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Ok, before you start thinking this is about cross dressing, or some lingerie fantasy, let me say it is NOT. I believe men need body-stockings designed for men. Many of us are familiar with body-stockings for women, but, no one has designed any specifically for men. Why do men need body-stockings? In one word, warmth.

I own a lingerie and biker gear shop. An electrician once purchased a large quantity of crotch-less turtle neck body-stockings from me. Fairly plain stockings, no real frills. I was naturally curious as to why. He works outside in the cold all day, and wearing body-stockings under his clothes helped him stay warm, and were quite comfortable. This was not the first time someone had told me that. I used to just laugh at the idea. I could just see these macho guys wearing panty hose. In reality, these are not panty hose, they are full body stockings. I ride my motorcycle year round, so any trick to keeping warm interested me. So I tried it.

Now, I admit trying them on for the first time made me feel a little uneasy. I am no sissy, I am very comfortable in my manhood. Yet, I was a little weary of anyone finding out I was wearing them. I put the rest of my gear on and went bike riding. It worked. I was I was noticeably warmer with them on. I have used long johns before, but these were better. I could even wear these under my long johns for an additional layer of protection from extreme cold.

I was not quite ready to go around boasting that I wear crotch-less body-stockings. I wore them all that winter, and the only one that knew it, was my lady. Spring came and I put my stockings away. Summer past and I wasn’t even thinking about them any more. Fall came, and I stocked up on winter wear for my shop. I ordered more of the body-stockings than I normally would have, I knew I would be wearing them.

At first, when shoppers started purchasing winter riding gear, I would recommend the stockings to the gals, but, not the guys. I have to admit, I was afraid of tarnishing my macho reputation. Granted half my shop was lingerie and clubwear, but that was because of my fiance. I had to become knowledgeable about lingerie so I could assist customers. I had gotten used to talking to women about how lingerie should enhance what they have. I have what would have once been, embarrassing conversations with women on a daily basis. I was now comfortable with that. Then why was I afraid to recommend body stockings to guys?

One day, I took the plunge. A couple that have purchased from our shop a number of times in the past, came in to buy some leather mask for riding. They both loved riding their bikes, and were looking for a way to stay warm for winter riding. I told her about the stockings, and even told him he should wear them too. I may have even blushed as I mentioned that I wear them and they keep me warm. With a nod of approval from his lady, he decided to get a set for himself and give it a try.

Three or Four days later, they came in to buy more stockings. He said I was right, he was definitely warmer wearing the stockings. That was the ice breaker, from then on I began recommending the stockings to men for winter riding. It would always come down to me looking them square in the eyes and telling them that I wear them, and I find them to be a great benefit. In fact, I was wearing them at that very moment.

There were still some guys that would scoff at the idea. Some came around around when they found out their friends were wearing them.

The biggest problem in getting men to accept body-stockings is in the packaging, and design. If they would make them for men, and place them in a masculine package, then men would feel more comfortable purchasing them.

I wish they would design them with a fly, no lace, and a very tight weave. A picture of a construction worker or biker would help, as long as it didn’t start looking like a Village People promotion. Maybe even make them in a camouflage pattern. I have requested that from some of my suppliers, and we will see if they have the vision to act on it. I think the first ones to do so, will profit a great deal.

There are a lot of construction workers that have to be exposed to the cold a lot. A lot of bikers that want to ride in winter. A lot of hunters sitting in the cold waiting on game. Maybe I should just invent the things myself. If I had the recourses, I would.

Hey, I even noticed that the stockings help make my tush and belly look better. If you have a fellah that works in the cold, these would make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. (pun intended)

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For girls, friends mean connection and validation and when a girl wants to hurt another, the deepest wound she can cause is to cut off that friendship. The technical term is called relational aggression more popularly known as “mean girls.” Often though, the mean girl was a best friend just yesterday! Relational aggression is behavior that is intended to isolate or exclude through refusing to speak, spreading gossip, starting rumors, aggressive body language, eye rolling, and mean stares. If you daughter is the victim, here are five ways you can support her:

