun at the heroic, but not so funny, characters that dominated the business,” said Peter. “The Turtles are fun heroes with an attitude! Basically, they act and think like average teenagers.”

Choose your favorite mutant ninja turtle, which Hero do you want to be for Halloween Holiday?

#Leonardo (Blue bandanna and ninjato) – The brave leader and loyal student of martial arts. He is the oldest of the four Ninjas. Did you know that he was originally characterized by four large horns protruding from his head? Leonardo is named after the an Italian, painter, architect, inventor, scientist, mathematician, engineer, sculptor, botanist, musician and writer: Leonardo Da Vinci.

# Donatello (Purple bandanna and bo) – The brilliant scientist, genius inventor, extraordinary engineer, and technological giant. He is probably the least violent Ninja Turtle, he prefers to use his intellect to solve conflicts. He wears a purple mask and weilds the bostaff. He is the second oldest of the four. He is named after Donatello the sculptor.

# Raphael (Red bandanna and sai) – The team’s bad boy, he has a fierce nature and rarely hesitates to throw the first punch. He is an intense fighter. His personality can be alternately fierce and sarcastic, and he frequently delivers deadpan humor. Still, he is deeply loyal to his brothers and sensei. Raphael wears a red mask and wields a pair of sai. He is the third oldest of the four. He is named after Raphael Sanzio.

# Michelangelo (Orange bandanna and nunchaku) – He is easy-going and free-spirited. He provides much of the comic relief. Even though he loves to relax, this Turtle also has an adventurous and creative side. He wears an orange mask anwield the nunchaku. He is the youngest of the four and is named after Michelangelo Buonarroti. Michelangelo’s sense of humor has been callous at times and has toned down considerably, since Leonardo had warned his brother about his sometimes insensitive behavior.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of history on one of my most favorite Heroes!

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I must assure readers that I do not share any sympathies with Nazism – it is the history that fascinates me. The Nazis exploited many historical legends including the one about Hyperborea, which was a land of the immortals. The Nazis had an esoteric – occult ideology with beliefs in a Super Man, Hollow Earth, one thousand-year Third Reich, and they delved, too, into many other ancient myths including Shambhala.

The eagle, the symbol of Germany, is one of the oldest Europe’s symbols. After seeing a big portrait of Hitler in the Documentation Center in Obersalzberg, I noticed that his moustache bears a resemblance to this bird – it consists of three parts, the left and the right wing stretched from the eagle’s (moustache’s) corpus in the middle. The Hitler’s Nest is therefore the Eagle’s Nest. Thousands of visitors come here every day to relish this captivating construction of the Third Reich.

The Eagle’s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus in German, is a bizarre construction that was built as a Hitler’s teahouse and an unparalleled high-mountain vista on the tip of the Kehlstein Mountain 1834 meters (6148 feet) above the see level and above Berchtesgaden, a cute little German city in Bavaria. Adolf Hitler received this vista on the occasion of his 50th birthday on April 20, 1939, although it had been finished a year earlier (in 1938).

Obersalzberg, where Nazi officials had their superhuman residencies and bunkers, is a mountainous region just a few miles above Berchtesgaden. Specially adjusted buses go from Obersalzberg up the serpentine road through five tunnels and climb up almost at the top of the Kehlstein Mountain.

When you look down out of a window of these special buses going up the dangerous serpentine road, you will see a big precipice and you will know for sure that any collision may bring the bus some few hundred meters down. The road is therefore closed for any public access. Falling into the precipice is your undisputable journey to death. To stand out the pain of such a perilous road, the buses have specially adapted engines and remade transmission and breaking systems. All tourists on their way up must sit in the bus. The buses operate only in the summer. However, no accident has occurred since the Kehlsteinhaus was opened to the public.

