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In the world today, we find many people interested in Tarot and fortune telling. As many people who believe that Tarot cards do work, and provide meaningful information for there lives, there are also others who say that they don’t work.

For centuries humans have sought to know what is going to happen. We know about yesterday, though maybe we have not gleaned all the necessary lessons, and tomorrow is like a dream, and it would be nice to know what is going to happen! Tarot makes this possible.

I guess it would be in order for me to tell you my position on the topic, so you understand my bias. I do believe that the Tarot works, so this article may be a bit biased on the working factor, however, I will try to provide the unbiased information, so you can make up your own mind on the subject.

For many centuries many kings and queens have used diviners to get answers to there problems. Certainly Tarot has been the most popular method of divination in most parts of the world. Though I would like to give you a look at differences between what could be termed real divination and fortunetelling. A diviner looks for insight, and gains information, whereas the term ‘fortuneteller’ though implies someone possibly being a gypsy, more often than not, is a glamorous way of making money at fairs, etc. Though some of them may actually be a diviner.

If you ask most diviners where they get the answers for there questions, you will find as much variety as the many religions of the Earth! Some people believe that the answers come from spiritual forces, god, a god, Gaia (Earth Spirit, Mother Earth), others also believe that it may come from the unconscious collective, and yet others believe it is there own creativity.

Scientists and Psychologists such as Carl Jung did much study with the tarot, and believed that the tarot cards were symbols which resonated with the archetypes of different people. Another noted person working with consciousness was Dr Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary believed that the cards represented our journey through life.

Whether you believe in tarot or not does not necessarily mean that you will get a good or bad reading, nor does it mean that it will effect your life or not. The cards have been used by many over the years in the belief that it does work. Many people who have had readings have found that the cards do indeed speak about some parts of there lives. For the skeptics however, often the view is that the cards speak to generally.

The tarot cards popularity has also found its way online, where now, you can find many sites online who will give you a free reading. Again skeptics are born, and now with people who do believe in tarot cards ability! The question is now whether online tarot card readings work as well or if at all compared with traditional in your hand tarot cards.

My take on this is that whether the tarot cards are physically present in front of you or on a virtual screen, the tarot is based on randomness and faith. The randomness that out of infinite possibilities the card dealing with your present life is the one to come up; and the faith that some power whatever we may call it is the power which delivers us the right card.

Tarot will always catch people’s fascination. After all anything that can give us a glimpse of tomorrow, a better understanding about our life, and lessons from the past is giving us a map of the unknown.

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A cyst is a severe form of acne that is filled with bacteria, white blood cells and dead skin. Cysts can be very painful and extend inside the skin damaging the skin tissue. In nodulocystic acne, cysts and nodules form together. Some experts say that cysts are severely infected nodules and should be called as such. Treatment of cysts is a challenging task. Because cysts invariably form scars, they need to be treated as soon as possible and before they damage more skin cells.

Acne Treatment – stages of acne

Acne begins with plugged skin pores and develops in stages. In the first stage, acne usually begins in the form of whiteheads and blackheads (caused by plugged pores of the skin). Blackheads are called open comedones. Whiteheads are called closed comedones. The blackheads and whiteheads are the first stage of acne. The second stage is pimples or zits. They are medically known as papules and pustules. Pimples form when the acne gets inflamed. Some people suffer from third stage of serious acne, called as nodules and cysts. These are very large and deep lumps of acne. Skin develops scars if acne progresses to second and third stages.

Acne Treatment Regimen For Cysts-

In severe form of acne, you develop nodules and cysts that are all inflamed. Treating this acne takes more time and patience. Your doctor will treat you with combination therapy to control and cure the acne while trying to take care that minimum scars form. The treatment regimen for severe acne may include physical as well as oral and topical treatments. The options may include- isotretinoin, oral antibiotics, oral contraceptives for female patients, injecting corticosteroid in the lesions and surgical procedure.

Acne Treatment – Isotretinoin:

Isotretinoin is one of the most potent treatments for severe form of acne which has not responded well to other therapies. Isotretinoin is a retinoid which is a form of vitamin A. Isotretinoin helps treat all the four reasons of acne formation-

a. Excess oil,

b. Clogged pores,

c. Inflammation, and

d. The bacteria p.acnes.

