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It is believed that France was the first country to discover the wonderful art of kissing and how to tongue kiss. Although the French are famous for inventing the French kiss, initially it was called the soul kiss because such a kiss is believed to come from the heart and of course the soul.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tongue kissing but there are some tongue kissing tips and techniques that will make the journey extremely pleasurable for you as you become an expert at how to tongue kiss.

Let me say that if you enjoy it whole heartedly and kiss with a lot of passion and a lot of heart most of the hard work is done for you. All that’s left is learning a few French kissing or tongue kissing tips that will have your love interest absolutely melt in your arms.

Here are some French kissing tips and techniques to help you learn how to tongue kiss starting today.

The Secret To A Delicious Long And Slow Tongue Kiss

When I think of the perfect movie tongue kiss I think of the way that Tom Cruise so sweetly devoured Kelly McGillis in the movie “Top Gun” with Take My Breath Away playing in the background. No matter how old I am, that tongue kiss has the same impact on me every single time. I feel like a teenager again every time I see that tongue kiss.

But the fact is that real life is very different. You don’t know if they want to tongue kiss you, you don’t know how to tongue kiss, they are really shy, he has been giving you mixed signals, you are not sure if she wants you to be just a friend.

The mere thought of tongue kissing a guy or tongue kissing a girl could have you feeling like you have just been through a train wreck. If you have never tongue kissed before you know you get just one chance. Blow it and they may never think of you romantically again!

I once met this totally cute guy at a night club. This guy was hot. He was the best looking guy in the place, but when he tongue kissed me he was a total dud. It was the worst tongue kiss I had ever had with anyone and I’ve had quite a few.

No matter how great looking he was, I felt nothing when I tongue kissed him and never wanted to see him again. That may sound terrible but that was my first tongue kissing impression of him and it wasn’t good.

What did he do wrong? His whole tongue kissing technique was terrible. The man had been married before, to a French woman too. Maybe when they were giving out French kissing lessons she was away from school. His French kissing style – well, there was none. To me it felt like I was kissing someone who had never been tongue kissed before and I then and there decided never to see him again.

French kissing had always come so naturally to me but all of a sudden I realized that some people are natural born kissers and others just need a little guidance and practice.

Here are a few tongue kissing tips and tongue kissing techniques to help you on your way.

The Start Of A Tongue Kiss

When your two lips meet keep them slightly parted (no tongue kissing) and press very gently against the other person’s lips. Make sure you don’t bump noses (but if you do just laugh) by tilting your head slightly to one side.

The Beginning Of A Tongue Kiss

French kisses, tongue kisses, tongue pashes, whatever you want to call them, involve the use of your tongue. Kissing is a lot like dancing. Your lips and tongues move with one another at the same pace in the same style. Just like dancing, you are following one another’s lead.

Once you have started kissing one of you will slip your tongue into the other person’s mouth. Whatever you do, don’t make your tongue disappear back into your mouth like a startled turtle; and don’t let your tongue just sit there either. Move it around their tongue, gently suck on their tongue, chase one another’s tongues around their mouths.

Keep tongue kissing this way till either of you have had enough or you want to try a different type of kissing.

How to End A Tongue Kiss

To end a kiss finish it off the way it started; slow down the movement of your tongue, ever, ever so slowly move your heads apart, if you like press your lips against theirs one more time, look into their yes and smile.

Voila. You are now on your way to perfecting the perfect tongue kiss and mastering the art of kissing.

I know it sounds easy on paper and some more guidance and even photos would be helpful in perfecting the ultimate mind blowing tongue kiss.

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It is not a secret that we humans have been destroying the environment for years. It is now that some of us are trying to make all people aware of the affects that our lack of care has had on the environment and what will happen if we do not make changes now and try to stop the progress of global warming.

Our focus, or drive, is the thought of what type of world are we leaving our children. We also need to be looking at how global warming is affecting our animals now and in the future if we do not stop and make the needed environmentally safe changes.

