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Mold and Mildew have become the terror of homes. After such disasters from hurricanes and even from snow storms that have caused moisture inside ones home. You come to find black mold. The question remains how to properly take action in mold removal.

Mold Removal is important to take care of immediately. If not, you may come to open a cabinet and find millions of mold spores. Removing mold is a detailed process that can affect many other rooms if not taken care of correctly. When you begin your mold removal project you will need to think of the area like a plague that could escape.

Many times upon viewing a home with a black mold problem you will see millions of spores that previously grew in one place, then come to find millions more growing on the walls of every part of your home. During the hurricanes, inspecting homes after they had a small leak a mold inspection would notice that the source came from perimeter walls and windows.

When beginning your mold removal project, find the source of the problem. At times wood becomes so rotten because of moisture it is best to simply remove it so the spores do not expose through out the home or inside the a/c.

It will be a judgement call to see if you will want to remove certain areas of the home due to the shape of the building materials. A good rule of thumb is any furniture, carpeting and wood rotted materials, simply throw them away. But be sure to throw the moldy the materials in a sealed plastic bag upon removing them out of the home.

Another consideration in mold removal is closing vents in the room where the mold and mildew is located. If mold spores are liberated into the air conditioning you could expose every room in your house. This will turn a minute problem into a huge disaster.

While mold removal can be quite expensive there is an all natural organic solution that is perfect for home owners. While the solution is used by mold remediation companies all over the United States home owners now have an affordable solution to kill and most importantly block mold growth in the future.

Mold Removal is about correctly removing the mold spores, but more importantly you will want to prevent the areas from growing mold in the future. The prevention is a must in our mold removal projects. Be sure to prevent the mold after correctly cleaning it to save you thousands of dollars in the future. For an all natural solution that is safe to use indoors and outdoors try a mold removal product that kills black mold and blocks it growth.

Stop black mold correctly and prevent millions of damages that can occur in your home. Be sure to follow the correct mold removal guidelines, but keep in mind to remove any wet building materials as it will become a bigger problem later on. More cases from small problems are turned into huge headaches where families are taken out of there homes and the house is literally bull dozed inside because of the severity. This happens due to the correct use of a mold removal product and not using a prevention solution.

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As citizens of the United States of America, we believe the U.S. is a very successful country compared to the rest of the world. For the most part, we also trust and respect our complex justice system. If a suspect is proven guilty by the court of law and claims he or she is innocent, we usually have more faith in the court’s decision rather than what the suspect is trying to say. After all, we do want as many criminals as possible behind bars, right? If the crime committed was very disturbing such as murdering a child we become very furious and we want to make sure that someone pays for that. Once the court rules a guilty verdict against a suspect in such a horrible case, we feel safe for another day in our comfortable homes. All thanks to our perfect judicial system another criminal is behind bars.

The U.S. courts do often help protect the rest of society by locking up dangerous people. Unfortunately the system is far from perfect and innocent people receive guilty verdicts. These innocent people are torn away from their families, careers, free life and faced with humiliation. They often face many years or life behind bars and even the death penalty. Such a harsh punishment for the person who did not commit the crime. It is scary to think that anyone of us can fall in to this loop-hole in our judicial system where we can face time in prison even though we are innocent.

How could this happen, how can the court misjudge such life impacting cases and come up with the wrong verdict? Researchers had done many investigations on wrongful arrests, they found that the large majority of arrests were mistaken because eyewitnesses have pointed out the wrong people. Having as many criminals as possible behind bars in today’s system comes with a price, the price of innocent people going to jail too. The emotional victims want someone to pay for the crime, as long as someone gets punished they will feel better. The victim will go home and feel safer, sometimes not realizing that an innocent person is paying a price so the victim can feel cozy.

