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Located in the northern part of South America, the Amazon is shared by nine different countries; and one of which is Brazil. Its vast landmark stretches out to almost 60% of the Brazilian lands. Full and rich of 120 feet tall trees, and equipped with species both known and unknown to man, the Amazon forest is a home to both the human race and the animal kingdom.

It also does much in the absorption of carbon dioxide and is the largest contributor to the prevention of greenhouse gases accumulating in the surfaces of our atmosphere. However, with the rising rate of deforestation in the Amazon, the world can be cupped in fatal hands.

Imagine how the trends would run if the Amazon forest dies? Its accumulated carbon dioxide will eventually be exhausted back to the air; and the abrupt negative changes of greenhouse effect will likely take place. Our wildlife resources would soon be depleted and the biggest source of natural life would undoubtedly come to an end.

The Roots Of Deforestation In The Amazon

Annually, gigantic land areas of the Amazon forest are being destroyed for the sole purpose of agricultural use; and the main culprits are underprivileged farmers and huge companies. Clearing smaller areas of the forest is a form of feeding the impoverished population while larger tracts are being emptied for the conversion of forest areas to soybean vegetation. Statistically speaking, these companies would reach heights up to the level of the American Midwest soybean plantation; and they would gradually be covering the entire Amazon if not stopped.

Logging is also one of the leading causes of barren areas in the Amazon. Local people depend on wood for building small houses and generating fire. These actions do not do much damage to the forest since the needed raw materials are only small in quantity. However, with large corporations leading the way, and with the massive demand for timber, the Amazon forest would undoubtedly be depleted of its sources. The chances of recovering after an “attack” are therefore lessened. Also, wildlife grazing over these forests cannot adapt to the change thereby leading to extinction. One wrong move of the humans can cause enormous and drastic changes over the environment.

The Outcomes of Deforestation In The Amazon

The forest is the home of many living creatures; it is also the source of many human essential needs. If the vast lands of the Amazon forest will vanish, the world will be deprived of a balanced ecosystem, and this interruption would result to the following: homes of thousands of plants and animals will be destroyed, the world’s climate will change, human sources of medicine and food will be terminated.

Humans will no longer be protected against catastrophes such as flood, erosion and drought, tribal people will lose their habitat, and lastly, there would be no nice and natural forests to explore in.

The future is truly hard to see and predict. It takes a while to convince and drive people to change. Perhaps, with the ongoing rise of deforestation in the Amazon, it isn’t unlikely for the world to fall into pieces with just a snap of our fingers.

It is definitely hard to appreciate something while it’s still there. Remember, regrets usually come last. So even before nature backfires on us, we must strive to become the leaders to change.

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The collapse of Soviet styled socialism characterised by the bringing down of the Berlin Wall saw the slow acceptance and absorption of the majority of socialist counties into some form of market economy based on the West. Western (USA & UK) styled capitalism had its day and was heralded a success. The ‘East’ and notions of its ‘controlled equality’ were demonised as failed conceptually.

Over the passed few months we have seen a collapse in the Western styled capitalism characterised by the credit crisis and failed institutions of the financial sector. It would appear Western styled capitalism has now had its day. The ‘West’ and notions of (Thatcherite) unregulated ‘liberty’ in the form of a de-regularised open market economy has failed to deliver. It has suffered the entropy of its own greed.

From this we are seeing the New Beginnings of a post capitalist economy. It appears a new hybrid is emerging. A new form of Capitalism where its financial foundations – the institutions on which it depends – are fully or partially nationalised. In other words socialism is at the very core. Thus we have a new form: a socialist based capitalism – Socio-capitalism (Hegel and Marx would be proud).

To underpin the new and emerging model it is time to re-evaluate the foundations of society. Now is an ideal time to re-assess and re-establish community values. To try and get it right or at least better than we have evolved under the two failed systems. Now is a time to act. We need a new value system to guide the new and emerging political ideals. A system well worth fighting for and promoting. A system that brings out, and brings back, the best in individuals and society, but where do we start?

