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One of the most famous trading experiments of all time took a group of people with no trading experience and turned them into millionaires after just 2 weeks training…

The turtle story is inspiring because it shows that anyone can win at trading and also gives a clear insight to why most traders fail.

The Experiment

This experiment was conducted by Richard Dennis and known as the turtle experiment. Dennis wanted to prove anyone could become a successful trader and trading was a learned skill so he did the following:

1. He got a diverse group of people together who had never traded before and they were of all ages, men and women and of varying levels of academic achievement.

2. He taught them a method and the mindset to succeed and set a period of 2 weeks.

3. They were then given live trading accounts to see how well they would do.

The result of this experiment was – they made Dennis $100 million dollars in just 4 years and went down in trading history as legends.

The Paradox

The experiment throws up a question:

If anyone can learn to trade then how come 95% of ALL traders lose?

Dennis knew the answer and its simple – traders either get the wrong forex education or they don’t have the correct mindset.

The trading system taught was simple and it was just a long term breakout style system with strict money management rules.

While the system was simple Dennis knew the traders would not win unless they could apply the trading system with discipline so he didn’t tell them it worked and to follow it blindly, he taught them why it worked and instilled confidence in the traders that it did work, by showing them how it could lead them to trading success.

Losing is Part of Winning

He knew the traders would have to trade through long periods of losses and if they didn’t have the discipline to keep going through these periods, they would lose and this is the reason most traders:

They won’t accept responsibility for their actions (how many follow worthless forex robots? Or mentors) and they can’t take losses and keep them small, as they don’t have discipline.

The Market Doesn’t Beat the Trader the Trader Beats Himself

The turtle experiment is one any trader can learn from as it shows anyone can learn to trade and the key is not just a trading system, but a combination of a trading system and the discipline to apply it.

Keep in mind forex trading looks easy and learning it is but you must have the correct mindset in place as well as a good system to win.

This story is inspiring and sure you may not make as much as them but the opportunity is there for all, to earn a great side income or even a life changing income – if you have a desire to succeed, a willingness to learn and simple robust method, then forex trading success can be yours.
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Education, entertainment, wildlife conservation and thrills are what you can expect at Orlando’s SeaWorld. This park has been called the most popular marine-life park in the world, and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

At SeaWorld you can get up close to dolphins, stingrays, water turtles, penguins and the other creatures that inhabit the seas of the earth. Let’s look at some of the attractions that you can experience at this park.

The Wild Arctic is a popular favorite. Here, you’ll enter a frozen wonderland with walls of ice nearly a half-inch thick. Exploring this multi-level ecosystem, you’ll encounter abundant Arctic animal life seemingly drawn to the old ship. This includes face to face encounters with real walruses, beluga whales, and two famous polar bears named Klondike and Snow.

Do you like penguins? If so then you should make it a point to visit the Penguin Encounter attraction. It is Sea World’s “slice of the Antarctic” and here you can watch penguins waddle about and enjoy themselves.

Stingrays have a fearsome name, but contrary to the name and the reputation they are among the most docile animals of the sea. Visit Sea Worlds Stingray Lagoon and you can watch 200 rays glide through the waters of their protected home. If you put your hand just below the surface, you’re likely to get a velvety “high five” as they swim by. In a nearby nursery, stingray pups learn and play under the watchful eye of SeaWorld’s animal care experts, always on hand to tell you anything you want to know about these graceful, mysterious creatures.

At Turtle Point you can view 300 sea turtles, ranging from tiny hatchlings to 6-foot-long leatherbacks. At Turtle Point you can also learn about and watch some of the endangered and threatened species of sea turtles. Here, these prehistoric-looking reptiles reside in a naturalistic lagoon complete with a beach, sand dunes and indigenous plant life.

Pacific Point Preserve is a recreated Los Angeles nature preserve featuring California sea lions. Here you can meet, touch and even feed some of these remarkable animals. Be sure to get a spot at Pacific Point Preserve at feeding time and you’ll be in for a treat. This laid back community of California sea lions and harbor seals are always ready to entertain a crowd with their animated vocals and endless antics.

In addition to the thrill and wonder of seeing amazing sea creatures up close, the park also has sea-themed thrill rides. One of the newest is Journey to Atlantis.

