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South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world and outlaws homophobia (hate speech on the grounds of sexual orientation is illegal), protects the sanctity of same-sex relationships and new legislation has acknowledged homosexual marriages. This being said it does not mean that Cape Town is less african than the rest of the continent. It only means that laws have been put in place to protect its citizens.


The pinnacle of gay Cape Town has to be De Waterkant village in Green Point, that breaks free from the boundaries of what is normally defined as being exclusively gay. With its cosy cafes, multi-functional restaurants, delightful guest houses, chic designer shops and pulsating night life, it has transformed itself into a most pleasing community. But dont think that this is where the pink map of Cape Town ends, all along the Atlantic seaboard, guest houses, tearooms and exquisite break-away spots can be found that embrace the power of the pink.


The Triangle Project is a service organisation working to eradicate discrimination against and within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. It provides sexual health education, free weekly walk-in clinics, professional face to face counselling and a helpline.
Cape Info Africa is a tourists dream come true. If you need information on exploring the Atlantic Seaboard, this is your highway to a variety of travel and tourism answers.
Wanderwoman (www.wanderwoman.co.za) is Cape Town’s own sisterhood of travelling muses. A facilitating service operated by lesbians, for lesbians.


Establishments that cater for the gay travellers needs are situated in Cape Town, Green Point and along the Atlantic Seaboard. Ranging from the bed & breakfast establishments to the luxury hotel and villa accommodation and sleeping up to ten guests, with en-suite bathrooms, panoramic Cape Town views, air-conditioning, satellite tv’s and wireless internet access, these accommodation venues cater for all the needs of the gay community.

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“I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve.” Luke 1:38. (from THE MESSAGE)

To fathom the response of Mary is to capture one of the most powerful messages of Christmas.

Engaged to be married to Joseph, full of hope for a life blessed by marriage and motherhood, pure of heart and of body, she had every reason to believe that she would enjoy the fruits of a good and honest life. Simple. Out of the spotlight. And yet the intervention by Gabriel, God’s messenger, stopped her in her tracks, turned her world upside down, and changed the course of history.

Gabriel gave the news to Mary that she would become pregnant, give birth to a son, and call him Jesus. Visibly shaken, she said to the angel: “But how? I’ve never slept with a man.” And thus the conception by the Holy Spirit was revealed:

”The Holy Spirit will come upon you,
The power of the Highest hover over you;
Therefore, the child you bring to birth
Will be called Holy, Son of God.” (Luke 1:34-35 from THE MESSAGE)

That message rocked her world.

And then it was revealed by Gabriel that her cousin, Elizabeth, had also conceived a child with her husband, Zachariah, even though she was very old, and thought to be barren.

And then Gabriel replied: “Nothing is impossible with God.” And Mary immediately answered: “Yes, I see it all now: I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve. Let it be with me just as you say.” (Luke 1: 37-38 from THE MESSAGE)

And thus the course was set: this divine, eternal drama would change the lives of mankind from that moment forward. From the family of Joseph and Mary, to Zachariah and Elizabeth, to the shepherds abiding in the fields: the news of the conception by the Holy Spirit, the unswerving belief of Mary and her immediate desire to serve, and the birth of the babe who was born a Savior has granted believers around the world the promises of forgiveness, righteousness, completeness, and a place in the heavenlies at the right hand of God.

It is important to grasp that, despite the recent frenzy in America about taking Christ out of Christmas (having “winter celebrations” instead of “Christmas parties”; “Programs” instead of “Pageants”; and “City Trees” instead of “Christmas trees”) that we Americans are nonetheless distinctly Christian. In fact, four out of five of us describe ourselves as Christians. A recent Harris poll found that 82% of us believed in the Virgin birth, and surprisingly, even among those who admit to being non-Christian, 43% believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.

The Virgin Birth is an incredible historical account with the most profound impact ever introduced to mankind. It is full of wonder and mystery. And I accept and believe it in faith. I believe in other divine orders as well. I believe in God the Creator, as do 94% of Americans; in heaven, as do 89% of Americans; in the eternity of the soul, as do 86% of Americans; in miracles, as do 85% of Americans; and in Christ’s resurrection, as do 86% of us. (1)

But two of my favorite parts of the Virgin Birth of Christ are Gabriel’s message, and Mary’s immediate response: “Nothing is impossible with God”, and “I am the Lord’s maid, ready to serve.”