Avoid minimizing. Parents often underestimate the depth of pain losing a friendship can cause. They respond with minimizing comments like, “Just ignore her,” or “Girls will be girls.” These empty platitudes do not help your daughter solve her problem and make her feel you don’t understand, resulting in her keeping things from you. Coach, don’t solve. You may be tempted to step in and save your daughter by calling the other girl’s parents or visiting the school. But, every time you solve a problem your daughter should be handling, you rob her of the opportunity to learn valuable social skills. You also convey that you don’t believe she’s capable, eroding self-confidence. Instead, ask what she wants to do and coach her in the skills she needs to do it. Role play. If your daughter wants to talk to the other girl, offer to role play the conversation. Don’t tell her what to say, just allow her to think through the conversation. Give her feedback on how she’s coming across and encourage her to think through the worst-case scenario. Remind her all conversations need to be face-to-face (no texting!) and in private. Encourage personal development. Girls who define themselves only by their friends fall hard if those relationships falter. Help girls pursue personal interests and hobbies that they can use to build confidence. Require one hour (at least) of technology-free time daily so that she’s not tempted to become consumed with online gossip and is forced to do something else. Teach social skills. Assertive communication and conflict resolution are skills that need to be taught. Eye contact, posture, voice tone, word choice, and listening skills are all necessary to build healthy friendships. If you need help teaching your daughter, seek a counselor who specializes in social skills for girls. Or encourage her to participate in a group like Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. that teaches positive skills in a small group environment. Learn more about the program and facilitator guide by visiting http://www.susanfee.com

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Recently, I moved back to the city where I spent my childhood, grew up, and developed into who I am today. I’ve discovered that in our formative years, we become a sum of all the influences in our lives, including our friends. For me, I learned the value of friendships, particularly girlfriends. I grew up only having brothers, and so my girlfriends filled the void of sisterhood.

My circle of gal pals from high school and I have stayed in touch over the past thirty-three years and saw each other once a year when I came back for a visit. Recently, after I got settled into my new home, I invited them over for dinner. We reminisced about times gone by, marriages, children, aging parents, our personal triumphs and struggles, and where we are today. As I quietly observed my friends, I noticed all the similarities we shared physically: We all have the few extra pounds around our waists and rear ends that all women our age complain about, we all color our hair, and we all spend vast amounts of money to look good. In fact, the 50’s among my group are looking pretty darn good.

The next time we got together, it was a perfect summer evening, and we decided to take in the sights and sounds of the city while driving in my friend’s convertible. It felt as if we were seventeen again, out cruising for a good time. This was really bliss, living now for the moment and not caring if our hair was messed and our makeup less than perfect and not looking for where the boys were hangin’ out. We were just having fun in our own skin, laughing, and doing what girlfriends do – talking, sharing, and laughing.

I’ve really come to cherish these women and all of the joy they bring to my life.

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It’s officially time to spring clean. Not because it’s officially spring. Heck. We got another four inches of snow dumped on us last week. And temperatures still hover in the teens. But last week’s Newsletter raised the issue and prompted an onslaught of emails in response. Moms out there who are rolling up their sleeves and attacking cabinets, closets and drawers with fury. And it was the topic of discussion at our Rocket Mom Society meeting Tuesday night…and those moms are holding each one of us accountable. I even got a phone call with a request for where to send all of that cleaned-out “fluff”! (See details below). So strategies for slaying Fluff the Magic Dragon were addressed head-on. And lively discussion followed.

Three days later, I received Bunny Williams’s new best-selling book “An Affair with a House” as a birthday gift. Talk about juxtaposition! Just when I was walking through every room of my house pondering how, exactly, I could pare down, Bunny’s two-hundred-plus page tome stared at me in the face, begging for a good read. This beautifully-illustrated book chronicles the thirty-year journey of Bunny and her antiques-dealer husband’s conversion of a century-old house into a home. Pretty incredible. Not only is every single room in “Manor House” filled with stuff, but buildings scattered though-out the compound are literally loaded to the gills, too.

Now, I certainly can’t knock Bunny. She’s obviously struck a chord with readers, as her book has catapulted to the top of best-seller lists and book clubs everywhere. Who am I to argue with success? And I can’t knock her vision or her passion, either. I love the whole vision meets passion meets courage meets energy thing in any person. But I admit to almost not buying it because of its title alone. Any book named an affair with any ‘thing’ is a fairly good clue that the value system of the author might be different than my own. And while I admit that it’s certainly better than “An Affair with a Neighbor,” for example, it’s obvious from the first word that this is someone who takes her “stuff” very seriously.

Bunny certainly has a beautiful life. She has built a beautiful world with beautiful taste and beautiful things. The fact that she has seemingly unlimited funds at her disposal as well as a head gardener (“head” implies team) as well as the absence of the pitter-pattering of little feet prompts a knee-jerk reaction of “As if….”