Here is how the Sea World website, Seaworld.com, describes this ride: “Brave twists, turns, and watery falls of mythical proportions as you explore the mysterious, lost city of Atlantis aboard this thrilling water coaster ride. Journey along a dark, watery passageway through this sunken city guarded by sirens, whose fury casts riders out on some of the steepest, wettest plunges you’ll find, sending you racing out of the gates of this ill fated utopian paradise.” You can expect to get wet on this ride, so be prepared.

To top off the thrills, SeaWorld is also home to the Kraken, the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. That’s right, it has no floor! Imagine a roller coaster that takes you to heights of a 15-story building, and puts you upside down seven times at speeds reaching 65 mph! Whew, that’s Kraken and it can only be found at SeaWorld. (You must be 54 inches tall to ride).

After you have been thrilled by the rides and delighted by the sea creatures, you can chill out at the park’s entertainment and dining area, known as the Waterfront. There is no doubt about it; SeaWorld has a combination of attractions, thrills and fun that is sure to bring a smile to every member of your family.

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Most people are familair with or know the story of the ten plagues of Egypt thazt’s found in Exodus chapters 7-11. If in Vegas,it’s seven come eleven! So, are those events, that story literal, allegorical, or metaphorical. What say you? Was this the last fly-by time of Planet X? The time frame fits. And if so, are we looking at something similiar around 2012? Ah, the intrigue.

As we read the Kolbrin Bible, and I have, we get a different reason or cause for the ten plagues. The Kolbrin is a collection of ancient manuscripts said to have been salvaged from the Glastonbury Abbey arson in 1184. The Kolbrin said to have a connection with Jesus historically through Joseph of Arimathea.

The Kolbrin Bible is a 2-part, 11-book secular anthology. The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following the Hebrew Exodus. The last five books are called the “Celtic texts” and were penned by Celtic priests following the death of Jesus. The Egyptian version of the ten plagues isn’t about the hardnened heart of Pharoah, but a massive meteorite shower (Nibiru- PlanetX?).

When you compare the Egyptian and Hebrew accounts of the plagues there appears to be an unbroken natural chain of events starting with the water turning to blood. Say what?

Planet X, being a brown dwarf, or unborn sun, is surrounded with iron particles and dust. Iron would turn the water red, just as iron makes bricks red. And there are obvious natural reasons that frogs, lice, dog flies, cattle plague, boils, hail mixed with fire, locusts, and darkness plagues came from such a pass-by. The tenth plague was most probably as a result of the effects of heavy doses of sulfur dioxide which basically becomes cyanide gas.

The heavy cyanide gas concentrates on the floor and ground. The custom was to place babies and childen on the cool floor while parents would sleep on the roofs. I could go on with more detail however, the broad strokes here is enough for those interested to dig into (buy) a Kolbrin Bible (not cheap) and see which version you think is more logical- or were both right but told from a different perspective?

Can it happen again December 21, 2012. Well, not exactly on that date but if there 3,600 year cycle is true, we’ll know soon enough (like in 2009 sometime) as our telescopes will pick this brown dwarf up a couple of years before causing us major pain.

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Is your closet full of old and out-dated clothing? Or is the clothing in your closet new and up-to-the latest fashion styles? No matter whether you have a closet full of pieces that you still wear (and many that you just do not want to part with); having some of the important classic pieces is not only a dream, it is a must.

The wardrobe of any fashion conscious woman includes classic pieces that are fashionable, and also includes clothing that is coordinated and matches your personality. Many of these classic clothing choices may include your basic colors, shoes appropriate for each occasion, and accessories for special evening or daytime events. All choices are important and act to complement each other.

Your choices also depends on your tastes. However, when buying any classic piece, it must be well made in a quality fabric. Classic pieces that are well made wear better, feel better, and will always look better on you. Some quality fabrics used for classic styles are lightweight wool gabardine, silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, and some in textured yarns. Go an extra step and make sure all pieces fit well. If not, have your outfit altered by professional tailors, especially if you have a change in your weight or size. It is worth the extra money.

Ten of the most important classic pieces that must go into the closet of your dreams include:

One. That all-important little black dress (and gray is becoming the new black this season). A black dress is flexible and can go from day to evening with the addition of a jeweled belt, or a luxurious satin, or velvet jacket or long tunic. And for even more different and elegant looks, add a scarf, several necklaces, or different leather, fabric, or chain belts.

Two. A single strand of pearls to wear with your little black dress. Pearls also give an elegant look to a turtle neck sweater and classy jeans.