There are numerous studies that are being conducted and have been conducted where watching animal behavior and traits to measure the status of the environment. These studies are showing that our Earth is changing in unnatural ways and it is disturbing. Think about the fact that right now as things stand, reindeer will no longer wander the places they currently do, they will disappear.

Marmots no longer hibernate the same amount of time that they used to. Actually compared to thirty years ago, they are ending hibernation three weeks earlier. The Canadian red squirrel is breeding 18 days earlier. Studies are showing that the red fox is moving north and invading the territory of its Arctic cousin. Polar bears are not as healthy as they were 20 years ago and they are thinner.

If we look at the sea and our creatures there we also see changes that should cause alarm. Coral reefs are expected to increase by up to a third in size. Elephant seal pups are thinner because their prey is migrating to cooler waters. Our turtles are changing behavior as well, the loggerhead is laying eggs 10 days earlier and the Hawkbill turtle hatchlings are having more females then males due to temperature changes.

Birds are changing their diets to insects that do not consume leaves that have been treated with high amounts of pesticides. What does all of this mean? It means that global warming is going to cause many of our animal species to become endangered if not extinct.

The melting ice, the warm seas, the spreading dessert are all threats to our animals. These changes, no matter how subtle have a dramatic influence on the lives of our wildlife. In the sea the disappearance of the tiny organisms that the larger creatures feed off of is causing the sea life to migrate northward.

Keeping in mind that global warming plays a huge part in our weather and climate, the increased storminess destroys the breeding colonies of the albatross that already battle the possibility of being captured and killed by fishing boats. The rise in sea levels wipe out the nesting sites of the sea turtles, seals and wading birds are also on the list of species to be affected by their habitats being destroyed.

Thought the very source of nature is change, and adaptation, the changes that are taking place in our environment due to global warming are just happening to fast. The speed is what makes it difficult for the animals to adapt effectively and this will cause us to loose a lot of our wildlife. Can you imagine a world with no reindeer? What about the day that the Sahara dessert covers all of Africa and makes migration impossible for birds?

These are changes that we can see everyday and we need to start paying attention to them. The predicted elevation of sea level by an amazing three feet coupled with the disruptions to the Earth life support systems should be our wake up call.

While you can look out your back window and see these changes taking place, the full effect will be seen by the year 2100 if the predictions of scientist come through and we do not change our ways. Think about is, 2100 is less then one hundred years away. You and I would probably not be here, but our grandchildren will and what will we have left for them? Help stop global warming, do your part to save the Earth, our children and our wildlife. They need us.

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There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to learning how to kiss good. Let me say at the start if you enjoy kissing whole heartedly with a lot of passion and feeling most of the hard work is done for you. All that’s left is learning a few kissing tips or kissing techniques that will have your love interest thinking you’re the best kisser they’ve ever had.

Some people find kissing is the easy part. Making your move is the nerve-wracking part. You probably remember watching Happy Days and seeing all the moves those guys used to make to lock lips with girls.

The fundamentals of learning how to kiss good are experimentation, imagination, kindness, preparation, respect, communication, and very importantly confidence. Build your confidence by thinking that kissing is the natural way that you express how you feel about your love interest. There is no confidence booster like having knowledge. When you truly feel in yourself that you do know how to not only kiss good but sizzle at it, your confidence will carry forward with your kissing.

It’s also absolutely critical before you even think about kissing anyone that you do not have bad breath, you don’t have a rough beard, you don’t have body odour and that you’re not about to pounce on her like an octopus.

Here is the classic kissing move. A great place to try this one out is at the movies or whenever the moment is right and you are sitting next to one another.

Put your arm around her shoulder. Watch her body language and see how she reacts to his.

If she snuggles into you or rests her shoulder on you just enjoy the moment for a few minutes. Next thing to do is put your fingers under her chin with your free hand that is not around her and gently tilt her head up so she is looking at you.

In order to learn how to kiss good you need to practice. If you have never kissed anyone before or have had little practice you know you get just one chance. Blow it and they may never think of you romantically again! That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you learn how to kiss good as soon as possible, to avoid any embarrassment and humiliation.

Anyone can become a great kisser, provided they follow the right kissing techniques, tips and kissing advice from people who are qualified to give it.