But there are some lessons from Bunny, and because it’s the “spring-cleaning season” and because some of us are still struggling with getting our acts together, and because you may very well hear about her book, here are seven points to ponder on “creating a beautiful life” that I gleaned from her book:

1) Take time to entertain friends and family.

Seems like Bunny has this well under control. Easier said than done when one doesn’t have small kids running underfoot. But my hat is off to anyone who is willing to open up home and hearth as freely and generously as does she. She has been blessed with abundance, filling houses and barns to overflowing, and she shares it graciously with others.

2) Take time to garden.

Even if the only space you have allocated for such is a sunny spot outside your window for container gardening, allow yourself this small indulgence. We’ve lived on our new home for two years, and have yet to design the garden of my dreams. Bunny has several carefully-planned gardens and she took her time with each one, first allowing the land to speak for itself before she settled into a grand plan for it. Give yourself the luxury of time, if that’s what you need, as I certainly do.

3) Take time to sit.

Seems like Bunny does a lot of this, too. Lemonade on the patio. Coffee on her balcony. Iced tea in the garden while listening to the birds. I admit to being a lousy sitter. And I imagine that if you’re chasing toddlers or working full-time while running a household, you may have a hard time with this, too. But I’m really going to try doing a little more of that.

4) Take time to cook.

Few things are more difficult for me than getting dinner on the table. (Stay tuned for a Rocket Mom Society meeting when Chef Silvia will share her secrets on this one!) And Bunny admits to doing none of the cooking; it’s an area taken over by her husband. So, OK, this is a dream world. But preparing meals on the weekend, especially during the spring and summer months when al fresco dining is possible, seems much more do-able, and she includes a few recipes for doing just that. Look through some of your favorite cookbooks and find a few menus that suit you and your family well, and stick to those. Or experiment freely if you prefer living a more spontaneous lifestyle.

5) Take time to edit.

Only bring those things into your home that you really like. If it doesn’t “speak to you,” sell it or give it away. Chances are, it’ll mean something to someone else and the world will be better for you having shared it.

6) Take time to grow some of your own food.

Whether it’s tomatoes or lettuce—or fresh organic eggs from your own chickens (Bunny has a chicken coop and aviary, too)—there is nothing quite like home-grown produce. A friend of mine built a chicken house for his wife; their young son tends it. They love the idea of teaching their family the cycle of life…that eggs come from chickens rather than cardboard boxes from the grocery store. Granted, this elevates conviction to a level unclaimed by most of us, but it’s an idea worth exploring. And it has certainly inspired me to at least set out some basil and tomatoes this year.

7) Take time to reflect.

While Bunny’s twelve-acre Connecticut compound is over-the-top by anyone’s description, she has certainly done a fine job of deliberating on her lifestyle. She proceeds with confidence on everything from entertaining houseguests to decorating the barn to stocking the pantry to lining up her table linens. She has taken time to reflect on the way in which she wants to infuse beauty into her everyday life, and I applaud her for that. Like creating happy childhoods for your children, beauty doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to think about it and plan for it. Granted, sometimes serendipity sneaks in. And thankfully so. But reflection is a good thing.

The success and elevation of the likes of Bunny Williams’s (and Martha Stewart’s, Rachel Ray’s and others’ for that matter) work on the homefront certainly seals the fact that women everywhere are yearning for domestic direction. Given that none of these famous folks are dealing with young children— or obvious budgetary constraints—makes it difficult for most of us rocket moms to relate. The challenge—and quite frankly, the fun!—is figuring out how to take the best ideas and translate them into realistic ones for your home and your family. A life-long process, to be sure.

And be ever-mindful that materialism is a relative concept. Remember that you are blessed beyond measure with what you have: health, family, friends, food, clothing and shelter. And that becoming your best and making the best of what has been entrusted to you should be your focus.

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If you are one of those people who like to enjoy their Christmas Holidays by staying at home with a bowl of popcorn and watching movies, then there is good news for you. Many DVDs are being released this Holiday season, and the best thing is that they are from all the genres. So, you will have a variety of choices available while picking your DVDs.

If you are an enthusiast of movies with Christmas themes, you are in for a treat because the DVDs of three Christmas movies are going to be released this November. These include This Christmas, The Perfect Holiday and Fred Claus. All three of these movies were released in theatres last year. Sony has decided to release DVDs of This Christmas and The Perfect Holiday because both were box office hits, and fans were waiting for the DVDs to be released. Fred Claus received mixed reviews when it was released last year.

