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Chapter Nine

The Shaman

Many things during these eighteen months were developing. Yes, I hate to say but I will, all the women accept Little Bird-turtle were with child again—even Half-bird—and Toma, for some odd reason got spiritual. Now with the nineteen-members of the Assemblage he started to preach, to share his insights. And in a short period of time he was, or probably could be considered and was measured for the most part in being the world’s first Shaman; yes, yes indeed, you might say, anyone in the group might say, he was becoming the spiritualist or better yet, a medium, medicine man— in the makings; any of those terms would do, although, Little Bird-turtle, was still considered the resolving personage of issues per se, within the group: Toma, was now the one that helped with physical ailments—save for the fact, most was in their heads anyway, and so he was inadvertently doing more talking, and taking, or seemingly trying to take, the place of Little-bird, when he could.

Yes, yes indeed, it just happened that way, like that—abruptly, suddenly, overnight. He even started dancing to liven up his inner spirits, conjure up his hot blood, so he said, so he could perform his art better, get into the head of the other person—and shoo away the evil spirits, the ill winds, and the evil-eye.

Spawned with the touch of insanity or the healing abilities of God Himself, he walked as if he was now a selected servant of the gods, for poor old mortal men. What god’s he was talking about was not yet discovered, but Stern-toes had heard of the Eve God, as the one God from his brother Short-legs. But he didn’t think he was referring to Him, but maybe referring to Nature as god.

—Big-chest thought it was a bunch of crap, but he didn’t’ care one way or the other how he acted, as long as the work got down, and he didn’t’ hurt anyone, or get into his way—he also had heard about the One God that drove out two people from some invisible garden, and potential He drove in the Stone-people too, but that is as far as he knew, other than a few minor details he felt insignificant. He looked at him sometimes strangely, as if he was a little on the loony, or batty side of life [not in his right mind], with his deep set-in cheeks bones, and teeth missing, he could become quite gruesome and scary, like Jaguar-eye’s father was when he’d dance around the fire, trying to incite his people to do evil. As far as spirituality, or religion went, in attendance, there was none per se, yet, Stern-toes learned about the one God—as I have mentioned, his brother talked about [Short-legs], and so he was a bit confused when Toma started going a bit crazy, almost pretending he had an open door to the Heavenly God, and if he was His representative, then God was crazy, and Short-legs would have relayed that to him, and he didn’t so it was obvious he had the bad-spirit in him, and in a way, Stern-toes started to keep his distance from him. But Big-chest said very little as long as he would not force anyone—especially him—to dwell on his or her likings. If anything the attention Toma got, must have been comforting, and possibly that was what he was really after, episodes of attention, which were liken to: care giving, and helpfulness was what Toma was providing in a nutty way.

The Cosmic Spirit

As I said, many things were taking place during these eighteen-months, if not simply everyone testing the water to see if they had the freedom to do what they wanted to do—and wanting to be part of the big picture and if they were allowed to be; that is, a new and original civilization in a way was developing, or in the makings, and everyone was testing to see what rights they had, and responsibilities, and Big-chest had no trouble with giving them all the rights in the world, as long as they kept with their responsibilities. Not quite democratic, but not a totalitarianism either.

Having said that, Stern-toes, was not above this either, with his quick eyes, as his brother would say: taking pictures of everything around, so he created something within his mind as a new and unique experience, and drew pictures on rocks.

Stern-toes, remembered back when he was younger and he left the Garden of Eve, and he had had of course told his brother Short-legs all about his adventures while in the garden, and in turn, Short-legs told him a story about a great lizard that went into this garden, and when it came out it had no legs.

He also remembered the Stone-builders worshiping it for its wisdom. He never did believe it had wisdom, but it was a good symbol if anything. And some nights he’d look into the night and see strings of stars, they looked similar to those huge worms with no legs, lizards with no legs that is what they were. And so he was putting together in his minds-eye a symbol. Thus, he saw two things in life, and in the serpent: a blessing and a curse. Man was cursed to walked the earth, and dominate it or be dominated by it, and also, he saw that life in itself was a blessing, just to be given a chance to have lived, to have met his brother, his mother, and now these people. So if it was to be a symbol, then let it represent both sides of the egg, or should I say their or his innovative society, settlement, and the dugouts.

So he started carving on a stone, a huge rock a picture of what he called Ronin, his snake image for his people: for the King to have; when he brought it to the bonfire in the evening when all were to sit down and eat, and talk, he showed it to them, and thus, it became their first symbol.

“Awa, si,” he said with grunts and squeaks from his voice, with his hands doing more talking than him: and I shall translate:

“See, see I have created for us art, and possibly symbols for our children to remember us by.”

And each and every member hand Tattoo-woman put a tattoo on their upper part of their legs, to show one another they belonged to the Assemblage. It was of a double serpent, a twin stuck together; and as Stern-toes tried to explain [translated]:

He hummed somewhat: “Hmmm, this is for us.”