Many experiments conclude that jurors and law professionals rely a lot on eyewitnesses to come up with a guilty or not guilty verdict. Gary Wells (1998) researched forty special cases. In all forty cases DNA proved that all forty convicted suspects were innocent. In thirty-six of these cases eyewitnesses wrongfully accused the suspects. This is a major flaw with eye witness testimony. This is a crime in itself! First of all we are talking about forty people being wrongfully accused. More than three quarters of them are accused thanks to their “perfect memory” witnesses. This alone proves that eye witness testimonies should not be given as much credit as they are in today’s justice system.

A real life example of the eye witness testimony flaw is the Harris and Adams case. A police officer pulled over a vehicle at night to let the driver know that his headlights were turned off. The driver pulled out a gun and killed the officer. Suspect Harris was found a month later denying that he shot the officer. Harris claimed he picked up a hitch-hiker who was driving the car and the hitch-hiker shot the officer. The second suspect Adams who was the hitch-hiker claimed he was innocent but three witnesses claimed they saw him shoot the officer because Adams had a mustache and long hair which fit in to their description. Although Harris confessed that he stole the car and the loaded handgun, Adams was charged for the murder because three witnesses claimed they saw a description of Adams shooting the officer. Years later, the freed Harris was charged for a different murder and confessed on death row that he also shot the police officer twelve years earlier. Adams was finally released after an innocent twelve year sentence. Three witnesses pointed the finger at the wrong person.

How can three different witnesses point at the wrong person? Human memory is not like video or photo camera that can bring up a clear picture later in time. Our memories are often distorted by our schemas and other factors. If we are missing a piece of the picture when trying to remember something, our mind will replace it with something else. In this situation we will have a skewed memory. It was dark outside when the officer pulled the car over, therefore we can only see parts of the situation. Our mind can fill in those dark spots with other schemas when we try to remember the situation at a future time. The other problem can be the biased questions that police officers and investigators ask the eyewitnesses. For example if the officer has seen the suspect in custody, the officer’s questions to the witness may be biased by the suspect’s true description. Unknowingly, the officer might even make hints as to whether the witness is on the right track for describing a similar description of the suspect.

Another study was done by Patricia Tollestrup, John Turtle, and John Yille. The study focused on how we acquisition or pay attention to a certain scene, how we store that information and how we retrieve it later from our memory. They studied cases where the suspect confessed to the crime. These cases had eyewitness bystanders and eyewitness victims. The bystanders proved to have a more accurate memory of the crime scene than the victims involved. 100% of the bystanders remembered if the suspect had facial hair, only 60% of the crime victims remembered this correctly. Only 48% of the bystanders and 38% of the victims involved remembered the hair color of the suspect. The worse part is that both the bystanders and the victim eyewitnesses chose the right criminal 48% of the time in a lineup. This study shows that eyewitness testimony is very weak. It also shows that if the eyewitness was the victim of the crime, chances are their testimony is even weaker because of many factors that bias their memory. Another major reason why eye witness testimony should not take as much weight as it does today.

Jurors in a court case often don’t realize the imperfections of eye witness testimony. They don’t realize how imperfect our memories can be. If the jurors hear a great deal of confident detail about the crime from the witness, the jurors can easily be convinced by such a testimony. In an unusual event such as a short crime scene, a witness only collects pieces of the scene and later tries to put it altogether in to a story. Another conflict we have with memory is cross-racial identification. We have more difficulty identifying someone of another race other than ours. For example a black witness might have a harder time identifying a white suspect because blacks find it easier to differentiate between blacks. A black witness will have a harder time differentiating between whites the same as whites will have a tough time differentiating between Asians or Hispanics.

Another flaw that sometimes if not often puts innocent people in jail is the confident testimony of a victim that was seriously hurt or violated (Loftus). When this victim says with confidence “this is the guy that did it, I will never forget that face…” it is hard not to discredit their feelings and the fact that they lived through that horrible crime. Therefore it becomes easy to go with their testimony. A huge problem that Elizabeth Loftus talks about is the fact that judges will often not allow an expert to testify to the jury about the flaws of eyewitness testimony. Some judges will allow it, but others will make excuses as to why this expert testimony is not allowed. This leaves the jury uneducated about eyewitness flaws which potentially leads to a wrongful verdict.