How many times in your own life have you encountered a situation that looked impossible? Where you felt hopeless, helpless, and hapless? Certainly, you have struggled with relationships, health issues, and financial burdens that have looked absolutely hopeless. There may have been marital battles—large or small—that have forced you to wonder if resolution was even possible, let alone practical. Your children may be rebelling, your home life may be in ruins, your health may be in a state of serious jeopardy, and so you look at life right now through eyes of despair rather than through eyes of hope.

Can you imagine the fear that coursed through Mary’s veins when she was first confronted by Gabriel? Young, pure, and engaged but not yet married…and being told that she would conceive by the Holy Spirit and deliver the Savior of the world? Her initial shock would have to have been completely overwhelming. Any one of us would be traumatized by such news! Yet she found comfort in the angel’s assurance: “nothing is impossible with God.”

So how did she go from being overwhelmed by the news to the immediate reply: “I am the Lord’s maid, ready to serve”?

For when I read and re-read the account of the Virgin Birth, it is not only through the filter of “Nothing is impossible with God.” Rather, being a two-part account, it’s the immediate desire and readiness to serve that truly amazes me! Mary was ready to serve! After hearing overwhelming news. Confronting confusion. Facing fear of rejection and ridicule. Yet she was immediately ready.

Twenty seven years ago I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. My right leg met the bumper and my pelvis met the hood of the speeding car when I attempted to cross the street on my way to my part-time summer job as a college student. The impact propelled me about seventy-five feet in the air before I landed in a crumpled heap on Route 100 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I was unconscious for a couple hours and, shortly after waking up, had an angel encounter of my own. I re-tell the incident at the risk of losing you; I understand that angel encounters are extremely rare, and that you may find my experience unbelievable. And how could someone else lend it credibility anyway? But especially now, at Christmas, I feel compelled to share it.

Waking up in extreme pain and bewilderment that went beyond rational thought, my first sight was that of my mother and brother staring at me in the emergency room of the hospital. Just like in the movies, everything went in and out of fuzziness (my head was pounding from a concussion), and I was overcome with a sense of “What in the world happened to me?!?” (Apparently that’s a universal reaction to coming out of unconsciousness.) My family was able to quickly explain things and help me sort out the gravity of the situation. I was extremely fearful—like Mary—and understood immediately that my future held in the balance. I was closer to death than I was able to comprehend. And when my brain started to get wrapped around just exactly what had happened to me (my pelvis was fractured in two places, my tibia and fibula were shattered, internal organs suffered extreme bruising, trauma affected my ability to face immediate surgery, my brain was suffering from a concussion), I started shaking uncontrollably. And then the angel spoke to me and I got the sense—like Mary—to “fear not.” For her words—though short and simple—were delivered with great calm: “We’re not ready for you yet.” The rest was delivered with equal weight, but with less clarity. The Message resonated strongly: “Go and tell others about God.”

I confess that—unlike Mary—I lacked the sense of “Here am I Lord, your good and faithful servant.” As a self-absorbed twenty-year-old college junior, my only desires were to survive and get back into the action at Wake Forest University, where my sorority sisters and fraternity brothers were having way more fun than I was. I didn’t tell anyone about my angel encounter for another twenty years or so. And I did a lousy job of “telling others about God” as well. My fear of proselytizing led me to keep my mouth mostly shut. I tried to “tell others” with good behavior. With feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. With housing teens in crisis pregnancies. Going on mission trips. Yet I lacked the confidence and boldness to spread The Message much beyond that.

And so I failed to live up to part of the purpose that I believe God saved me for. I was given another chance at life, yet in many ways, I wasted it.

Regardless of your theology, your religious background, and your place in this journey, you can nonetheless identify with the impossibility of some of the challenges that life throws our way, and of your desire—or lack of it—to be good stewards of your time, talent, and energy in meeting them. Some of us are well aware of our life purpose, and know with certainty the roadmap we are to follow in carrying it out. Some of us
are well aware of our life purpose, but quietly put it on the back burner for one reason or another. Fear of rejection? Of failure? Of the sheer magnitude of the purpose and the impossibility of achieving it? And some of us have no idea why we’ve been put into this time and place in history. We’re still groping for answers—or even worse—can’t even articulate the questions!

So it makes Mary’s response even more incredible to me. Faced with news that would confound the bravest among us, she responded with calm dignity and enjoyed the confidence that faith in Gabriel’s message allowed. With faith and assurance in God’s promise, she not only accepted the news; she offered herself as a willing servant. Immediately.