If you are in the mood for watching a Christmas film that is sentimental and humorous at the same time, then you can get the DVD for this movie. This movie is, however, a good one for children. If you want to watch a romantic comedy with a Christmas theme, there is All She Wants For Christmas, the DVD for which is being released this November.

For those who want a little thrill and adventure during the holidays, there is Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian in which the Pevensie siblings revisit Narnia and once again take up the task of restoring the land’s rightful king. If you want to experience genuine action, thrills and adventure, you should get the DVD of The Dark Knight which is an unforgettable and complex action adventure. The DVD is going to be released in December. If you are an Angelina Jolie fan and want to watch her in action, you can watch Wanted which is a fast-paced thriller full of special effects – and you won’t be bored for a minute.

If you liked the comedy series Get Smart which parodied spies and spy shows, you can now get the movie Get Smart on DVD. The DVD is to be released in November. This movie is charmingly funny and is very likely to get more than a few laughs out of you. For those who want more comedy, there is Kung Fu Panda which has a mix of humour and Martial arts. The movie has the ability to please children and young adults equally, and the DVD is due to be released this November.

In case you are in the mood for a light hearted movie, you should watch Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2. The movie portrays the adventures of four friends and the friends’ chemistry with each other. There are many more DVDs being released this Christmas. Among the ones being released in November are Henry Poole is Here, Wall E, Tropic Thunder and Meet Dave. In December X-Files: I Want to Believe, The Mummy: Tomb of Dragon Emperor and The House Bunny are going to be released on DVD.

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Do Girls Secretly like Anal Sex?

Okay, hang on a second. If we liked it, why would we keep that a secret? Do we pretend not to like oral sex? No, we’re pretty open about the things we want more of. Anal sex is generally not one of them. That said, some girls do like anal sex. But don’t make an uneducated guess and then go careering in there: if she’s up for it she’ll let you know.

Are there any Chat Up lines that Actually Work?

Apart from ‘Would you like a lift home in my yacht?’ you mean? No. Maybe not even that one.

How Do I know whether a Girl who’s Flirting with me is Really Interested in Me?

If she’s flirting with you, she probably is interested in you. The trick, though, is to figure out whether she’s flirting with you or with someone else. She may be telling you her wittiest jokes and fluttering her lashes, but directing her show-off behavior elsewhere. Watch her eyes. Is she maintaining eye contact with you or does she glance at another guy from time to time? It’s called flirting by proxy: not wanting to look as though she’s throwing herself at the man she actually fancies, she works hard to make it appear that you are enthralled with her, hoping he’ll take some interest.

Of course, she may not be flirting at all. It may be that she’s just being nice. Flirting comes with body language such as twiddling her hair, leaning in to touch you or touching her mouth. Smiling or laughing at your jokes is probably not enough for you to think she’s after you.

Why do Women Wear Makeup to look Natural? Doesn’t that defeat the Purpose?

It takes a lot of work to look natural. Natural, that is, in the way Jessica Alba looked in Into The Blue. If the word ‘natural’ makes you think of a dewy-complexioned girl with tousled hair, then we’re sorry to say you’re part of the problem. To look ‘natural’, it takes a foundation that covers spots and pigmentation flaws – not easy to find or to apply. And a blusher that makes you look as though you’ve just been for a short jog and got a bit of a healthy glow – also not easy to find or apply. Then your lips shouldn’t look as though they’ve had color applied to them but should look healthy, moist and girlishly pink.

Looking natural is harder, in fact, than looking made-up. The real natural – that is, with no makeup – often means cracked lips, dark rings under the eyes, spots, pale cheeks and scraggly hair. You wouldn’t like that any more than we would.

Why do Girls go to the Bathroom in Groups?

To talk about you: We can’t do that in front of you. And we do talk about you. There is a fair chance that your girlfriend’s mates know more about you than you do. The need to talk about you is heightened when you are new on the scene and your words and behavior need interpreting: ‘What do you think he meant when he said he liked my shoes? Was he looking at my legs, or is he gay?’ You know, that sort of thing.

To share makeup: Yes, we may each have our own but the lip gloss in the other handbag is always shinier. It’s also handy to have a friend around to help in case of a hairstyle that won’t cooperate.