Successful institutions are a good beginning. What has succeeded and survived the ‘old failed system’? Voluntary organisations and associations stand out. They have (in the UK at least) been plastering over the cracks in the very fabric of British Western Capitalism for years. They have been the mortar to the bricks, the institutions, of society. So what can we learn from them? How have they worked and what hidden human values underpin their continued success? What in the best cases do they suggest should form the value foundations for a new and emerging Soio-capitalism? Two flags fly high: loyalty and support.

An Introduction:

The foundations of human existence are in the family unit. The family is worth fighting for. It is here that primary values are formed. If appropriate values cannot be instilled through the family unit they are not likely to pervade society as a whole. The success of family process lie (it can be argued) in fraternity (brother/sisterhood) at the value base of which is found loyalty and support. These form the basic foundation stones to life and living. Yes, we need unpack the terms and this will follow but initially, as with Wittgenstein, this will occur through their use.

Firstly, it will be through notions of loyalty and support that we will refined the terms and application of equality and liberty. The relationship between these two relics of the failed systems will still form the key to the new. Any new value system has to equate freedom to regulation in meaningful ways. This will form the first task…
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“If seeds in the black earth can turn into such beautiful roses, what might not the heart of man become in its long journey toward the stars?” G.K. Chesterton

I woke up today with achy muscles and hamstrings that felt
stretched to the max. Too much time at the gym? Too many miles
on my bike?

Nope. Just lots and lots of gardening.

This week I joined hundreds of others who, pulled by Spring
Fever, sunshine, and fresh air, flocked to nurseries and garden
centers in search of the perfect annuals, shrubs, planters, and
garden ornaments. And boy oh boy, did we find them. We came in
droves, fellow gardeners and I, driving way too many miles in
this gasoline-crisis-environment of ours, looking for the best
prices, the best selection, and the best accessories.

And you know what I mean by garden accessories, right? It’s a
business reaction as befitting this gardening frenzy as hot dog
buns are to hot dogs. And we’re not just talking planters,
birdhouses, and birdbaths anymore, either. We’re talking benches, arches, baker’s racks, shutters, statues, sundials…with bunnies and roosters in all shapes and sizes to boot. Do you want those in bronze, black or antique white? Distressed? Shiny? Whatever your fancy, they’re yours for the buying.

And buying them we are. What with cocooning becoming the “in”
lifestyle of the 90’s, it’s no wonder that we’ve attacked our
yards with passion. And our wallets. Americans spend just under
$40 billion-yes, that’s a “b”-on lawn care annually, according to the National Gardening Association. And the annual rate of growth in the industry has been at 8% for the last five years. In fact, eight out of ten households in the U.S. actively participate in indoor and outdoor lawn and garden activities of the do-it-yourself nature in one way or another, a degree equal to the highest level of participation in the last five years. Sales of bulbs to consumers have nearly doubled within the past five years, too. And retail sales of floral products come in around $13 billion.

We can hardly help ourselves. Researcher Mike Steven established
in a research project in Australia entitled “The Congruent
Garden: An Investigation into the Role of the Domestic Garden in
Satisfying Fundamental Human Needs,” that gardens have the
potential to satisfy nine basic human needs, including, in
addition to subsistence, affection and creation, which resonate
most closely with my own experience there.*

Gardening allows me to forget the troubles of my everyday world
and become immersed into creating something of beauty. Gardening
allows me, as I mindlessly pull weeds, arrange potting soil into
containers, and pat dirt gently around freshly planted flowers,
to sift my thoughts through a filter energized by sunshine and
fresh air. It gives me the freedom to enjoy the wild songs of the birds, the bubbling of the brook….and the humming of the
lawnmower of a neighbor I hadn’t previously recognized.