The normal course of isotretinoin is one or two pills a day for up to twenty weeks. Your dermatologist will decide the dose. Don’t take Isotretinoin without medical supervision.

Side Effects Of Isotretinoin:

For women, it is very important to be in constant contact with their doctor because isotretinoin can cause damage to development of fetus. It cannot be given during pregnancy and before the treatment begins, all possibilities of pregnancy have to be eliminated. Talk to your doctor in detail about this and follow his/her instructions very strictly. The other side effects of isotretinoin may include joint pains, headaches, nausea, depression and others. You must not miss your appointment with your doctor while taking isotretinoin.

Acne Treatment -Oral Antibiotics-

Broad-spectrum antibiotics can reduce the bacteria P.acnes substantially. With reduction in the population of this bacterium, inflammation reduces. The antibiotic may include drugs such as – tetracycline, erythromycin, doxycycline, etc.

Acne Treatment -oral contraceptives for women-

Overactive sebaceous glands produce more sebum and are one of the main causes of acne. Some oral contraceptives can reduce the production of excessive sebum. These drugs should be taken only under medical supervision. Sometimes, you may have to consult the gynecologist, for which your doctor will advise you.

Acne Treatment -injecting corticosteroid

In this treatment, a mild steroid is injected in the cyst. The steroid reduces the acne substantially within a few days. This treatment also prevents scarring as it reduces the possibility of bursting of a cyst and dries it totally. Your doctor may find it necessary to cut open the acne and drain it. This procedure needs skill and patients should not try this themselves.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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While the economy hurts business and shrinks our 401(k)s, studies show that the recession is also dragging employee engagement down with it.

Over the past two years, 66% of firms experienced decreases in employee engagement, according to a national survey of U.S. companies by Quantum Workplace.

Improving employee engagement will not make the recession disappear, but it may make the difference in the success your business finds when the economy turns around.

As an employer, you have the power to significantly influence how motivated and engaged your employees are.

Luckily, the solution for diminishing employee engagement doesn’t have to demand a large chunk of your budget. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that can have the most lasting results.

Use a few ideas from this list of 10 low-cost employee incentives to motivate employees and show them you care without breaking your budget:

1. Hold an event for no reason. Come up with a themed event, even if there isn’t a holiday to celebrate. Some examples: Crazy Hat Day, Favorite Sports Team Day. Have employees bring in some snacks from home and treat them to a few pizzas on the company’s tab.

2. Allow employees to take a family day. For those days when kids may be off school, but parents may not be off of work, allow employees to telecommute. Whether it’s a school half day or snow day, let employees skip the commute, still get work done, and spend more time with their kids.

3. Create a contest. Hold a contest that everyone can participate in – post a trivia question on the company intranet or fill a jar full of thumbtacks and place it on the receptionist’s desk. Let employees guess the answer and give a small prize to the winning guess.

4. Celebrate small achievements. Reward employee achievements with small tokens of appreciation. Give a set of movie tickets to someone who exceeded their sales goals this month or present a small gift card for coffee to an employee who went above and beyond to help a coworker.

5. Give a discount on what you do. Give employees a small discount on the products or services you sell. Encourage employees to pass the offer along to friends and family.

6. Free food. Hold a pizza party on a Friday afternoon or bring in a few dozen bagels one morning. It’s a small gesture that everyone will enjoy and a simple, low-cost way to show your appreciation.

7. Have employees recognize each other. Ask employees to write something they admire about a coworker on a small piece of paper. Frame their message along with a photo of the employee and hang it along the hallways.

8. Create a VIP parking spot. Reserve one of the best spots in the parking lot for employees who have done something outstanding. Give a new employee VIP parking privileges each month.

9. Turn the break room into a game room. Stock the break room with some classic board games – Chutes and Ladders, Sorry!, Operation, even checkers. The games don’t cost very much and provide some entertainment for employees when they take their break.

10. Say “thank you.” Leave a handwritten note at an employee’s desk telling them ‘thank you’ for a job well done. They’re two small words that can deliver the highest ROI when it comes to employee incentives.

Improve the productivity of your staff by showing them some well-deserved appreciation from time to time. Even the most simple employee incentive ideas can be just as effective as other high-priced options when you want to show how much you care.