There’s safety in numbers: A girl surrounded by friends on her way to the bathroom is more easily rescued from a middle-aged drunk trying to hit on her.

Just so you know, we don’t actually go into toilet cubicles together. The group activities are reserved for around the mirror. Men’s bathrooms aren’t really designed for interaction. If you don’t keep your eyes straight ahead, you risk being labeled a peeper. So you don’t chat. We get that. We’re okay with it.

Why do you own a 20x Magnification Mirror so you can Squeeze Spots that are Invisible to the Naked Eye?

Grooming is a habit most animals share. It has its evolutionary basis in staying hygienic and free from disease. Birds nibble at their feathers even though they look pretty clean to us; chimpanzees pick fleas off one another. (Which is why, once we’ve known you long enough, we may try to squeeze your spot or take out our tweezers to sort out your eyebrows.) When we pick at our skin we’re giving in to an ancient biological urge. We’re not sure when you lost interest in detailed cleaning. We think it might have happened during the rugby.

What’s the Worst thing a Guy Could do During Sex?

There are, in fact, many ‘worst’ things a guy could do during sex. Going offside without any warning is never good. (And, no, we don’t believe it was an accident.) Calling her the wrong name is also not good. Especially if the name you called her was of the male variety. While doing her doggy style. Ejaculating in her mouth without any warning is not great. Ejaculating in her eye without warning is even worse.

Do Girls have a Preference: Circumcised vs Uncircumcised?

Many medical practitioners consider a circumcised penis to be easier to clean. We like clean. And, in all honesty, there is something slightly better-looking about a penis that has been chopped. But when it comes to sex, it really doesn’t make a difference – especially once your guy has been wrapped up in a condom! This is one question you boys shouldn’t worry yourselves too much about. We’re more likely to be looking at length than how it is or isn’t cloaked. Which leads us to the next question….

Can a Guy be too Big?

Yes. There, we’ve said it. Girls have been known to place a ‘No room at the inn’ sign down there after being blind-sided by a giant erection. But if you know how to use it you can make it work – no matter what your size. (Our bodies are capable of pushing 3kg babies through that passageway. Trust us, no guy could ever be that big). So if you are generously endowed, be gentle with your woman. The first time you have sex, don’t just spring it out of your tighty whities – move your clothed body against her so that she knows what she’s getting herself into. Make sure she’s well lubricated. No, really well lubricated. Then move into her softly and slowly. Take your time. You’ll soon feel her relaxing.

Is Sexy Lingerie Uncomfortable?

Imagine a swollen piece of dental floss riding between your bum cheeks all day long. Now ask us that question again. Yes, sexy lingerie is uncomfortable. Not all the time. But a lot of the time. The aforementioned G-string is just one example. That lace camisole-and-briefs set you so enjoy seeing us in? Guess what? Lace scratches. That suspender belt we wear discreetly under our skirt while living out your naughty-librarian fantasy? The clips dig into our skin when we sit. But, despite the discomfort, sexy lingerie makes us feel… well, sexy. So we continue to wear it. Just maybe not as often as you’d like.

Why do Women Expect us to ‘Make the First Move’?

Because our mothers told us that, deep down, men are hunters and that the very notion of the prey stalking him might scare that big brave predator and cause him to scuttle off for the shelter of his cave.

Also, because of the book He’s Just Not That Into You (Simon Spotlight Entertainment). The theory goes that if a guy is interested in a girl, he’ll pounce. Sooner rather than later.

And because of our history: if we like you we want it to work and making the first move might not have worked the last time we tried, because of the reasons we’ve explained above.


Why do Women Obsess over Something as Insignificant as Eyebrows?

If eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the … Tuscan shutters? No, wait. That came out wrong. Let’s just say eyebrows are not insignificant. They are hugely important. We pluck our eyebrows to shape them perfectly to complement our eye and face shape. We pencil them in so that they appear slightly darker and thus more dramatic. It makes perfect sense to us. What’s the problem?

Why do Women get Angry with us After they’ve Dreamt that we did Something Wrong?

A pre-emptive strike may make you think twice before you do something unworthy of both of us, the next time you’re out with those reprobates you call your friends in some sordid lap-dancing club.

How Much do a Man’s Looks Really Matter to a Woman?

It depends. If we’re looking for bedroom exercise, we won’t say no to rugged good looks. But when choosing The Real Thing we tend to go for someone we feel confident and comfortable with. So, if you’re so good-looking that we fear you won’t stick around, we might call you a Ken doll to our friends and choose someone who thinks we are extremely hot.