Life would continue to be a hardship, and there would be moments of merriment, but for the most part, when in the valley of bliss, it is usually short lived, and so he told himself to grab onto his life, and to share this moment of unity with his people, and they all loved it, even Big-chest. If anything it was a distraction for the group, a testimony they were all still united, all one, and one for all: the journey was taking a long time and where and when they’d stop was up to Big-chest, even though he felt he was not smart enough to lead at times, he was cleaver enough not to let anyone know this, and cleaver enough to take in information from others, and he had senses better than most for survival: and in his mind’s eye, he’d know when it was time to stop.

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Chapter Ten

Building of the Slay
[To Hudson Bay]

The Sleigh
[Rock-art, by Stern-toes]

It was coming to the end of the eighteenth month of their trip, at which time they had decided to stay within this area [forty-four months since they had left the Valley of the Caves]. They started thinking about creating a big sled to carry their things over the glaciers that remained ahead of them. Also Little Bird-turtle kept up the language classes she was teaching, had started to teach that is, and all were communicating quite well now, if not by gestures, by words and sounds, and expressions: for in all, it was quite natural for her to teach: she was cleaver enough to pick up things from Stern-toes and Big-chest, and even the Eskimos, putting them together here and there, and added one language to them (or one language within a lopsided language to start)) creating a language you could say)), with several more symbols so each one could retrieve them out of observation— empirical data you might say.

New Styles of Language

It was during the last few days before they got ready to take their adventure to another level, when Big-chest had a dream-vision, he saw a fortress half built in the middle of a wooded area, a great open area below the glaciers, an area that was somewhat tucked into, or tucked in-between two glaciers. The original inhabitants had moved out of this area except for one white man remaining, an old, very old white man at that, and he was waiting for him—waiting for Big-chest to arrive. He told Toma and Little Bird-turtle about this vision quest, and they marveled at how he was willing to share his information, in such a trusting manner. And both told the rest of the group, and all gave their word they would follow him until he found this particular spot; now they had a destination which enlightened them, and there would be finality to this ongoing migration. Big-chest never knew loyalty, but he felt for once in his life, like a leader, a king, and also obligated to give it to his people in return.

For several months, the group killed wild game to create a huge slay, using much of their skins, such as from the reindeer hunts, Toma and Tundra had. Yes, like brothers they’d chase the relative large game across the tundra, and parts of the glaciers until they crippled the beast, killed it, and then ate it, along with skinning it. But as close as the two brothers were, Tundra knew something was changing, this is, Toma was always feeling the pull of, Toornag (as he called the Evil Spirits) away as he’d kill the animals. He seemed sometimes to be more into their diabolical world more than the reality of the hunt—if anything, in a way he was being looked upon as animal-dumb by the others, and even his brother; Jaguar-eyes was disturbed of this also, for his father was much in the vein of that.

Bear hunting was kept to a minimum during the following weeks and months, but there was the love of bear meat among the Eskimos. Tundra had refined his spear to look more harpoon like now, and it seemed to kill the bears easier, if not quicker, that was with Jaguar-eyes assistance in the knowledge he learned by the Stone-builders of Mesopotamia—thus using knowledge from two minds, a better weapon was produced

Forty-four months
Of Isolation

[Behavior within the group,
And what others thought about others]


Jaguar-eyes like all the rest, was becoming restless within the group; on one hand, liking the security of one place, yet knowing they’d have to leave, and Big-chest made everyone feel safe, so the world outside the group was becoming impossible to conceive to live without, kind of like National Socialism. He often questioned why Big-chest would cheat on his beautiful young wife for a less beautiful woman. Yet he was not taking anyones inventory, he did the same, yet his wife was not necessarily as beautiful as his, or as young.


Little Bird-turtle’s sister was Half-bird, at this juncture of the trip she had lost one child, and was now with child again. The routine of life in the camp seemed natural and she tried to make the best of it; she was optimistic for the most part. She was concerned about Toma, as were many others, yet she sensed she’d hurt her sister for they both had a seers quality, and she was his rival. Yet she seemed to have a second insight, feeling or sensing, in the back of Toma’s mind was a cloud of despair. For herself, she had her high points of despair also, over the loss of a child, but it was more sadness and wanting revenge, not a disorder type illness, not like Toma’s. She’d find herself daydreaming often, actually picturing herself in a tree with a big rock waiting for the three-headed beast-dog to come by, and she’d drop it. She never figured how she got that five-ton rock up that tree, but then in dreams you can do most anything.

Toma &

In their limited language, said Tattoo-woman to Toma [Tr. *for translated]:

“You’re very quiet tonight Toma dear,” she was a sexual deviant like Big-chest was, and to a certain degree still is [at this point of the story anyhow], but she was more cunning than he in this area.