When further researching the subject, I was amazed at some of the statistics I read about the inaccuracy of eye witness testimony. This is even if the crime occurred in broad daylight and there were many witnesses. I was also amazed at how much the courts rely on witnesses. Elizabeth Loftus went on to explain that when a judge decides not educate the jury of memory inconsistency of eyewitnesses, the jury for the most part decides the verdict from their “gut feeling”. They ignore the balance that needs to be present between physical scientific evidence and witness testimony. The jurors without the simple education rely too heavily on the witness. This leads the jurors to make the wrong decision and possibly convict the wrong person. Another great point that was made by Loftus is the repetition of seeing the accused person. When the victim spends time seeing the person in photos, in lineups, in the courtroom, the suspect even if truly innocent becomes encrypted more and more in the victims memory. This makes it possible that if the victim saw the true criminal he or she probably wont recognize the criminal anymore especially if the victim saw the criminal once for a short time during the crime.

Our ability to remember accurately is not as reliable as we think it is. We are often unaware that our memories change which causes us to change the story from what really happened. We often forget the importance of the factors that can skew our memory and perception. Unfortunately we think factors such as confidence and details are more important and reliable when in fact these factors cause errors in decision making. When a case is made, the court system and the police should not rely so heavily on eye witness testimony, they need to continue to find more evidence in a case even if there are witnesses who sound like they have a good story.

Read some true stories that related to flawed eye witness testimonies and you will see how damaging it can be!

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Fall has arrived and come the fourth Thursday of November, families all over the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Originally Thanksgiving Day was a harvest festival where the early American settlers gathered together to express their gratitude to God, not only for the fall harvest, but for all the other blessings they had received over the previous year thus making this holiday a semi-religious one.  For instance, the members of one early American community held a formal mass on Thanksgiving Day in 1541 to express their gratitude for being able to safely cross a portion of the Texas wilderness.

Today in the United States, however, most people relate this holiday to the day in 1621 when the English settlers shared a meal with the Wampanoag tribe that saved the settlers from starving after a brutal winter the prior year in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  This first Thanksgiving feast was held in honor of the Native American Indians as a way of expressing the Settlers thanks for teaching them how to hunt and gather food in the new land.

As a result, while Thanksgiving today is becoming more of a secular holiday, people usually still give thanks for whatever good things they have received over the past year by starting their Thanksgiving dinners with a prayer that the host or hostess leads rather than going to a formal religious service first.

So now that you know a little more about the history of Thanksgiving, let’s talk about the history of the traditional food that is served – especially the traditional boring Cranberry sauce.

Up to this day there are certain traditional foods that are always served on Thanksgiving such as baked or roasted turkey with a stuffing made of bread and/or vegetables. That’s why many people refer to Thanksgiving Day as Turkey Day.  Other foods that are served during traditional Thanksgiving dinners are mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, vegetables that are abundant during fall, pumpkin pie and, of course, cranberry sauce that has traditionally been used as an moist accompaniment for the turkey which can sometimes be a dry meat.

So this year, to make your Thanksgiving dinner a little less boring, here is a great homemade salsa recipe that you can easily make yourself with minimal effort. It’s really very easy to prepare and it’s guaranteed that your family and friends will be delighted with your creative innovation on this new form of Cranberry “sauce.”

Cranberry Salsa


1 ½ Cups fresh cranberries

½ Cantaloupe, removed from peel and de-seeded

1/3 Cup jalapeno chili, chopped

4 Tbsp sugar

Zest of a lemon

2 Tbsp coriander, chopped

2 Tbsp lemon juice

1 Tbsp salt


Combine the cranberries and cantaloupe in a food processor and pulse until they are coarsely shredded.  Put the shredded cranberries and cantaloupe in a bowl and add lemon zest, jalapeno chili and sugar.  Let the mixture sit for fifteen minutes or until the cranberries soften in the sugar.  Then, add coriander, lemon juice and salt and mix them altogether.  Refrigerate the mixture for two hours or overnight before serving.