It is my hope that during this season of Christmas, you will be open to immediate service, too. That despite sad news, overwhelming odds, confusing trials and tribulations, and confounding problems in your everyday workaday world, you will grab hold of the promise—with confidence—that “Nothing is impossible with God.” And that you will fear not—like Mary—and agree to stand in the gap for service to others. It may be service to your children and to your spouse. Or to your next-door neighbor. It may be to complete strangers who are facing challenges beyond your comprehension and living as disenfranchised citizens of the world.

Regardless, move forward with confidence that service—while sometimes frightening, sometimes overwhelming, and almost always inconvenient—might just lead to events that could change the course of history. Like Mary.


(1) The Harris Poll #52, September 13, 2000.

Scripture taken from THE MESSAGE. Copyright © by Eugene H. Peterson, 1993, 1994, 1995. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group.

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About Global Warming

Nowadays, global warming are becoming heavier and heavier, many people are the victims of this environmental problem. It is the fact that global warming is going to lead to a rise in human-beings’ sickness and death. According to a report, owing to the climbing average temperatures, there are at least 20,000 Europeans in August in 2003.It’s an astonishing number for every person so that we should do some actions to solve this problem.

I think there are several key affected by global warming as follows:

AIR we are used to thinking of industrial and traffic pollution as having a detrimental effect on air quality.

WATER and INSECTS are also the problems of which can affect global warming.

Don’t deny it anymore; we need to stop global warming!

Don’t deny that we are causing global warming; we need to stop global warming before it is too late. America and other governments do not want to admit they are the cause because they do not want to pay to fix the problem. They are hoping Nature will fix the problem and it will all go away or they hope that our children or grandchildren can solve the problem. We need to incorporate that famous statement “The buck stops here” and fix the problem.

Facts to be accepted On Global Warming

Global warming is a realistic threat to the very existence of life on earth. The unprecedented rise in earth’s average temperature is a cause for worry. Moreover, the rise in temperature is projected to continue in the same rate, if some urgent steps are not taken immediately. Global warming has already affected the pattern of climate in many places. Many of the recent floods, hurricanes and tsunamis are known to be a direct result of this phenomenon. Global warming is also contributing to the gradual rise in sea level in many places around the world. A collective effort on the part of all us is what is needed to stop global warming.

Can Global Warming Usher in the New Ice Age?

It’s quite possible that global warming may cause the new Ice Age. This paradox can be explained briefly in that the Gulf Stream current and the North Atlantic Drift (both are major warm-water currents in the northern hemisphere in the Atlantic Ocean) heat up the air around them which in turn prevents the temperature from dipping precipitously. However, with the currents being salt-based and with the rising temperatures causing massive ice melts, the onslaught of fresh water will dilute the salt therefore eliminating the warming effect of the two currents. Once these currents are shut down, the temperature will drop precariously in the northern hemisphere thus possibly ushering in another Ice Age.

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Let me ask you.

When was the last you met a guy that you REALLY like?

Perhaps not too long ago.

BUT here’s the MORE important question,

Did he walk away impressed with you and eagerly waiting for the chance to talk to you again? Or did he dismiss you as just another ordinary lady?

It must be frustrating if the latter situation describes your case.

Think about it.

Here’s a great guy and a great chance to make him want you BADLY as much as you want him. But for some reason, you’re not able to make anything good out of it.

This isn’t the time to be bothered by it. And the next time a guy you REALLY like comes along your way, make sure you throw these tips on how to impress a guy on him and use them to your advantage!

How To Impress A Guy – Step 1:

Say ‘hi’ and start a free-flowing conversation. Nothing more. Don’t make the mistake of throwing yourself at the guy as that would make you look desperate and needy. And the last person a man wants to be with is someone that’s clingy.

How To Impress A Guy – Step 2:

Talk to him like you talk with your guy friends or brother. Don’t show that you’re nervous or excited. If you show how giddy you can get just him talking to you, chances are he’ll feel that he has the upper-hand on you and would be filled with a surge of arrogance. Not a good thing.

How To Impress A Guy – Step 3:

Bringing up some interesting facts about you should be nice. But don’t make it the start of your conversation! That gives the conversation a ‘formal’ feel to it. Now that would be nice if you’re talking to a business partner. However, in situations like this, we want to keep it as care-free and as enjoyable as possible.

How To Impress A Guy – Step 4:

Now it’s the time for him to talk. Allow him to bring up some nice-to-know facts about himself such as hobbies, passions, and listen closely. These facts might give you some ideas for something to talk about the next time you meet.