You take one of these buses at a separate bus-parking place in Obersalzberg. Your departure time is marked on the ticket. The buses leave the lower parking place at: 9.20, 9.24, 10.10, 10.35, 11.00, 11.25, 11.50, 12.15, 12.40, 13.05, 13.30, 13.55, 14.20, 14.45, 15.10, 15.35, and 16.00 (the last bus).

After they ascent the serpentine road, which ends some 800 meters higher above Obersalzberg, you will arrive at a place with a scenic view – the Kehlstein Mountain bus arrival/departure area, or an upper parking place, where you must mark your ticket with the expected return time. If you do not plan to eat anything in the restaurant on the top of the mountain, staying one hour there is enough. Then you must enter the 124-meter long tunnel at the end of which is a special Nazi brass elevator, which will take you up on the top through a 124-meter shaft in the mountain rock onto the Kehlsteinhaus vista and the Kehlsteinhaus restaurant.

The lift runs on Nazi technologies – the engine and telephone are from World War II. They work surprisingly very well because Nazi ideologists expected that the Third Reich would last one thousand years. The quality of the work is palpable. Going 41 seconds up through the rock in the lift is a little apprehensive experience, but worth the worries if you counterbalance them with the spectacular view from the top where you will see the Untersberg mountain mass and the Watzmann Mountain (the third highest mountain in Germany with 2,713 meters; the highest mountain in Germany is Zugspitze with 2,962 meters; Hochwanner is the second highest peak with 2,746 meters). If you have a nice weather like I had, you will also see Salzburg, a Mozart’s birthplace, and Königsee, a dazzling 200-meter deep lake surrounded by 2000-meter high alpine rocks.

The Documentation Center (a matchless museum of the Nazi history) was established after the year 1995 when the US Administration gave Obersalzberg back to the Bavarian Government. Till then Obersalzberg had served as a recreational area for US soldiers that had stayed in Germany after the end of World War II. However, Americans gave the Eagle’s Nest to the Bavarian Government much earlier. The allied bombing at the end of World War II did not damage the Eagle’s Nest and thanks to the intervention of former Governor Jacob, the Kehlsteinhaus was spared from being blown up after the war. In 1960, the Bavarian government regained control of the construction and since then it has stayed in the hands of a trust that ensures that all proceeds go to charity.

Unfortunately, many people do not know much about the Nazi occult beliefs. In his monologue on February 2, 1942, Hitler said that his residence in Obersalzberg – Berghof, was “Gralsburg”. This indicates a certain connection to the Holy Grail and the Templars. Just a few days before the end of war some local people reported seeing strange SS convoys that headed toward the Zillertal Alps (a mountain range on the Austrian and Italian border) where they, on their way to the Schleigeiss Glacier, allegedly buried some boxes deep in the ice somewhere near a precipice. Some esoteric authors write that the Holy Grail is here.

The buses to the Kehlsteinhaus depart from a parking place near the Obersalzberg’s Documentation Center, which stands on the ruins (all Obersalzberg was bombed at the end of World War II) of a Martin Bormann’s house. Martin Bormann was a high Nazi official who organized the construction of the Eagle’s Nest. Many bunkers are here. If you buy a ticket to the museum, some of these bunkers are accessible. The ruins of Berghof, the Hitler’s residence, can be seen after a five-minute walk going to the left when coming out of the main entrance of the Documentation Center.

The Berchtesgaden’s surroundings conceal many mysteries; few of them are associated with the Untersberg mountain mass between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg. The Untersberg is a source of otherworldly legends about underground people and dwarfs. The Templars had allegedly built their secret temple for goddess Isais here and Men of the Black Stone (DHvSS – Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein), a Germany’s secret society, allegedly organized secret meetings here. Another mystery of Berchtesgaden is a magnetic anomaly, which is similar to the one measured around the Mt. Shasta in USA and Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

You will have a wonderful spectacle of the Untersberg from the Eagle’s Nest. Hitler was obsessed with this mountain mass and always, when on the top of the Kehlstein, he watched it with telescope.