If your serve the recipe above along with some of the traditional canned Cranberry sauce this year, I think it’s a safe bet that people will go for your homemade Cranberry Salsa instead and that it will be such a great hit with your family and friends that Cranberry salsa will become a “new tradition” at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner table from now on. So go ahead give it a try this year and then let me know what you think by visiting our Homemade Salsa Recipes website.

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There are thousands of tattoo designs to choose from on websites and in catalogs. Tattoos in general are becoming more popular these days and it is tribal Polynesian designs that are becoming increasingly more common.

You need to understand that there are two distinct styles when is comes to Polynesian tattoo designs. The first of these is called Etua. Etua have a strong spiritual and religious meaning to them. They are also magical symbols offering protection from the gods . While the other style Enata can be described as natural designs which describe the person, there identity and status. This includes their social level, island of origin, occupation and history.

Symbols within Polynesian tattoo designs and their meaning are as follows –

Shark teeth – Sharks’ teeth tattoos are for protection. Turtles – A turtle symbol represents long life and fertility. Shells – Shells are a symbol of prosperity to the Polynesian people and it is possible that they were used as the earliest form of currency. Sharks – The shark itself is seen as sacred. Polynesian shark tattoos are used as a symbol of protection from threats. Gecko – It is believed that the gecko has powers of a supernatural nature and are feared but also held in awe by the Polynesians. It is also believed that if a green gecko laughs then it is an awful omen of bad fortune and illness. Tiki – The god Tiki is often shown with eyes closed. This is because Tiki is able to smell trouble before it is seen.

The people of the Polynesian islands are spread far and wide. They include The Cook Islands, Samoa , Tonga, Easter Island, Tahiti, French Polynesia and even Hawaii. The people across these islands developed into there own distinct cultures over thousands of years. However what is fascinating is the cultural similarities that developed especially in the practice of tattoo artistry. However Polynesian tattoo designs of today do not mean as much in this day and age as people love them for the design rather than magical protection or a statement of status.

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Let me say at the start if you enjoy kissing whole heartedly with a lot of passion and feeling most of the hard work is done for you. All that’s left is learning some easy to follow instructions on how to French kiss that will your love interest thinking you’re the best kisser they’ve ever had.

Simple instructions on how to French kiss involve some little but very enjoyable fundamentals: experimentation, imagination, kindness, preparation, respect, communication, and very importantly confidence.

It’s also absolutely critical before you even think about kissing anyone that you do not have bad breath, you don’t have a rough beard, you don’t have body odour and that you’re not about to pounce on her like an octopus.

One instruction on how to French kiss involves being able to hold your breath so that you can enjoy a long and leisurely French kiss. Obviously if you don’t breath you will become light headed and also produce too much saliva and no-one wants that to happen.

The secret to being able to hold your breath involves your ribs. If you take a deep breath to begin with and let your ribs expand this will give you some breath that you can keep as reserve. If you take too deep a breath you will become stiff and wooden.

Another instruction on how to French kiss involves the position of your body. Make sure that your whole body is in a comfortable position so that you are flexible and can move parts of your body without having to interrupt the kiss. It’s also important that your partner is in a comfortable position also.

If you are wondering if your noses are going to crash into one another, researched instructions on how to French kiss show that people are more naturally to tilt their head to the right when kissing.

It’s also important that if you are the one who initiated the kiss that you are the one to end it and to not have it last too long.

In order to learn how to kiss good you need to follow simple instructions on how to French kiss. If you have never kissed anyone before or have had little practice you know you get just one chance. This is why it’s so important to follow the correct instructions on how to French kiss.