How To Impress A Guy – Step 5:

Don’t stay there talking to him for a long time. Give him the gift of missing you. However, you must keep this warning in mind that you don’t cut the conversation because of an awkward moment or silence. You want something pleasant to register in his head before you go.

By the way, did you know that so many women make their own lives and relationships harder than they need to be by not learning the basic foundations of how men view love, connection, attraction and relationships?

If you want to start getting better outcomes and results when it comes to men, and you want to be able to communicate with a man in a way that brings him closer.

Then you’re going to have START doing what it is that makes a man FEEL ATTRACTED and MORE INTERESTED in you. It means that you need to Learn The Secrets That Most Women Will Never Know About Meeting And Keeping Great Men!

Make this the year you finally know what it’s like to have a fun, loving and secure relationship by discovering how to find the right man and make love last. Just Go To Catch And Keep Him to learn the SECRET PSYCHOLOGY TO GETTING A MAN AND KEEPING HIM FOR GOOD – And you don’t need to be gorgeous or young to do it! Just visit The Secrets To Catch And Keep Him



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If your closet is a jumble of mismatched shoes and purses all over the floor, dry-cleaning bags sticking out every which way, outfits you haven’t worn in months (or years!) hogging up all your space, and a general mess of wrinkles and missing buttons, don’t despair. It’s time to get a grip, and what you need is a plan.

Step 1. Evaluate your horrible closet. Open the door, and stare the beast in the face. The first thing to determine is whether the root of the problem is the closet, or the lack of a system for using the closet. Look carefully at the following: IF your items were properly put away, would you have enough hanging space? Shelf space? Drawer space? Shoe space? If the answer to those is yes, then congratulations! You can move right on to the next step. If the answer is no, you have a little more homework. Make a list of exactly where your closet is falling short. Now take all of the internal measurements of your closet. You’ll need to make a visit to your local hardware or department store to get the organizational pieces you’ll need, or if you’re really in a tough situation, make use of one of the many closet design tools available online. Once this is taken care of, you’re ready to move on to putting the system in place. You’ll need the following: a couple of large garbage bags, a laundry basket, and a starter set of hangers. These hangers should all be matching, and NOT made of wire, which get all tangled up and damage your clothing. Don’t forget hangers for pants and skirts.

Step 2. Take EVERYTHING out of the closet so that you can start with a clean slate. As you take them out, you will separate them into three piles:

damaged, outdated, or doesn’t fit (if you’re not sure, try them on now) pieces you still like but need minor repairs (think buttons, hem changes, etc) pieces you wear and regularly AND feel good in.
Now, take all of the items from the damaged/outdated/doesn’t fit pile and put them in the garbage bags. Remove them from the house immediately. Go put them in your car to be dropped off at the donation center the very next time you’re out. There is absolutely no need to keep these items in your life. Examine the items in the minor repair pile. Place these in the laundry basket. Set a deadline to make the repairs, or they join their friends at the donation center. If something isn’t important enough for you to repair in a timely manner, it’s not important enough to keep. (The fastest way to get this done is just to take them to the drycleaner and let them do it for you. It’s very inexpensive, and can be done in just a day or two.)

Step 3. Move on to the pile of your regularly worn items, and separate them into categories by TYPE of item. I recommend the following: sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters and jackets / blazers, skirts, pants, and special occasion. When that is done, place the items to be hung on hangers, and fold the rest. Here’s a tip: the more you are able to keep like items together, the easier it is to find what you’re looking for, and also to maintain the system. For instance, if you just hang ALL of your short sleeve shirts, instead of hanging some and folding others, you only have one place to go to find them or put them away, right?

Step 4. Arrange each category by color as follows: whites and creams, pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, brown, blacks, grays. The logic is simple: Let’s say it’s summer and you’ve grabbed a pair of brown pants. You now know right where to reach for a sleeveless or short sleeve top to match, instead of having to rifle through to find the color you wanted! (I also know a lot of organizers who sort by color only, and not by style. My problem with that is that the sleeveless shirts get lost in the long sleeves, and the long sleeves get swallowed by the sweaters, and the bottoms aren’t separate from the tops, so you still have to do a fair amount of shuffling to put an outfit together.)