There are many reports of disappearances on the Untersberg and accounts similar to those we hear from the Bermuda Triangle – the time on people’s watches shifts, or people completely disappear.

Jim Marrs in his book The Sisterhood Of The Rose says that the Eagle’s Nest was built with secret societies’ knowledge and that its positions are not random. The 124-meter long tunnel and the 124-meter long lift shaft made in the rock must give you a hunch that the number 124 was not randomly chosen. Perhaps we stumbled upon the threshold of theomatics – a science that tries to prove that “numbers of God’s mathematics” are not random. Albeit the Nazis absolutely turned away from God with their heinous deeds, much of their occult beliefs have still remained unexposed to the public. The prediction that the Third Reich will survive one thousand years is indisputably based on a one-thousand-year kingdom of God prophesied in the Bible.

Theomatics works with the numerical interpretation of the Bible (and other holy books). This science is based upon the fact that every letter of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet has its number. 124 is thus the number for Eden. The Nazis’ purpose for digging up these primeval myths was based on their obscure occult ideas, as they believed that Eden was the first earthly garden of the Aryan race, the offshoot of which were Teutons – the first proto-Germanic tribe. Educated people know that swastika is an ancient symbol still used in Buddhism and Hinduism even today and Hitler used it because he believed that the Aryan race had used it too. The Germans, on the basis of those beliefs, sent an official expedition to Tibet and looked for ancient connections that would explain how German nation had originated. The Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft in German), named after a mythical northern country, was one of the most famous German occult groups that emerged in about the year 1911.

How to get to the Kehlsteinhaus? Berchtesgaden, a beautiful Bavarian city, is only a 45 minutes drive from Salzburg. It is also reachable by bus No. 840 and a one-hourly train from Salzburg. All buses in Berchtesgaden depart from the main bus station, which is just a few meters away from the main train station’s building. To go to Obersalzberg, take the bus No. 838 or No. 849. Then you must use one of these special buses to the Kehlsteinhaus. Good luck!

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One of the flower-candy-greeting card-industry holidays is almost upon us. Aside from lining their coffers with millions of dollars, your lover practically relies on it for getting attention, romance and sentimental gifts. But should we, as consumers, even bother?

Absolutely. The beauty of the holiday is that it presents
wonderful opportunities to send love messages to all those people who bless your life.

Traditional Valentine’s messages were simply that: simple messages. Chocolate, flowers, expensive dinners out, and extravagant gifts have evolved over time with loads of encouragement by the marketing giants in the hospitality and confectionary industries more interested in making a strong bottom line than preserving heartfelt and time-honored traditions.

That said, Rocket Mom’s Valentine’s Day recommendations:

. Do coffee in bed. A favorite love act–or at least one of them–of connoisseurs and regular folks alike.

. Send handmade love messages–from silly to sincere–to every member of your family. All artistic levels will be welcomed.

. Create heart-shaped food of any kind: pancakes, muffins, French toast, waffles, cookies, brownies….they all work.

. Treat family and friends to small treats. From handmade heart stationery to a heart-shaped box stuffed with money to a care package for your favorite college student: anything that reads: “I love you” will be treasured.

. Do something unexpected. Anyone can order flowers for special delivery. Can you stir up those creative juices? How about treating your love to a special book, accessory for his favorite hobby. Does he fly-fish? Ski? Is he a gourmet cook? Can you tryst at an out-of-town country inn? Or splurge on a new piece of furniture? Or new window treatments? How about surprising her with a bathroom remodel?

. Scatter love notes throughout the house, with family member’s
names written on envelopes and marked “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL FEBRUARY 14.”

. Hide lunchbox–or wallet–love notes all week long.

. Cook your lover’s favorite dinner. Don’t forget the candles,
cloth napkins, silver, and china. Drink only red wine. Plan it such that the kids have long ago been sent to bed.

. Take a long soak with your honey. Or give him a massage. Use your favorite oils, light the candles and give yourself plenty of time…or all night long.