Kissing is a lot like dancing. Just like dancing, you should follow your partner’s lead. You should be aware of how comfortable your partner is kissing you. Once you start to kiss one of you will slip your tongue into the other person’s mouth. Whatever you do, don’t make your tongue disappear back into your mouth like a startled turtle; and don’t let your tongue just sit there either. Move it around their tongue, gently suck on their tongue, chase one another’s tongues around their mouths.

It’s important when you start to learn how to kiss good that you identify all the embarrassing things to avoid! Don’t let your next kiss become an experience that haunts you for the rest of your life. Take the little time needed to get proper instructions on how to French kiss that will have you being the best kisser they’ve ever had. I guarantee that if you follow the right instructions on how to French kiss you will have the partner of your dreams and becoming the best kisser they’ve ever had.

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As I sit down at my laptop with thoughts of responding to Sunday’s Headliner, “Before Spring Break, The Anorexic Challenge” in the Style section of The New York Times (April 2, 2006), a banner flashes across my home page with news of the hunger challenge facing millions of women in Africa.

The juxtaposition frightens me.

Apparently, anorexia and bulimia, advocated by teen girls throughout the northern western hemisphere and affectionately referred to as “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” respectively, have taken our daughters by storm. Thousands of teens are forcing themselves to 300-calories-a-day diets in order to fit into string bikinis for spring breaks in resorts all over the Caribbean…while millions of young girls on the other side of the world are sent to school in order to get just one half-way decent meal within any 24-hour period.

As my own daughter and I were lunching with the family on Sunday, she asked me how many pounds I thought she could reasonably lose before she went to Florida to celebrate spring break with a girlfriend and her family. We chatted about the need for daily exercise (and she spelled out their plan for daily visits to the gym as well as for long beach jogs) and the forsaking of sugary snacks (my husband at this point adding his own two-cents worth of the need to stop eating ice cream and cookies as well as to check fiber content in white vs. whole wheat bread and his estimate that she could, indeed, expect to lose seven-and-a-half-pounds in the next two weeks pre-bikini season.) With his tongue clearly in cheek, my daughter, frustrated and a little angry at his underestimation screamed: “But Mooommmm! You said I could lose ten?!?”

So what’s a mom to do when her teen daughter gets regularly bamboozled by peers who post photos of super-skinny models on their home page of Facebook.com (called “thinspiration” or “thinspo” according to the Times article) and by hosting dieting marathons of their own; by celebrity advertising using the skinniest and prettiest of human creation; and by her own mom who is desiring to get back into bathing suit season with stringent expectations of her own? (I confess to verbally, i.e. in front of my own teen daughter, dreading my need to shed the unwanted seven L.B.’s picked up post-Christmas and hidden underneath layers of New England polar fleece; my own visit to Florida in two weeks to visit my “adopted” mom brings internal freaking out about not fitting into my cutest Lilly Pulitzer skirt unless I move and re-sew the waist button.) This sounds so bizarre, even as I write it, and yet I know I am striking a nerve (or cellulite dimple) as many moms have confessed to me (and to friends whose friends have confessed to them) that we could all stand to lose at least ten ugly pounds apiece.

The New York Times article goes along to quote Dr. Margo Maine, a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders: “Every year spring break seems to get bigger and bigger,” adding that “body-image pressure also rises…(sic) with expectation that you have to ‘party like a rock star and be over the top” including ‘looking like a rock star, that is, fashionably, even dangerously skinny.’” (*)

Let’s face it: cultural expectations demand leanness. I read a quote two decades ago in a magazine article apparently earth-shattering as it has stayed in my long-term memory all this time, that “the ultimate status symbol is a fit and thin body.” So times haven’t changed all that much, except in the intensity and extremes with which we move toward that end.