“You’re not happy about something?” she questioned.

Said he, as if in a lost tower of reality, who could in a blink of an eye take everyone with him, should he kill himself (for it is clear with some people, as with Toma, you do not know what disaster lies beyond that face):

“Of course not; I say look at these inspirited filled beasts.” Toma dreaded conversations now, unless they were one-sided, his side for the most part, and Tattoo-woman catered to that, even though it was fairly new for her.

Some kind of unholy spiritualism seemed to have had taken over his personality and everyone were lambs to him, thus, just waiting to be saved or slain. He even got to the point he didn’t like anything dead around him very long, like flowers, or even meat. He was eating more greenery now, when possible.

Little Bird-turtle

‘Red Roses tell you of Love,’ a song once played in the mist of disaster, and, as if it was the last thirst of life, eerie as it may sound, Little Bird-turtle was happiest of the lot. And each day she’d walk along the cliffs and look for eggs and rush back to the Assemblage and give them to Big-chest, whom would give them to one of the girls for dinner. In-between, she counseled the women, and listened to the couples as they found complaints amongst themselves, she would (unknowingly perhaps) point out their blind spots, things others may see within your behavior, but you don’t. She was for the most part, shielded from the megalomaniac pressures of the world outside the Assemblage; and she had a way with language. She could make out the zigzagging sounds people were trying to make words out of and translated them into a tongue-language, as she called it. She had heard about Big-chest’s wild days, of how human life or any life meant nothing to him, as monomaniac as anyone could be. And here he was, the leader of all: did not life touch him she asked herself. Yet he had the famous gaze, he’d look you right in the eyes; harmless he may be in meeting him, calm and quiet voiced, but thunder and lightening was behind that waxed-masked face of his, so she told herself.


Stern-toes liked the bonfires at night. Warm they were to his body, and soothing. Plus he liked his free time, thinking time away from all, even his wife. He’d lay by the fire, his abode not faraway, watch the flickering of it, the fire flapping and furling about, as the night would go on; as folks approached him, he’d pretend he was half asleep so they’d not bother him and go to the other side of the fire; half curled up like a fetus. In fear of Tattoo-woman sweeping him up in the middle of the night, his wife would wake him, chase him back into their dugout, reluctantly.

His wife saying [Tr.]:

“Yes, Stern-toes, I dare say, I don’t understand you,” then often he’d fall to sleep as he continued on trying to get his attention. Oh, but the whims of the Tattoo-woman was most famous within the Assemblage.


Pekingg-girl noticed most couples quarreled, and quarreled in a harsh way they could. She tried to imagine why, for she didn’t. Perhaps she had said to herself: ‘It’s simply too outrageous,’ she had remembered enough of her mother’s wisdom not to get Big-chest mad. He also knew she was in her mid-twenties, middle-life, if not a tinge later for most women of the day.

Pekingg-girl gazed outside her abode, child in hand, gazed at Big-chest a ways away talking to a few of the group members, his ugly face floated before her, his forehead being slopped back and having locking edges to its sides; dark-brown eyebrows, jaw heavy, a slant to it, hands like rocks. And his neck was as round as her waist.

For some reason at times she’d hopelessly cry, possibly to get out the strain of the trip; she would stand if need be, in the rain, she stood still, desolate, ungainly, Big-chest started to notice this in her, and would walk back to her, put his hands on her light shoulders, not too heavily. And he knew at that point, she wanted attention, often to make love, and she like that, but he sometimes was too forceful, and his weight would almost suffocate her, He made love, she told herself, like burning wood, like wood on top of wood burning through her. But it was his way, and she ha taught him some things, as to take it slower, enjoy the gift of sex. Big –chest did not lack the spark, only the harness.

prior to their leaving their previous long staying hamlet by the ocean front, they captured the wolf family (the very one that had killed Half-bird’s child) along with several other wolfs, thereabouts—the very ones that had three heads I must add, but they needed them all to be quite honest about it, all for pulling of the sled; the three-headed beast was the leading dog, for the other dogs; they even devised harnesses for them all, and their family.

The sled was made up of all natural animal items, such as: the skin of the bear and walrus and deer. And the hair of the reindeer used for tying things; nothing was made out of wood (only used for fire), for there were no nails, all fastened together with bones, and ivory, as was the: skis under the sled, that were used to slide across the surface of this Arctic land, slide along the snow and ice much better then walking and carrying their furnishings; and oil from the whale was used to wax it, and all sorts of uses came from the walrus, even his bones were used. Everything was tightly put together, and the wolves were used to pull—as mentioned— across the Arctic onto and into the Pole region, as the rest of the group pushed behind, or walked along side.

When they left their site, it was when the warm winds seemed to break the ice to little square pieces and now Hudson Bay was just ahead of them.

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