Step 5. This is about controlling the little things: the underwear, socks, bras, hosiery, scarves, ties, etc. For this, I strongly suggest a set of stacking shelves or drawers, into which you can put separate plastic organizers for each item – many stores even sell dividers designed for each of these things. No room for shelves or drawers? Get one of those wire, over-the-door shoe racks. They are terrible for shoes, but are a perfect accessory organizer in disguise! Necklaces can be hung over the prongs to keep them from getting tangled, earrings and watches from the cross-bars; bras, pantyhose, belts, purses and hats are also now right in reach!

Step 6. It’s now time to address the shoes, if they live in the same closet as your clothes, and we’re going to use the same process we followed earlier. Put them in pairs if they aren’t already and then assess them. Do you wear them? Are they in good condition? How many of that color do you have? If you have more than 2 or 3 of any color, it is probably safe to pare down. When you put the keepers back into the closet, just like the other categories, arrange them in rainbow order so that you know just where to reach for what you want, and you know just where to put them away at the end of the day. You’ll now find that not only is getting ready a much smoother process, but that maintaining the system is a no-brainer, and I know you’ll agree that when your morning goes smoothly, it’s a much more pleasant beginning to your day’s journey.

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Every time I read Chaucer’s “The Wife of Bath,” (prologue and tale), I come with a different conclusion as to what the good wife did actually want or aspire to in life. I won’t comment on what the author meant to convey; I will leave this to the end. In this last reading I want to comment on Dame Alice’s motivation in telling us her tale.

Wasting no time the Wife tells us that her story will be about her personal experiences and marriages-all five of them:

That marriage is a misery and a woe;

For let me say, if I may make so bold,

My lords, since I was but twelve years old,

Thanks be to God Eternal evermore,

Five husbands have I had the church door;

As I read the poem-story, nothing to me is more delightful than to visualize the woman’s visage:

Yes, I’m gap-toothed; it suits me well I feel,

It is the print of Venus and seal,

So help me God I was a lusty one

Fair, young, and well-to-do, and full of fun!

Isn’t this the picture of a lively character? Not only is she young, fair, rich, full of fun, but also well-to-do. And if we add an appropriate dress we can complete the picture: “And always wore my gayest scarlet dress.”

Under no circumstance should we interpret Dame Alice as an early feminist as we understand the term today: someone who advocates the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Of course the feminist movement has spawned many other more radical stances, but the core belief will suffice: feminists want equality.

Yet, throughout the prologue we see that the Wife doesn’t really want equality but woman’s supremacy. Today she could be called sexist.

Likewise, in the actual tale, the queen sends the offending knight in a quest to find the answer to the questions of the ages: “What is the thing that women most desire?” To save his life, the knight must return with the right answer in a twelvemonth and a day’s time. And the correct answer he submits turns out to be that what women most desire is the supremacy of woman over man:

‘A woman wants the self-same sovereignty

Over her husband as over her lover,

And master him; he must not be above her …’

When novelist Alice Walker coined the term ‘Womanist prose’ she meant to highlight the plight of the African American woman, whose condition was different from the constraints suffered by white feminists. Womanism has of late come to mean a benign sisterhood free from ill will to men.

But the Wife of Bath if full of ill will towards her five husbands. Womanism isn’t applicable here, for not only is she jealous, but she is also vindictive and cruel:

I told you how it filled my heart with spite

To see another woman his delight,

By God on earth I was his purgatory.

How many were the ways I tortured him,

And when she buries her fourth husband, at the very same funeral, she flirts with Johnny -the handsome former Oxford student- and wins him to become her fifth husband. And just like she did with the previous husbands, she strips them of their manhood, house, land, and wealth.

Unsatisfied, ribald, and lascivious, Dame Alice seeks pleasure in and outside marriage. In this light we can say that the neofeminist model fits her well: “love me for my body-not my mind.” This man-hungry model (neofeminism) fits her well since throughout her narrative she alludes to her strong sexual proclivities. To short circuit censorship and to avoid vulgar language, the Wife refers to sex in a variety of ways: “Silly instrument,” “In wifehood I will use my instrument,” “My husband, he shall have it eve and morrow,” “And was unable to deny in truth, My chamber of Venus to a likely youth,” and my favorite stanza:

‘What ails you, man, to grumble so and groan?

Just that you want my what-not all your own?

Why, take it all, man, take it every bit!

St. Peter, what a love you have for it!

For if I were to sell my belle chose,

I could go walking fresher than a rose;

Because in the end we can see that she is half deaf (from a beating), that she is a battered wife, and who despite the violence inflicted to her by her five husbands she only makes fun of her situation in life, one can assume that she suffers from low self-esteem.