That said, and given the enormity of the problem (which might be better understood by reading the fascinating yet deeply troubling article in its entirety…see NOTE at end of this article) here are 7 Ways in which we are weighing in on spring in our own household:

1) Continue to stress radiant health rather than compulsive weight-checking and clothing size comparisons. Granted, this is easier said than done on some days, like on Friday when I had my annual OBGYN check-up. I half-jokingly asked the doc what the deal was with the stuff around my middle, grabbing a couple inches of ugliness and looking up quizzically at my doctor’s face. He picked up my chart and reviewed my own weight trend during the past three years. “Let’s see,” he dead-panned. “The first year you saw me you refused to get on the scale, and last year you were ten pounds lighter.” While I explained to him that this was not exactly one of my lighter weeks—if you get what I mean—and that these heavier weeks consistently carry with them an extra five pounds of pure water weight, and that I just ate breakfast and was fully clothed so that the delta was more like two to three pounds, he did affirm that I looked “great.” While that was clearly code for “don’t feel like you need to lose weight but if you’re asking me about your middle, it’s called ‘fat,’ he did place a premium on being fit and strong over being super-skinny. The fact that I had my tennis skirt and shoes on along with a scheduled game immediately following my check-up was good enough for him. And it’s what I stress over and over with my daughter: just keep exercising and eating in a healthy manner and the rest will take care of itself…even if some weeks are “fat weeks” and some weeks are “thin weeks.” (I realize this is a foreign concept to rocket dads, but trust me on this one.)

2) Strive for a diet that is as natural as possible. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, refined flours, excessive sodium, and chemical additives. While this might make packing the kids’ lunchboxes more challenging (those cereal bars, juice boxes and mini-bags of chips are awfully convenient) it’s far healthier to pack a piece of whole fruit, some raw nuts and a water bottle. Try to cook as many meals from scratch as is humanly possible, avoiding packaged and prepared entrees that are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavorings and coloring.

3) Drink lots of water. Forget sodas and fruit juices loaded with unnecessary refined sugars. Train your kids to drink that proverbial eight to ten glasses a day. And add a squeeze of lemon or lime whenever possible as the health benefits of doing so are tremendous.

4) Eat several small meals a day or three solid ones, never skipping breakfast or eating on the run. If it means getting up in the morning a half-hour earlier in order to get some healthy food on the table, it’s important that you put this practice into play with consistency and longevity. Just because your kids are old enough to make meals on their own does not mean that you should give up on the practice of seeing them out the door in the morning without this wonderful foundation. Sliced fresh fruit or a protein fruit smoothie is far better than a sugary doughnut or processed fruit roll-up. Make sure that when you pack snacks into lunchboxes, too, that they’re as healthy as manageable. I tend towards organic nuts, yogurt and fruit, or dark chocolate chips or whole-grain, organic cookies. (My husband is still trying to decipher the “organic” in Paul Newman’s wonderful—and my personal favorite—organic chocolate or ginger cookies, each crème-filled and especially delicious. “Does he use organic cream to make the icing or is it the flour that’s organic?” he wonders out-loud every time I open a bag. Who cares? They’re a great alternative to the junk that’s out there being peddled as food.)

5) Recognize clear genetic differences in body style. While I subscribe to the fruit theory of women’s body shapes (you really are an apple or a pear), your DNA plays a huge role in body shape, weight, clothing size and in what you will eventually look like. Stop obsessing—and teach your daughter to do the same—about the body-type that you or she will never have. My daughter is built almost exactly like me; I can teach her about my trouble spots, as I know they will be hers, too. But I also need to teach her to treat her body respectfully, which means that she needs to give it the right fuel as well as daily aerobic workouts and regular strength training. And, given that you know your areas of weakness, try not to dissect your body. Try not to say: “I love my waist but I hate my thighs” or “I’d like my body so much better if my hips weren’t so wide.” You can’t change your basic bone structure so learn to live with the genetic hand you’ve been dealt.