Gardening forces me out of my comfort zone behind the computer
screen at which I stare seven days a week, and into the world of
perennials and annuals, the names, sunlight requirements, and
bloom cycles which continue to escape my memory. It forces me to
get my hands and fingernails dirty (I hate wearing gloves) and
celebrate the tactile pleasure of running damp soil through my
palms and pressing it into the earth. Gardening stretches me. It
helps to illuminate my innermost thoughts. It forces me out of
the cerebral nature of the work that I do, and pushes me into the physical nature of work in which I feel so incompetent.

As we celebrate Spring….and fight the Fever together…engage
in work of your hands by working the earth beneath your feet.
Allow yourself to become intoxicated by the beauty and aroma of
flowers. For as it was so aptly said in the TV show A Gardener’s
Dairy: “What grows in the garden, so lovely and rare? Roses and
Dahlias and people grow there.” Yes. People grow in gardens.
Robert Ingersolll wrote: “Every flower about a house certifies to the refinement of somebody. Every vine climbing and blossoming tells of love and joy.”

And growing in love and joy is, after all, what growing in one’s
garden is all about.

*Note: Mike Steven, Lecturer in Landscape Studies, University of
Westen Sydney, Australia

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In a famous experiment a group of traders had 14 days forex training and made $100 million in four years and went on to become some of the most famous traders of all time. If you want to trade forex then their story should be an essential part of your forex education.

The group were nicknamed “the turtles” and they were trained by legendary trader Richard Dennis. He set out to prove that anyone could learn currency trading, if they had the right education and mindset.

The group were of all ages, men and women, of various educational backgrounds and the only thing they had in common was – none of them had any trading experience.

The method they were taught was a long term trend following system which was based on breakout methodology and it was extremely simple; so simple in fact that anyone could learn it.

Now you may ask, if it’s that simple to trade and learn a system, why do 95% of traders lose money?

Dennis knew the answer to this.

Rather than just teach them blindly to follow a system, he taught them how and why it worked, so they could have the confidence and discipline to follow it, through a string of losing trades.

The method had more losers than winners – but Dennis taught them to stay with the system, take the losses with strict money management and hold the big profitable trades.

So could you become as rich as “the turtles”?

Maybe not, life isn’t like that but the opportunity is there for all.

There is nothing to stop you or anyone else, learning a similar method and enjoying currency trading success over the longer term.

All you need to do is get a simple system, understand it, have confidence in it and the vital element of discipline to apply it.

Discipline is the key, because if you don’t have the discipline to follow your trading system, you don’t have one!

Discipline is not easy to acquire but it’s a learned skill. If you want to be disciplined trader you can be – it’s as simple as that.

The turtles should be an inspiration to any trader and it shows what can be achieved and by anyone. I read about the story in 1983 and it inspired me to trade and I hope that it does the same for you.

Forex trading can offer a life changing income – sure it’s a challenge but if you like a challenge, then you could be on the road to a life changing income.

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Mothers. Much has been written about, dedicated to, analyzed, scrutinized and attributed to this pillar of our existence. Over the years, the cliché of the patient on the couch being asked “Why do you hate your mother?” has become as familiar as Toll House® cookies and Goodnight Moon.

We blame the ‘refrigerator mothers’ of the 50’s, working mothers in the 70’s, we point fingers at coddling, aloofness, guilt, rigidity, permissiveness. Mother’s it seems, have fought a losing battle over the years.

I admit, I did my share of “mother blame” through the therapy-laden decades in which I raised my children.

In the early years, I designed my parenting based on what I perceived as having been “wrong” or “bad” in my own upbringing. I consciously eliminated every negative and replaced it with it’s antihesis.

This was happening contemporaneously in the now adult relationship with my mother who I concluded lived her life in denial. (Yes, I bought into the 80’s like a kid and a Cabbage Patch Doll). Yet another reason to look for the antithesis!

As time went on, and I was fairly pleased with the way things were progressing with my own daughters, something very strange was happening. My daughters began to engage in a dialogue with me (no hidden agendas in THIS household!) that let me know how some of the things I did on behalf of the family might not be in everyone’s best interest.