Are Girls Uncomfortable with Dirty Talk?

If you’re good at it, you might be pleasantly surprised at the response. But can you afford to take the risk? Get it wrong and we might laugh out loud … or hit you. (Bad wrong – as opposed to funny wrong – involves anything to do with our mothers, misogyny, violence or… pets.)

Why do Girls Stay Friends with Girls they don’t Trust?

We believe in the sisterhood and we hope for the best with our boyfriends. It takes us a while to believe that their motives may not be honorable.

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Gymnastics is a popular sport that involves a sequence of movements performed by skilled gymnasts. It requires considerable strength and flexibility. Gymnastics as a sport developed from the fitness exercises of ancient Greek soldiers. Leotard is a garment worn by gymnasts that enables easy workouts. It was made famous by the French acrobatic performer, Jules Léotard who apparently called the garment a maillot.

Gymnasts require a very comfortable garment to perform their skills. The leotard is an ideal skin-tight, one-piece garment that fulfills this purpose. It is a standard uniform of gymnasts around the world and is designed with many attractive patterns and colors. It is similar to a full piece swimsuit. Made from a stretchable material, leotards are helpful in performing jumps and various other sequences that involve flexible movements. It covers a gymnast’s torso and body, and generally leaves their legs free for flexible movements. A variation of this garment is the unitard that covers the legs. Trained men and women gymnasts regularly wear them in gymnastics practices and competitions. The leotard is an important part of a gymnast’s gear that helps them compete professionally in national and international events.

There are different designs of leotards. Scoop-necked leotards have wide neck openings and are held in place by the elasticity of the garment. There are others that are crew-necked or turtle-necked and close at the back of the neck with a zipper or snaps. There are also sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved varieties of leotards.

There are several types of gymnastics, such as the artistic, rhythmic, trampoline and tumbling and sports gymnastics. Leotards are designed for different types of gymnastics. Gymnasts usually wear a different leotard for each routine. The leotard has to fit with the color of the apparatus and the style of the music. Leotards are made of elastic material, such as lycra or velours.

There are a number of sportswear companies that manufacture leotards with extensive designs and styles. They conduct extensive research on the requirements of gymnasts before designing them. These companies offer premium quality leotards at prices that are affordable. Many companies also offer an online ordering service for leotards with discounted rates.

Over a period of time, leotards have undergone many changes in their style, color and pattern. The material used in the making of leotards is today more comfortable than used in earlier times. There are new and attractive designs of gymnastic leotards in various ranges and this allows a gymnast to experiment with various styles before finally settling on a leotard design that suits them best.
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They grow on dead organic matters and the area essentially needs to be humid for molds to grow and intensify. Molds are ubiquitous; they are present everywhere. The problem begins when they grow inside your home. Molds are allergens; high mold density inside your home or office can make you sick.

Mold spores and hyphal fragments are responsible for health problems. These allergens are so small in size that they are not at all visible to unaided eye. Being small in size they are spread by air or indoor ventilation system and can reach to any part of your home.

Room temperature is ideal for mold growth and sporulation. They can withstand cooler weather and wait for right conditions for life. They stay dormant through out the winter and spring and become active again in summer. Among different types of molds and mildews, only few are allergens.

Places where molds are found commonly:

Mold colonies are observed to migrate around humid and damp areas of your home or office. Bathroom and basement are the two places very much susceptible to mold infection. Any other damp place like the wall around kitchen sink, the area surrounding a leak, window siding, carpet are also reported to get infected with molds and mildews frequently.

When mildews and molds grow over the surface, it is easy to arrest the growth. Hidden mold growth is very dangerous. They do not give any clue and spread silently. Then suddenly you see an overwhelming mold growth in your home and you start searching what kills mold.

When molds grow on areas like back side of wallpaper, the lower surface of rugs, carpets and floorboards and behind sidewalls and tiles, it becomes difficult to trace them. Mold inspection helps find the exact location of mold growth. If molds are not identified timely, they not only become health hazardous, but damage your building and properties as well.

Common symptoms of mold allergy:

Exposure to mold can lead to serious health problems. However, the degree of allergic response depends on the immune system of individuals. Common symptoms of mold allergy are runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes with itching sensation, dermatitis, coughing and wheezing, headache, chest congestion, respiratory troubles and many others. Situation goes worse for immunocompromised people.