6) Practice proper skin care. Teach your daughter how to take care of her skin, especially her face, so that when she’s older, the habits are well-formed and firmly in place. (And she needn’t resort to botox or chemical peels while young.) Using a high-quality olive oil soap with warm water is still the best cleaning technique possible; don’t succumb to all of the expensive glamour-puss products on the market. I confess to perking up my ears when I over-heard a friend talk about a foundation make-up she uses that she jokingly refers to as face spackle, as it apparently covers up all of one’s skin imperfections. I’ve yet to really check it out, but the word picture of spackling my face—sunspots and all—was tempting. Imagine how much more tempted your teen daughter is with the plethora of celebrity and rock star advertising for beauty products in magazines, MTV, movies and billboards everywhere.

7) Focus on shining eyes, hair, teeth and nails. You can’t hide good health. If you’ve got it, your body will show it. Your eyes will sparkle and your hair will shine in the sunlight. Your nails will be strong and your teeth will be white. These have always been hallmarks of radiant health…and they should be your family’s goals. Compliment your daughter when she exhibits these signs of glowing good health. Give these things your attention. Praise her for bouncing through the day with rosy cheeks and laughing eyes and always give priority to health and well-being rather than to weight or dieting or clothing size analysis.

Bathing suit season is upon us, whether we like it—or care—or not. Perhaps as we struggle through “the anorexic challenge” before our nation’s young girls—as well as our collective desires to be tan and thin and able to fit into a bikini (or one-piece or heck, even a pair of shorts), we can get a grip by getting our arms around the situation…and around our own daughter’s shoulders.

* NOTES: All references to the article “Before Spring Break, The Anorexic Challenge” by Alex Williams are found in The New York Times, April 2, 2006. The online edition can be found for a limited time at: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/02/fashion/sundaystyles/02BREAK.html?_r=1&8hpib&oref=slogin

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One of the biggest and hottest growing trends in the art of tattoo design is Hawaiian arm or leg band tattoos. As this trend goes a lot of people think to themselves, well of course. At least that is what I said to myself at first. You can hardly drive more then 10 minutes on the freeway in southern California where I am from and not see a big SUV like a Lincoln Navigator or a Cadillac Escalade and not see a Hawaiian sticker. Things with flowers designs, or turtles, dolphins. Ya see it started off with the sticker and then the car seat covers with hibiscus flowers everywhere and it just grew from there.

This trend of Hawaiian design has then met it’s match with the whole tribal tattoo movement. Tribal tattoos have been the hottest thing in the tattoo world since sliced bread or the old school WWII era Hula dancer. You see these influences have been all around us for a long time my grandpa even has one of those Hula Girls tattoos still. Granted it is a little saggy and faded now but he still has one on his forearm nonetheless.
So the whole tribal tattoo and the growth in interest for Hawaiian designs have combined to make a hot and growing market for Hawaiian tattoos. This is really an up and coming thing and it not huge yet. However many tattoo artists are spotting the trend and jumping on it already.

Of course there is a lot of controversy on this subject also like anything. If you look on the internet there is a controversy about getting Kanji and Japanese Tattoos also. Anytime you try and take the designs of a culture and do not depict them accurately it creates a sense of bastardization or what I call the “Disney Effect” towards the culture. I mean how would you feel if you were in China and someone said, oh you should try this hot new restaurant out it serves this great food that is really American. They have fried chicken and apple pie that is the best.” Well, at first you would be excited right? Sure it would be nice for a good home cooked meal if you have been out of the US for a long time. However once you get there you see the place has really tacky and awful reproductions of 50’s art and the all the food tastes kind of strange. It would probably bee kind of close or resemble what you were thinking of but it would be missing something or a few key ingredients. I bet this would leave you feeling a little sad and like your culture was not totally understood.

Well, I can not speak for you and maybe you will feel different but I was pretty sad when after staying in Japan for 3 months I was invited to a 1950’s classic hamburger joint. When we got there it was Elvis with a funny accent playing on the jukebox and when my hamburger came it had a fried egg on top of it with teriyaki sauce. WOW what a surprise that was for me. I kind of felt weird about being in the place that had tried to recreate something from my own culture.

