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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes are based on the popular characters of the comic book series bearing the same name. The turtles appeared in 1984 and have since been featured in 2 animated Television series, a live action series, and 3 full feature films.

The mutant ninja turtles are 4 ‘brothers’ trained in the art of ninja fighting by a giant talking rat sensei called Master Splinter. They live secretly in the storm sewers of New York City and battle against evil doers, alien invaders and petty criminals.

The foursome consists of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. Each turtle has his own unique personality traits, and brings something different to the group.

Leonardo is the oldest of the four. He serves as the fearless leader and is a dedicated student of martial arts. He is named after Leonardo Davinci, the famous Renaissance man who was an engineer, scientist, inventor, paintor, and sculptor (among other things).

Donatello is the next oldest mutant turtle. Whenever possible, he prefers to use his wits to solve a problem rather than his martial arts skills. He is extremely intelligent, and is a scientist, engineer, inventor and technological mastermind.

Raphael is the 3rd oldest of the turtles and the group’s resident bad boy. He is quick to anger, and never backs down from a fight. In fact, he often starts them. He is intense in his fighting, and can be just as sharp with his words. However, he is very loyal to the other turtles as well as to their sensei.

The final member of the group is Michelangelo. He is the youngest and most carefree of the turtles. He loves to crack jokes and is very free spirited. Adventurous, and creative by nature, he also enjoys his relaxation and is usually very laid back. His name is derived from the famous painter Michelangelo who, like Da Vinci, was a true Renaissance man.

Together these turtles form a tight knit family. They are trained by Master Splinter who acts as a mentor and father to the turtles. Like any “family” the group have their share of arguments and squabbles, but when it comes to what matters most, they band together to fight evil villains and right the injustices they see around them.

This is one of the most endearing traits about the turtles – that they’re all so real. They’re not like the usual heroes who have a perfect temperament and almost no character flaws. The turtles have many shortcomings and lapses in judgment. Yet they all possess the desire to right the wrongs they see, and their loyalty to their family and close knit group of friends is legendary. They also possess awe inspiring martial arts skills, and are dedicated to furthering their ninja training.

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