Some mold species produce mycotoxins which are harmful to human beings. Black mold exposure or ingestion of black mold infested food can lead to diarrhea, flu like symptoms and hay fever.

Mold cleaning – toxic black mold removal:

If your home is damp or there is plumbing problem somewhere in the house, chances of mold growth are very high. You need to be careful all the time about potential mold growth if you do not repair the leak or perform the essential construction work to remove the dampness.

If you are residing in humid subtropical or humid region, you have to deal with molds regularly. Since molds prefer humid environment, countries and states that are naturally humid, are the most favorite dwelling place for molds and mildews.

During your continuous battle against molds and mildews, natural cleaning products are very useful. Organic mold remover does not contain chemicals or fumes. Hence they are safe for health and do not pose any health threats. Kill mold spray is useful to remove hidden mold growth.

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There are not that many people left that you tell you about the severe consequences that many people in the Midwestern United States suffered when there was a drought there that lasted for quite few years during the first third of the twentieth century. People everywhere had to watch as their farmlands literally dried up and turned to dust blowing in the wind. It was almost like a phenomenon. Year after year these farmers waited for relief from the dustbowl that their lands had become.

This past year the Midwestern states have had anything but a drought. They were continuously drenched week after week and instead of their fields and towns drying up, quite the opposite was true. Everywhere you looked in state after state there were fields of new crops that were flooded beyond salvation. This is one year when they were praying that the rain would just stop for a while.

Now it is Southeastern states that have experienced droughts over the past several years and they still have not had much relief. Although it seems that most states have received a little more rainfall than they did last year, places like Georgia are still behind in their rainfall amounts. These droughts for the past few years have caused streams, lakes, and even some river flows to all but dry completely up. Many residents have experienced severe water shortages and tourist spots like Lake Lanier in Georgia have suffered because of the low water levels.

When states suffer severe droughts like those that have occurred lately, many times limits or bans are placed on outdoor water usage. This is to help ensure that there will be enough drinking water and water that is needed for more important things than washing cars and watering lawns. Georgia even tried to have the state line redrawn where it meets Tennessee to have access to more water. Georgia also wanted to stop allowing so much water to flow down stream into Florida.   Memphis Homes have been affected.

You know things are bad when states want to start shifting around borders of one state to another and limit the amount of natural water flow from there state into another. Northern California has considered the same thing to limit the amount of water that flows downstream in their state down to Southern California. It has to be really bad when one part of a state does not want to share the water with the rest of the state.

Hopefully there will be more drought relief in the near future. Other states that have also experienced droughts recently are Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia, and North and South Carolina. Experiencing continual droughts this wide spread will take its toll over time and we just have to hope that this is not going to last for very much longer.

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In short, no, natural male enhancements cannot make your penis bigger.  Natural penile enlargement can only be achieved through repeated exercises. Or a very expensive and extremely risky surgery. Whichever you would choose, there is no short term solution, and the results will differ with each person.

However, natural male enhancements can improve your love life drastically. The Chinese have known and profited from this for thousands of years. In recent years, the western world has caught up with this knowledge and millions have been able to experience and enjoy the benefits of natural male enhancements as well.

As with most things in the western world, money talks. In other words, be careful what you buy. A lot of manufacturers are in this business to make a quick buck. They pay little attention to whether the male enhancement drugs they produce actually work or not. So before buying, make sure you do some research and read some reviews and testimonials.

Natural male enhancement drugs can improve your love life by improving the blood flow. The easier the blood flows to the penis, the longer it will stay hard. It will also increase the speed with which you will be able to get an erection.

They can help battle performance anxiety you might have suffered from in the past as well. As the natural male enhancement drugs are guaranteed to improve your erection, you will feel less stressed. Stress is one of the main reasons of performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. Even your partner will be able to enjoy the benefits; the improved erection and the fact that you will be more relaxed.

High quality herbs like Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed are essential for the enhancement pills to work. Both are important to get the blood pumping strongly and to increase the male libido. The Horny Goat Weed will even help increase the overall energy levels.

When buying your enhancement pills online, make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. A strong money back guarantee or free trial offer should definitely be offered. Do not forget to read their FAQ. There may be unpleasant side effects, or inconvenient rules to take into account for the pills to actually work. With most enhancement pills you cannot consume alcohol for example, other pills you may need to take more than an hour in advance to feel any effect. These may seem like minor details now, but are enough to ruin a romantic evening completely.