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After the controversial and risque GG ad campaign, the Gossip Girl cast find themselves in the midst of squealing fans, million dollar contracts and multimedia endorsements. They did not only rule primetime television, but also graced the covers of famous magazines all over the world. With their faces all over any medium of entertainment, it’s hard not to conclude that Gossip Girl is breeding the next paramount set of Hollywood stars.

The Faces behind the Massive Number of Gossip Girl Fan Sites

Blake Lively

Blake comes from a showbiz family. Inevitably, she gave in to the heed of theater at a very young of 11 when she took the role of Trixie the Tooth Fairy in the movie, Sandman. She finally got her first big break in the hit movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I and II. In the movie, she played the role of the blonde athletic babe, Bridget. It was said that her similarity with the character was so strong that handing in her photo alone already got her the part. Blake’s success really hit when she landed the part of Serena van der Woodsen in the hit teen sensation, Gossip Girl. She also starred in the college comedy, Accepted opposite Justin Long. We will soon see her in the film Elvis and Anabelle, a movie which is already receiving a lot of support and great reviews from fans and critiques.

Leighton Meester

Leighton’s statuesque look and come-hither glamour were first seen in several TV series such as CSI, Seventh Heaven, Law and Order, Simple Rules and House. But before all the fame, her life already seemed like the stories you see in movies. Before she was born, her parents were incarcerated for drug charges. For a time, she lived with her relatives until her mom was given pardon. Despite these, Leighton has maintained a very positive outlook about her parents’ past saying that she has no hatred towards what her parents did. Staying true to the saying, “let bygones be bygones”, Leighton never allowed this stumble to stop her from reaching her dreams.

Aside from being glammed up for her role as the manipulative Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester is also an aspiring singer/songwriter. In fact, she’s already working on her album in between her GG responsibilities. The album is said to be an eclectic mix of RnB, soul and pop according to the star.

Taylor Momsen

At a tender age of 15, model/actress Taylor Momsen has already cast her name as one of the most famous upcoming teen stars thanks to her role as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl. She started out starring in kiddie movies like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Spy Kids 2, and Underdog. These days, the 5’8” actress has been the muse of many fashion designers for her model-like appearance and doll face. Momsen was signed as a model under IMG.

Recently, Momsen is facing a lot of issues and controversies touching on her rail-thin body, outrageous fashion sense, and her hospitalization scare. There is also a rumor about her dating 23 year-old co-star, Chace Crawford. On the hand, the two young stars haven’t commented regarding their alleged relationship.

Ed Westwick

He rose to fame because of his role as the womanizing Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. Far from the character he portrays, Ed Westwick said that he’s a one-woman type of man and that he doesn’t see himself as morally bankrupt as the persona he exudes on-screen. The only similarity he probably has with his character would be their undeniable appeal with the girls.

Unknown to some, Ed Westwick is actually British, but his amazing American accent and suave look landed him the part of the most famous womanizer on TV.  He is also a member of an up and coming rock act which first shot to fame in London. When he’s not busy shooting for GG, he’s creating music with his band, Filthy Youth, back in his hometown.

Penn Badgley

Just like girlfriend Blake Lively, Penn also heed the call of acting at a very young. When he moved to Washington, he juggled schooling with his passion for the theater and became part of the Seattle Children’s Theater. Starting out as a child star, Badgley appeared in TV series including Will and Grace, What I Like About You and Daddios. He also did some voice work for video game, Mario Golf 64.

In 2002, he starred in Do Over and played Joel Larsen, a 34-year old man who gets a second shot to straighten his life through a weird accident that brings him back to 1980 as a 14-year-old. He also appeared in another show, Drive Through, with his future Gossip castmate, Leighton Meester.

Badgley also appeared in movies like John Tucker Must Die and is soon to star in the remake of The Stepfather.

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford began acting as a hobby while he was attending Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. Shortly after, he landed a role in the hit film, The Covenant before bagging the role of Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl.

Chace Crawford has been pretty popular with the ladies on and off screen with his much publicized relationship with country singer, Carrie Underwood, and rumored fling with co-star Taylor Momsen.

Gossip Girl has been a springboard for many of these young actors to access an instant ticket to Hollywood portal. With the extreme popularity that the Gossip Girl cast is gaining not only in the US but the world over, we are certain that this bunch of gorgeous stars have already begun their long journey in the realm of glamour and lights.