Three. An all-weather coat, better known as the trench coat is especially good and can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit. A neutral colored trench, when worn over a bright dress or skirt and top, stands out on those gloomy days.

Four. A black or navy blue solid color blazer makes a great fashion statement. And can be mixed and matched with contrasting tops in solids or prints.

Five. At least three pairs of pumps in good condition and in good quality leather are always suitable. Leather shoes can be worn with either day or evening wear. So, save your fabric shoes in suede, satin, and kid for your evening wear.

Six. A three-piece suit includes your jacket, skirt and pants in a solid color, and may be in one of the classic fabrics or fibers. Make sure it coordinates with your basic colors. It can be in a lightweight wool or flannel, and tailored in simple lines. Select one without trimming, and with full-length sleeves. The skirt can be straight or slim, and pants in a straight-leg cut gives a more elegant, tailored look.

A long sleeve white cotton shirt with or without French cuffs is always a must. Keep it clean and crisp for that professional look and feel. It can be worn with your two or three piece suit, or alone with a slim and flared skirts, or pants.

Eight. Slacks in a Khaki fabric are versatile and can stand up to a harsh winter. They can be worn for casual day wear. Worn with a two-button jacket gives it a more professional look.

Nine. A Cashmere sweater or twin sweater set gives you many different looks. Choose one that is plain and simple, and dress it up with pearls or a scarf, or choose a seductive and bold set for that touch of sophistication . It is your choice.

Ten. Jeans. Keep them current and classy. Dry-clean or press them yourself after washing. Jeans worn with dramatic T-shirts or tops are great for mixing and matching outfits.

To top off any outfit, whether the occasion is casual, or for an elegant evening, a smile adds to your confidence and self-esteem. A positive self image must be a part of the wardrobe of every woman who wishes to dress well. Nothing looks better on a woman than her confidence and pride.

Now make classic styles and elegant dressing an important part of your dream closet.

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It is a devastating feeling when a hurricane hits anywhere in the Untied States. In order to survive a hurricane, it is important to have a disaster survival plan in place before the hurricane or disaster hits. Always be prepared is not always for the Boy Scouts, but for everyone and not just those along a beach front property because hurricanes can come pretty far inland. In addition, a tornado is another devastating disaster that one would need to survive.

Disaster survival kits should always be prepared in advance and be ready to grab at a moments notice. Items that need to be included in the disaster survival kits would be waterproof matches and a lighter; a flare gun and extra flares; clean water or tablets that allow you to make any water drinkable – you can find these at the army stores for military uses them all the time – blankets, change of clothing, medications you are currently taking – at least a couple of days worth – and non-perishable foods plus a can opener. You should also have a flashlight and radio with lots of extra batteries because you don’t know how long you will need to use these items and they do ‘eat up’ batteries.

If you find yourself in a situation when a hurricane would be coming, you must first prepare in advance by boarding up the windows and doors and if you are ordered to evacuate, you must evacuate for your on survival. If you don’t evacuate, and then find yourself in a hurricane situation, climb to safety, which would be the highest point in your home because the water will rise. This is going to be the attic for most people or the second level of your home.

Make sure you keep the disaster emergency kit on the second floor or in the attic so you can be prepared. Besides the things listed above to be kept in your emergency kit, there might be a chance that you can not get out of you house through the front or back doors and may need to climb through the roof. If that were the case, you might want to keep a pick ax or a drill or some type of tool that will help you ‘dig’ your way out of the attic somewhere near by. This is where the flares come in handy as well. You might want to keep a marker and poster board to make a help sign also.

The main thing to do in a disaster situation is to remain clam. As the water is rising or the wind is knocking your house around, it may be difficult to remain clam, but that is what is most important, to remain clam. You can not act rationally when you are not calm. Once you get to the attic, you have to wait until you know if the water is going to recede or keep rising. This is where the radio comes in handy.

You should be listening to the weather reports and the reports on where the worst damage is and what they are doing to try and rescue the people in the areas hardest hit. Do not try to wade your way out of the house if the water is waist high or even lower because you don’t know what is in the murky waters and there could be a current and it could sweep you away. The only thing you can do is wait out the storm.

If you must climb to higher ground, which would be the rooftop, then you would need to ‘dig’ a hole in the ceiling and roof of the house to crawl out of. This is where the pick ax would come in handy. If you have a slanted roof, you might want to keep some rope or climbing twine and a large clip that one would use for climbing in the attic or your survival bag to tether yourself to something strong in the attic.