. Compose a love poem. Love poems are a Valentine’s Day tradition!

. Roses remain the Valentine flower of choice. Rose re-spelled
spells Eros. Give one or give a dozen. Red.

. Chocolate. Very dark. And plenty of it.

In the end, being a faithful Valentine means looking out for the
needs and affections of those you love-and the willingness to
show it. See what small acts of kindness you can do today–and all week long–to celebrate the tradition of Valentine’s Day. The tradition of expressing your love.
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I have seen

I have sat in a woods …. On a cool fall morning, and smelt the freshly fallen leaves that become my carpet.

I have seen the circles of life exposed on a newly fallen tree and felt the cool sap on my fingers ….

Yes, I have seen.

I have lain on the damp sand and heard the ocean waves rush to shore and depart again.

I have smelled the salty and fragrant waves as I watched the sun slowly sink into ocean with a fiery orange glow and felt small in the presence of greatness.

Yes, I have seen

I have sat upon the top of a mountain on a sheet of pine needles and watched the sun arise from a distant valley. I have listened to the eagles call for me to pay attention and the wind caress my skin to show me I was experiencing a miracle …

Yes, I have seen

Yes, I have seen more than most yet less then some …

And stored each experience in my very spirit.

With countless experiences, I can recall most in vivid detail

I stored with each memory the smell, touch, feel, sound and sight

Of all I experienced

A treasure chest filled with experiences that left me breathless

Are within my reach so I can pull from it and relive the miracle

Of that day, that second of my life that enriched my being

Therefore, I can pull them out and experience them repeatedly

When a day comes upon me that is filled with strife

Or a day emerges filled with complications and emotional turbulences

I reached into the treasure chest of my life

And know I am blessed because …. I have seen

Rhiannon Waits …. 2003

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The Hawaiians say, “Maui No Ka Oi” which means “Maui Is The Best!” Having lived on the three largest Hawaiian islands and traveled to all the others which are not off limits, I wholeheartedly agree that Maui IS the best, and have chosen to live here again. You never know when you will see a double rainbow with intense colors that remind you of the magic of life.

Honolulu now has a population of over 800,000 people just in the city! Maui is a bigger island with only 180,000 residents on the whole island. There is more green space, less asphalt and development, fewer cars and much less pollution. On the Coconut Wireless I heard Maui is the most visited place on Earth. If you’ve been here, You know why! Her beauty is breathtaking.

I went snorkeling yesterday and swam with two large turtles. The biggest one was less than a foot away! I could have touched her, but chose not to disturb her silent, graceful swimming which reminded me of an angel flying.

I marveled at the warm, glorious, sunny day. The ocean was so sparkling and clear, I could see to the bottom from the beach! I was trying to think of a way to describe the color of the ocean: ultramarine blue? Azure? The beauty of the deep color itself was mind blowing!

Last week I went hiking by myself on the rim of 10,300 ft. extinct volcano Mt. Haleakala. I was so inspired I had to sit and journal my thoughts and ideas. I could see down into the crater which is ten miles across and looks like no place you have ever been except in your dreams. There were landscapes I could only imagine on the moon in shades of red, gold, pink and orange. . . and the mists rising from the crater floor. The exhilarating experience fed my soul and I walked out of there like I’d been to The Promised Land.

The sights of the ocean, sunsets, and lush tropical vegetation on Maui bring me joy daily. I decided on my own personal retreat recently that I would inform other women about the rejuvenating effect a vacation on Maui could have in their lives.

Imagine kayaking with breaching mother and baby whales! Imagine snorkeling in the wildlife fish and turtle reserves, walking on the beach, laying in the sun in complete relaxation. . . with every bit of tension flowing out of your being. . . creating a new space for new life, new ideas, and a new YOU!