Could this be so? How cruel of them! How unfair! After all I’d done for them…….oops.

Many a mother reaches this precipice: We can choose to hear what’s being said or go into defense mode and confuse the issue. Well, I have to say, deflecting did cross my mind, but that would go against what I set out to do in the beginning. Antithesis.

Turning points can show up at the most unexpected times, and this was one of them. Suddenly, I felt a true sisterhood to my mother. It became clear to me that creating a family life that you desire is more than eliminating what didn’t work, but remembering that there were some wonderful things that happened, as well. Plus, antithesis is not always an improvement.

And now? Well, for starters I’m learning to eliminate judgment of good vs. bad, wrong vs. right. Plus, over the years I’ve recognized how incredible my mother is. Her denial is merely a label I chose because I could not relate to someone who could accept things so readily and gracefully. She is loving, practical and simple. And within that simplicity is a complex, dynamic and exciting human being who taught me that everything happens for a reason, every cloud has a silver lining, and there is good in everyone. Some clichés are better than others.

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Here I am going to cover forex training and give you a story that inspired me to trade over 20 years ago and it covers a famous experiment that took place in 1983 where legendary trader Richard Dennis took a group of novice traders and trained them to trade with spectacular results…

The group of traders were known as “the turtles” and the only thing this group had in common was:

They had no experience of trading financial markets.

They were various ages, various levels of intelligence, both men and women and the group consisted of diverse occupations:

– A boy fresh from school

– A security Guard

– An actor

– A female auditor

– A couple of professional card players

To name but a few of the group.

The purpose of the experiment was to prove that anyone could learn to trade and trading was not a god given gift.

The results were spectacular:

This group went on to become some of the most famous traders ever and made Dennis $100 million in just 4 years.

So what can you learn?

The first thing is obviously anyone can learn to trade financial markets – if they get the right education. It doesn’t take long to learn to trade, as Dennis proved – just 14 days.

You maybe thinking – Well if that’s the case why do 95% of forex traders lose all their money?

The answer to this question is covered in the rest of this article.

The first point is trading can be learned by anyone with a desire to succeed and a willingness to learn – but in most instances, traders either get the wrong forex education, or they under estimate the importance of mindset.

You can read about the turtles and see the system was essentially a trend following breakout system – nothing complicated and the fact they learned it in 14 days proves the point.

Forex trading success however does not rely just on method – it relies just as much if not more so, on mindset. You need confidence and discipline to trade and if you don’t have these traits then you have no method at all – as you will be unable to apply it.

Dennis didn’t just tell them to follow his advice, he taught them to understand what they were doing, so they could have confidence in the trading system taught, to follow it with discipline.

This is where most traders go wrong.

They think that they can follow someone else and succeed – but you can’t, you have to learn the basics and then take responsibility for your actions.

If you think trading with discipline while you are taking loss after loss (and all forex trading systems do) think again – it’s hard to stay on course. For the importance of mindset in forex trading try reading – “The Disciplined Trader” by Mark Douglas, an excellent book all traders should read novice or pro.

So could you become as successful as the turtles?

Probably not, life simply isn’t like that – but I Will say one thing:

There is nothing to stop you achieving currency trading success – Everything about trading can be learned and that’s a fact. There are no secrets to successful trading, it’s all about you creating a framework to survive, in the anarchy that is the forex markets and trade the truth.

The turtle experiment inspired me to trade and I hope it inspires you. If you want to read more about it check out our articles and the following books:

Way of The Turtle – Curtis Faith

One of the most successful turtles, tells you everything you need to know about the methods and mindset the traders had to adopt to succeed.

Market Wizards – Jack Schwager (Edit)

You get a number of great articles, including one on how and why the turtle experiment came about. One of the top selling investment books of all times and with good reason – excellent.

So there you have it – an inspiration for your own forex training hopefully!

Simply have a willingness to learn, get the right forex education and you never know how successful your forex training could make you – Good Luck!
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