So, the same controversy rolls on in the world of tattoos. Anytime you get a tattoo design from another culture just make sure you go with a professional. Do not have your friend trace out some Kanji in a book for a tattoo and don’t go and rip some design of the internet because it states that it is Hawaiian. Go to a real custom tattoo designer and have them do the research and come up with some designs. After all this is going to be on your body for the rest of your life and since Hawaiian arm band tattoos and leg tattoos are typically big it will be a significant investment in pain, time and money to get the thing done. So you should consult with a professional and get top notch work done.
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The world’s leading luxury yacht show in Monaco is to pay for 55 wind turbines in New Zealand – enough to generate power for 45,000 homes – making the event ‘carbon neutral’.

Under the watchful eye of Prince Albert, the yacht show is part of Monaco’s new stance on global warming, and comes shortly after Prince Albert himself travelled to the North Pole in April to highlight the damage he believes global warming is having on the environment.

‘Since Prince Albert came to the throne last year’ comments Henri Boulanger of Monte Carlo travel guide YourMonaco, ‘Monaco has changed her policy from one of the few countries not to sign the Kyoto Protocol to not only signing it but taking a lead in the battle against global warming. Prince Albert has personally taken steps to show how concerned he is, and by setting the example of going to the North Pole has shown the leadership necessary to encourage Monaco companies to become environmentally friendly, and the Monaco Yacht Show is an example of this’.

The Monaco Yacht Show has bult a reputation over the years as the place for the wealthy to view potential purchases, and this year there will be nearly a hundred yachts on display to those able to afford it.

In total 22,000 visitors are expected to attend with over 500 exhibitors from the yachting world exhibiting.

The mix of wealth and Monte Carlo also means that real estate agents in Monaco will be on full alert. In previous years the Monaco Yacht Show has often proved more beneficial for the realtors than the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Monaco Grand Prix attracts tens of thousands of Formula 1 fans annually to the principality at the end of May, but with some Monte Carlo streets closed, showing property in Monaco can be more problematic than during the Yacht Show.

Monte Carlo real estate specialists Tribune Properties say that the more relaxed atmosphere of the Yacht Show allows potential property buyers to view properties.

‘If someone is visiting Monaco for the Yacht Show and has several million Euros available, it’s a pretty safe assumption that those buyers will have a few million for a property too, and a luxury yacht and Monaco Real Estate appeal to the same type of buyer’, claims Roger Munns, Tribune’s Managing Director.

Typical of Monaco Real Estate prices is a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Seaside Plaza, close to where the Yacht Show is located, at 3,700,000 Euros.

Monaco Hotels

The emergence of the Yacht Show has helped the Monaco economy by drawing the world’s wealthy to the principality for four days in September.

Until recently the Monaco Grand Prix in May and the Monte Carlo Masters tennis the month before have been the two main events of the year which boost the occupancy levels of the hotels in Monaco.

With the Yacht Show in September filling the hotels at premium rates, it has proved to be a welcome addition to the calendar of events for both residents and businesses alike, and the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo will be the scene of many deals being signed over the four days.

This year also saw the first Monaco Flower Show, which it is hoped will also be a tourist magnet in future years.

‘In the past Monaco has had the highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix and the tennis, with consistent numbers of visitors the rest of the year,’ state YourMonaco, ‘but Monaco is becoming much more diverse in what it offers throughout the calendar year. The Yacht Show has been a success, and given a little time the Monaco Flower Show will appeal to a different type of tourist, and might be as popular as the Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower Shows are in the UK. Diversity is the key to sustained tourism, and Monaco is doing it very well.

Despite being the second smallest country in the world, Monaco has attracted many of the world’s top business and entertainment people to live there due to her income tax free status, and with Prince Albert at the helm it seems that the principality is beginning to punch above her weight in world politics as he takes the lead on environmental issues’, conclude YourMonaco.

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