To all this, what was Chaucer’s agenda?  On first impression it seems that Chaucer is actually using the character of a picturesque woman to prove that women can be lethal to men. On a deeper level one can say that by exposing the husband’s abusive behavior, which in those years was common, he could bring about social change.

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“In everyone’s heart stirs a great homesickness” Rabbi Seymour Siegel

Spirituality for us is a need for many who desire the sense of belonging. Just like a turtle that is just hatched and knows to go straight to the ocean, and swims for years just to come back to the same shores it was born. And it does it without a compass, maybe the compass is built in. If we were to take a lesson from the little turtles then we too will realize that we as humans are searching to go back to where we belong, this too is built in us. The search has always been if we look at our past. Our known history has left clues for us to realize the importance our ancestors have placed on spirituality. Be it ancient Greeks or Aztecs, or the magnificent buildings that ancient Egyptians have built for their spiritual masters. If a person does not cultivate the power of heart towards compassion, how can it find its way home? As majority of us feel pure when we act upon the kindness that is within our hearts, that takes us home even for a little moment we feel joyous.

Our population is round about seven billion on earth and out of seven billion of us about over six billion of us feels that we need to feel spiritual, and I personally agree. We just tend to label our spirituality different. But at the end of the day it is personal. Yet to share same faith, same point of view seems more fruitful for many of us, thus there are religions. And many of us search a personal light personal heaven either within or outside. Know the world in yourself. Each truth you learn will be, for you, as new as if it had never been written, and the book of your life, your spirituality, will then be written with gratitude for you exist and you belong to the higher powers that you seek.

We are living in times that strive for so much, so many demands that is put before our senses, thus it rather overwhelms many of us, and we tend to shine away from the very light we seek. On the other hand we are told we need to be spiritual more so than we are. The golden rule to remember is balance, as the priests or mullahs would like to guide their flock. As we cannot all go to the mountain tops and live a life of monks, if we did, who then would grow the crops to feed us, so balance is very important.

As the universal question that has always been asked and still we ask. What and where is God. Answer to this question is a mystery as it is not proven by many who lived before or science that is advanced still leaves us with the very same question for all of us. Then we tend to feel that we are not meant to know, yet build our hearts faith, so we may follow the teachings that are on the menu. As when we are young we are absolute masters of our ships knowing exactly where and how we are going to sail in life. But as years are lived and the certainty of time being limited whispers, is this it? And we then are busier to find belonging, also some people feel this is it, this is all there is.

As the proverb says “all seed answer light, but the color is different. The plant reveals what is in the seed” we too are seeds who seek light in our own ways to reach high on spiritual skies, and wondrous is the sky, always fascinating us with its decorations, like a greatest work of magic ever assembled in one place for our eyes us here on earth, we all feel awe when we gaze the nights sky. And many of us remember as child when our loving parents have taken us to camping adventures, we see the magic as soon as one star falls quickly wishing another. The will to believe in something is within us all, most use the word faith is probably in religious content. Yet even the devout faithful sometimes wonder; why must I blindly believe. Why must I trust? Some rather begin with doubt working, climbing the ladder of wisdom. To find a spiritual path we all search and take our pick from the menu. What ever makes sense for individual then the spirituality is obtained with certainty. Everyone finds himself in the world where he belongs. The essential thing is to have a fixed point from which to check its reality now and then. Always watch and follow nature of things, most important nature itself. Those who truly understand spirituality, from all walks of life from every corner of earth will tell you it is not the difference we need to concentrate of spirituality, rather, the similarity.

We, as we grow and experience life should not believe a word without putting its truth to the test; discernment does not grow in laziness; and this faculty of discernment is indispensable to the Seeker. Sound skepticism is the necessary condition for good discernment; but piecemeal criticism is an error. And just like the turtles who hatch from and egg, and go on a journey never taken before, to only come back to the shores where it was born, turtles compass, built in a mysterious way we simply do not understand, just like the silent inner voice of our souls seeking the light to shine like a star in the spiritual skies to belong in spiritual unity and love. We seek quietly as we are spiritual beings. As the spiritual humans know that the gift of Heaven is free, this GIFT of LIFE, is so great that no effort whatever could hope to ‘deserve’ it. Yet it is given as a gift just to find our way back home.

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Great rivalries. History is full of them. Octavius and Mark Anthony. Churchill and Hitler. But it’s easier to pick out great rivalries in single-athlete sports, like tennis or boxing. John McEnroe, the mercurial, emotionally charged, brash American and Bjon Borg, the icy, mechanical Swede. Don’t snub the women! Cute and talented Chrissy Evert against the killing machine of Martina Navatilova. In boxing? Muhammad Ali and Joe Foreman. The stuff of legends.