Since you are now on the outside, you may be able to get cell phone reception and call for help. If it is still raining and blowing strong winds – you will know if you are listening to the radio and if that is the case, do not dig your way out until it clears up. And remember, the search and rescue workers are extremely busy and unless you are hurt, you will have to be patient and wait until they can get to you, either by boat or helicopter.

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Women are the simplest, yet the most complex creatures you will ever encounter. Each woman is intricately different, yet they are intrinsically the same. There is a sisterhood among women of which men are not privy. Different women respond to different things and it can be a challenge to figure out just how to attract women when they are so very different. However, there are some basic things that you can do to turn a woman’s head and get her attention.

She is Not Just a Body

There is a saying in many locker rooms that goes something like this: “Turn women upside down and they are all the same”. This could not be farther from the truth. Each women is very different and, guess what, she is not just a body! Respect her for being more than just a body and when you talk to her, don’t talk to, uh, “the girls”, keep your eyes on hers. You can appreciate a smokin’ hot body, but let her know that you appreciate her mind as well.

Read Her Signals

A woman will give off signals to let you know that she is interested. You can’t know how to attract women if you can’t tell if they are interested in you. The challenge is knowing how to read those mysterious signals.

Her Mouth

Watch her mouth. If she bites her lips, licks her lips or runs her tongue along her teeth, this shows interest. So does a big smile with both upper and lower teeth showing.

Her Face

Does she touch her cheek or touch her chin while she is looking at you? She is thinking about some type of relations between the two of you.

Her Eyes

Is she looking into your eyes and her pupils are larger than normal? This is a HUGE sign that she in interested! If she winks at you while she is talking to you, or even from across the room, well, that is a classic sign of interest.

Her Body

Watch how she sits when she is with you and you are talking with her. If she is sitting straight up and she appears to be a little tense, this is a great indicator that she is interested and nervous. If she plays with her hair while she is talking to you or looking at you, this is a definite sign that some interest is happening.

Her Voice

If she is interested – and wants you to know that she is interested, she will tend to raise and lower the volume of her voice as if matching yours.

Treat Her Like a Lady

No matter if she is giving you subtle hints through body language or is throwing herself at you, always treat her like a lady – or at least the lady she wants to be treated as anyway. Open her car door for her, hold doors for her when you go in or out of a building, remain standing until she is seated and allow her to order first at restaurants. Remember the mantra, “ladies first” and take it to heart.

There is no one “trick” on how to attract women. If you show her that she is more than just a body to you, read and respond to her signals and treat her like a lady you have learned the secrets of how to attract women. Take your time, don’t rush things, don’t get sleazy and please, please, please keep your eyes above her neckline! You can’t go wrong.

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The quality of air that we breathe can make a huge difference in our well-being. More often than not, the air that is in our homes is filled with dust and all sorts of other impurities. Breathing in air that is adulterated can trigger allergies, cause illness, or even generate disease. To increase the quality of air in your home the best option is to make an investment in an air purification system.

Air purification systems are designed to meet a variety of needs. They can help those who suffer from allergies and other types of breathing difficulties, prevent people from becoming ill, and basically improve the health of those needing better indoor atmospheric conditions.

When choosing an air purification system, there are a variety of options. Humidification systems, electronic air cleaners, media air cleaners, and ultraviolet filtration systems are some of the choices that one may have.

Humidification systems control moisture, therefore upgrading air quality. These entities are able to add humidity into the ducts of your home or collaborate with your furnace to send out heightened moisture.

Electronic air cleaners improve the grade of air that circulates throughout your space. These purifiers remove a range of pollutants that can be found all over the home. Some of the impurities that these systems are designed to eliminate are bacteria, tobacco smoke, mold, odors, dust, and many other contaminants. This type of air cleaner is able to remove particles that are thousands of times smaller than even the head of a pin.

Media air cleaners are advanced refining systems that increase the level of air in your home. These systems have enhanced air flow capabilities and are very efficient in their deduction of toxins. This type of purifier is also able to get rid of elements that are thousands of times smaller that the head of a pin.

Ultraviolet filtration systems are proficient in ridding the home of bacteria and mold. Abolishing mold and bacteria, through this type of system, can make it so these pollutants are not circulated throughout the home. Having an ultraviolet filtration system can expel germs or viruses that could be present in your home, thus having a significant effect on the wellbeing of your home and those in it.