If you can’t actually travel to Maui, muse about how you could create the inspiration of Maui in your life now. You could take a nearby mini-vacation in nature, put inspiring photos in your home, make a story board with pictures you cut out from magazines of the things you want most in life, or take a sea salt bath with a lit candle to regenerate your body and mind.

I hope you make time to visit Maui soon for your recreation (re-creating yourself), or find a way to bring the inspiration of Maui as a renewing force into your life at home.

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The Cayman Islands have positioned themselves as a leading world direction of the tourist diving for many years. However, today this niche is overfilled and continues to develop. Nowadays, the islands offer family vacation.

These islands are the only place of habitation of the famous blue iguanas considered among the oldest animals in the world. The local Botanical garden supports the program of preservation and protection of this specie of iguanas, the number of which, according to the conservationist organizations, is constantly decreasing. The best time for meeting iguanas is a sunny morning between 8.30 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. Iguanas of different size, skin and colour are basking in the morning sun in their cages.

In the “city of cramp-fish” shoals of cramp-fish, taught by the local fishers, gather in the shallow water and follow catamarans carrying the visitors. The guides who accompany tourists feed the animals with frozen fish, which makes them rather friendly. Adults and children can bathe together with cramp-fish. Tourists may closely approach the animals, take pictures of them and see the unusual mode of hunting of these sea creatures with their own eyes.

An educational family program, designed by Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of the famous scholar and researcher of the world ocean Jacques-Yves Cousteau), is carried out on the Big Cayman. It represents a part of the program carried out by the organization “Ocean Futures Society”. It is aimed at raising awareness of mankind, primarily children, about the life of the world ocean.

There is a new complex on the beach of Boatswain. It includes specimen of the insular culture, a sea park and a turtle farm housing 16 thousands of sea turtles of different age: starting with curious palm-sized newborns up to adult clumsy species. Nowadays, the turtle farm situated on the Big Cayman is one of few places on our planet where you can hold this rare sea creature in your hands.

Besides, this island allows you not only to rest free of charge, but also earn some money if you find several coins of 16th or 18th century. There is a legend about “The wreck of ten sailing ships”, and people really find golden coins from the Spanish galleons in the bay with the same name. Their treasures have not been found so far.
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The traditions of media coverage of sexism issues change in the late 1980s and in 1990s. One final sign of the ascendance of post-feminism in 1990s television was the decline of the primary form for representing feminism in 1980s television: the single working-woman sitcom. The longest and the most typical running shows of this type in the 1980s were holdovers from the 1980s, were King of Queens and Still Standing.

To claim, as its producers and various critics have, that Leave It to Beaver was about lifestyle, whereas All in the Family was about politics, does not necessarily detract from the sitcom’s feminist resonance for viewers. At least in media interpretations, feminism increasingly was equated with lifestyle, especially the kind of lifestyle exemplified by media star Gloria Steinem. Maude first emerged as a character on All in the Family, from which Maude was a spin-off. As Edith Bunker’s outspoken, politically liberal cousin, she was a sparring partner for the equally outspoken, stubborn, but politically conservative Archie. Maude was not an evolving feminist, feeling her way in a man’s world; rather, she appeared on the television screen as a fully formed, self-confident ideologue. Both these sitcoms had the element that was missing in post-feminist sitcoms: the so-called “female bonding” or sisterhood. Both King of Queens and Designing Women appeared to be the examples of post-family television (Shugart, Waggoner & O’Brien Hallstein, 2001).

King of Queens, Still Standing and One Day at a Time, sitcoms of 1990s, were designed strictly for white, heterosexual, middle-class women (Cancian & Ross, 2001). The sitcoms of 1990s were glorifying to female bonding and alternative family forms. That is why their radical view were combined with the analysis of the obstacles that modern women face in the world, these obstacles, by the way, were rather traditional (Shugart, Waggoner & O’Brien Hallstein, 2001). That is why such shows are post-feminist. In King of Queens, for example, the gender-related matters were analyzed like being dramatic for individual women instead of discussing them as problems of women at all.