There is a lesser-known rivalry in the Bible. Today we start the stories about these two men at odds about everything under the sun and in the heavens above. In the one corner, the prophet of God, Elijah the Tishbite. In the other corner, Ahab, King of Israel.

No men could be more different. No two lives could be more antagonistic to each other. Elijah will have nothing but condemnation for Ahab. Ahab will seek to kill the prophet more than once. As the writer of the sacred history introduces us to these rivals, right from their first confrontation, they don’t even agree that

The Lord Will Provide.

1.Food for the soul.

2. Food for the body.

“Ahab son of Omri not only considered it trivial to commit the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, but he also married Jezebel daughter of Ethbaal king of the Sidonians, and began to serve Baal and worship him. He set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal that he built in Samaria. Ahab also made an Asherah pole and did more to provoke the Lord, the God of Israel, to anger than did all the kings of Israel before him (31-33).”

When Jesus rebuffed the devil’s temptation with “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God,” few would have objected. People expect their gods to give them more than food for the body. They expect their gods to ennoble their lives, give them a spiritual dimension (whatever that might be). So with Ahab. He was a well-rounded guy. Young, powerful, handsome. Baal worship brought out the spiritual in him.

Like bloody meat in the water brings out the piranhas.

Baal was the old Canaanite sky god. He brought rain upon the earth through the thunderstorms. Asherah was mother earth in the Canaanite pantheon. When her consort, Baal, fertilized her with rain, she brought forth food for man and beast. Quaint picture, but in every pagan, agrarian culture, the gods always lined up this way, Father Sky, Mother Earth. The kicker here was that Baal and Asherah were worshipped with male and female prostitutes in the temple. That’s why the prophets said cheating on God by worshipping Baal was adultery, because you were also cheating on your wife or husband.

Ahab and Jezebel promoted Baal worship. It put the zing in their step and the glint in their eye! How charming! What food for the soul was there?

It showed in society in general. “In Ahab’s time, Hiel of Bethel rebuilt Jericho. He laid its foundation at the cost of his firstborn son Abiram, and he set up its gates at the cost of his son Segub, in accordance with the word of the Lord spoken by Joshua son of Nun (24).”

People didn’t care about each other. Fathers didn’t care for sons. To make sure the Canaanite religion and culture that they had destroyed would never rear its filthy, perverted head again, Joshua, when the Lord had given Jericho to the Children of Israel (remember Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho?), had foretold that the man who would rebuild Jericho would lose his oldest son when he rebuilt its foundation and his youngest son when he rebuilt its gates. For over 500 years the people of God had respected his word enough to leave Jericho in ruins. But in the age of Baal and Asherah worship, during the Playboy bunny days of Ahab and Jezebel, there’s money to be made developing that old site! And Hiel was going to make a bundle. When his first son dies, he keeps at it. When his youngest son dies, ach, that’s the overhead of business!

Profit instead of parental care, lust instead of conjugal love. Me and nobody else matters. Why, this could be describing a night out with Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, huh? But it also describes you and me, when we let our sinful human nature sit behind the wheel of our life. Parents blow the hard-earned savings of years on drugs and booze, or blackjack and craps, taking a college education out of the mouths of their kids. Husbands, wives, walk away from each other for “true love” with someone who has nothing true or natural about them. Me, Me, Me. There’s always time for me, but never time for you. And certainly never time for God.

Now here’s where the rivalry picks up. “Now Elijah the Tishbite, said to Ahab, ‘As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word (17.1).”

There is a higher good than self. There is a higher goal than pleasure masquerading as piety. That higher good and higher goal is the true God, the Lord. He is the Savior of the soul. By his word our faith is fed. He tells us of his love. He tells us of his forgiveness. His absolute commitment to us calls forth lives of service to him. “I serve him,” Elijah says. Not for the girls. Not for the giggles. I serve him because he is the only God who can save.

Now, the problem with a God who feeds our soul is that it is pretty hard to see that happening. A rainmaker comes into town, takes his advance payment, and, until the rain comes, you don’t know if he is a con man or there really is something to this stuff. A God who claims to save the soul from the everlasting fires of hell, well, you got to put your money down on him here in this life and wait until the next life to see if your bet paid off.