Improving the quality of air that you and your family breathe is an important factor in maintaining supreme health and wellbeing.

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Before you head out to the skatepark (or that perfectly empty swimming pool in your neighborhood) you need to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to safety. You might feel like a “dork” wearing a helmet and tons of other safety gear, but you’ll feel even worse if you get into a skateboarding accident, even a minor one, without any type of safety equipment on. With that said, let’s go over some of the most important gear, as well as some optional equipment.

Helmet – This is the most import piece of skateboarding safety gear you could ever wear. If you hit your head without a helmet on, you risk getting a concussion, causing permanent brain damage, and even death. Why risk your life by not wearing a helmet? Even professional skateboarders who have years, or even decades of experience riding, always wear a helmet.

Elbow and Knee Pads – What’s wrong with a couple of bruised knees and elbows right? You might even consider such injuries as “battle scars”. Unfortunately, although it may only seem like a minor bruise on the surface, you might be doing permanent damage to your joints. Falling on your knees without knee pads can cause joint inflammation, and breakage. Injuries to the elbow can include dislocation and fractures.

Wrist Guards – You might not think wrist guards are an essential piece of safety equipment, but wrist fractures happen to be very common skateboarding injuries. Imagine not being able to do simple things like write, or hold a fork, all because you didn’t want to wear wrist guards.

Proper Shoes – Flip flops, dress shoes, slippers and shoes with open toes or open backs are not the best choices for skateboarding. You’ll need to wear good quality tennis shoes, or even skate shoes from companies like Vans, DC Shoes, Etnies, etc. Make sure you keep the laces tied tight and keep the loops from hanging too far over your shoe so that you don’t trip.

Optional skateboarding safety gear can include an athletic cup for guys, and “turtle shell” style bra cups for women. For any guy who plans on executing tricks that include grinding rails, (or any hard surface that can easily be fallen on in a straddled position) I recommend you wear a cup for obvious reasons. If you are a woman who likes to hit the skatepark with your buddies, you might consider wearing bra cups to protect yourself from doing any damage if you fall forward too hard.

In addition to wearing safety gear, remember to stay safe by:

Skating in areas designated for skating like a local skatepark.

Wearing reflective or bright clothing when skating in the dark.

Keeping away from traffic.

Not skating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Skateboarding is a fun sport that most anyone can enjoy with time and effort, but please remember to keep your safety in mind when riding. People who choose to wear skateboarding safety gear will be the ones who can enjoy skateboarding for years to come – injury free.

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Whether you are looking for clothes that speak of class and comfort, or when you are thinking of buying a gift for a woman who reminds you of those things, it is important for you to consider cashmere sweaters. Cashmere sweaters are renowned for their amazingly soft texture and their delicate construction. Interestingly enough, they are also very warm and have a long history that goes back at least five hundred years. What are you looking for when you are considering women’s cashmere sweaters and what do you think you will find?

If you have every held or worn cashmere, you will know instantly why it is such a coveted material. It has an extraordinarily fine texture, and it is also very light and soft. The nature of the fiber also leads it to have a very good insulating properties, which means that you can wear a single layer and still be much warmer than you might think. The lightness of cloth that is possible with cashmere is exceptional, and you’ll find that for the most part, cashmere is used to make jackets or sweaters, because the fabric itself cannot stand up to hard wear.

When you are thinking of purchasing womens cashmere sweaters, consider what kind of cut you are interested in. As long as you know what styles you like and which ones look good on you, you’ll discover that purchasing online can be just as satisfying as purchasing in person. Consider what kind of neckline you like, whether you prefer something more tight fitting like a turtle neck, or something more loose like a boat neck or a cowl neck sweater, there are lots of options for you to choose from. Cashmere is a lovely fabric to wear and it skims the body with form and grace.

You’ll also have a wide array of colors to choose from when you are thinking about purchasing cashmere sweaters. Because wool is a natural fabric, it tends to take dye very well, and the fading that occurs is fairly minimal. If you get a cashmere sweater that is well made, you can enjoy it for years. While people do love the deep blues, reds, greens and yellows that you can find in cashmere, remember that natural fibers are also quite lovely. Natural cashmere comes in gray, brown and white and can also be a terrific choice.

Take some time and consider what your options are when it comes to great cashmere sweaters. There are a lot of great options open to you, so have some fun and choose the garments that you love.
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