Granted, Jesus’ words make our hearts zing and they put a spring in our step. His words are the light of our life and the joy they give, lasts a lot more than a moment. But this jaded old world can’t see inside our hearts and the joy that we feel as Christians, they view that as about as real as the tea in a little girl’s tea party with her dollies.

To prove to Ahab and Jezebel, to prove to the Hiels of Israel, that the Lord God of Israel was no con man, the Lord tells Elijah to do something everybody would notice. No dew or rain for the next few years, except at the word of the Lord.

The Lord provides food for the body.

Royal Ahab and Jezebel were going to lose a few pounds. Wealthy developer Hiel was not going to have a lot of BBQued ribs in the near future. Many of the poor people, the commoners, were going to die of starvation. But Elijah? “He did what the Lord had told him. He went to the ravine of Kerith, east of the Jordan, and stayed there. The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook (5-6).”

As the Lord had promised him, the Lord provided. In a wilderness area on the other side of the Jordan, like a brook that flows into the Colorado River down below Nelson landing, out of the way, Elijah finds the brook of Kerith and from that water he slakes his thirst. He stays in that little canyon, for at the Lord’s command ravens, birds not known to be all that generous with their food, bring Elijah bread and meat, both in the evening and in the morning. He has everything he needs and he stays alive during the powerful drought that strikes Israel.

It should be good enough. But you know it won’t be. Unbelievers will not be moved by God’s goodness, even when God reveals it in miraculous ways. If Hiel found out how Elijah was being provided by God, he’d make fun of raven left-overs or the spring water’s lack of alcohol content. If he actually took it seriously, far from proving to him that God was a good and loving Savior, Hiel and the rest of the unbelievers would hate God. I can say this because Ahab and Jezebel are going to display all these qualities. Miracles will never convert unbelievers. They will never trust in God’s goodness for the soul as proven by his goodness in feeding the body.

But believers will.

It looks like hard times are coming. It seems in America, whenever some President, it doesn’t really matter of which party, whenever some President is approaching the end of his eighth year in office, the American economy sort of falls flat on its face. I guess the politicians just get tired of juicing the system and spinning the figures. So it looks like the next two years are not going to be the greatest for us. Some of you who are in the construction industry already may be feeling the pinch. The work isn’t there like it used to be. Forget about any overtime. Maybe you’ve gotten out of the construction business already and started something else. For others, the once a month trip to the website that tells you what your house was worth has turned into an almost daily peek, and every day your house is worth a little less, but you keep on looking, like a person who can’t take his eyes off the smashed cars in the intersection. And if the inflation rate is so low, as all the retirees can see by how little their Social Security checks have gone up, then why are groceries so high? Why is the cost of gasoline seem reasonable only when you compare it to the cost of your prescription drugs?

Yeah, there will be some hard times coming. And there will be days or nights when we wonder if we will be able to make it through. Then you remember this Bible story. God proves to us he provides food for our soul by providing food for our body. He didn’t let Elijah starve. He found a way to provide for his believing prophet. God will not let you and me starve. He will get us through.

I mean, it isn’t like this is the first of the hard times some of us have experienced. Some of us were kids when they were actually rationing food, things like meat, and sugar and butter, in America, because we had to ship it all overseas to feed our troops in England before D-Day. Some of us were afraid to go out and play in the snow because of the above ground nuclear tests and the fallout that spread across the globe. Some of us thought we’d bleed out from a leg wound in Viet Nam. Some of us thought we’d be dead in six months after the doctor first told us it might be cancer. Some of us expected divorce the first time the dear hubby or dear wife said they weren’t really having as much fun in the marriage as they thought they would. And yes, there was the building moratorium in town in 1992, the dotcom blowout of 1998, the 9/11 wake-up call in 2001. And who of us was rolling in the dough after we bought our first new car or signed our first mortgage?

And here we are. The Lord saw us through. The big boys have allowed us to keep a little of our savings. There seems to be food on the table, judging by the series of belts we’ve out-grown. A roof over our heads and a shirt on our back, with central air and maybe even a pool or spa in the back yard. No matter what the next few years bring,

The Lord Will Provide.

1.Food for the soul.

2. Food for the body.

Maybe I left the greatest rivalry out. But it’s not really a rivalry, because you have to have equally matched antagonists for it to be a rivalry. God and the devil, I was going to say. But that would be wrong. What can the devil give you? Happiness? Nope. Eternal life? Nope. He can’t even keep life going strong here on this earth. But the Lord has provided and will continue to provide all of them. Love him and serve him only.