In order to kiss good you need to be aware of how your love interest is feeling about you and your kiss. When your two lips meet keep them slightly parted and press very gently against the other person’s lips. Make sure you don’t bump noses (but if you do just laugh) by tilting your head slightly to one side.

Kissing is a lot like dancing. Your lips and tongues move with one another at the same pace in the same style. Just like dancing, you are following one another’s lead. You should be aware of how comfortable the girl feels with your kiss.

Once you have start to kiss one of you will slip your tongue into the other person’s mouth. Whatever you do, don’t make your tongue disappear back into your mouth like a startled turtle; and don’t let your tongue just sit there either. Move it around their tongue, gently suck on their tongue, chase one another’s tongues around their mouths. This is what will make the difference between knowing that you kiss good and being a shocking kisser.

It’s important when you start to learn how to kiss good that you identify all the embarrassing things to avoid! Don’t let your next kiss become an experience that haunts you forever. Make it your goal to follow all the kissing advice you need so that you can avoid the pitfalls and slip-ups that can jeopardize your chances of dating the girl of your dreams and becoming the best kisser she’s ever had. I guarantee if you follow the right kissing advice you will learn not only how to kiss good but how to be a truly memorable kisser that they will remember forever.

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When thinking about wind power, there are several advantages and disadvantages that can sway you to either use or not use it. Some of the advantages of wind power include that it’s a natural resource therefore making it free and friendly to the environment not harming or depleting the ozone layer. No fossil fuels have to be burned so that we may generate electricity.

Because of the fact that wind turbines only take up a few meters of space, they are a lot better for space compared to power plants leaving more room for the environment and agriculture or for the land to be used for other purposes. Win turbines are also a better resource to use in remote locations like the mountains or the country side. They can come in many different sizes so that they may accommodate different levels of population.

Finally another great thing about wind power is that you can combine it with solar power and upon doing this they can be a source of energy for developed and developing countries. Now as stated above although wind power has many advantages it also has several disadvantages. Such as wind power is unreliable, you’re never sure just exactly how much power you are going to get therefore making solar energy a better alternative sometimes. The construction of a wind turbine can last a long time about a year to be exact and can be quite costly. One of the biggest disadvantages is the fact that they create a lot of noise which is fine if u live a few miles away but not so good if you’re closer to the turbine.

So altogether there are many advantages and disadvantages to whether or not wind turbines are truly effective mechanisms to use to create energy

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We all love the idea of the holiday season, right? We love the lights and the colors, the parties and the visits with family, the events and the ceremonies, heck – even the shopping and cards have their own flavor of nostalgia. But there’s just so MUCH!! Most of us pack an entire year’s worth of activity into a single month, leaving us frustrated and burnt out, instead of renewed and uplifted. Surviving the season doesn’t have to be a challenge worthy of reality TV. All you need are these six simple tips to save your sanity:

1. Prioritize. Make a list of the most important events, places, activities, and people that you absolutely cannot do without. Some examples might be picking out the tree, going caroling, the Johnson’s New Year’s Eve party, a sleigh ride with the kids, Christmas mass, or shopping on “Black Friday.” Put these items on your calendar FIRST, to avoid conflict. Now you can schedule around them, but make sure not to overbook yourself! Try to find ways to consolidate if possible. If several of your friends in the same circle are having soirees, attend one instead of all of them.

2. When it comes to decorating, open your decorations a week before you start, to review what you have and what you need. (Every year, I leave myself a note telling me what I need the following season – it’s absolutely priceless!) This is the time to test your lights! Make a plan for your decorating – how do you want it to look when it’s done? This will keep your home and yard looking fun and classy, instead of like a hoard of crazed elves descended upon your house! NOW go shopping, armed with your list of necessities to meet that plan. The major benefits are two-fold: First, you’ll get in and out of the store faster, and with more money left in your pocket, since there was no need for browsing / impulse buying. Second, on decorating day, putting up the seasonal trimmings will be the fun family activity you anticipated, and NOT a migraine inducing Rubik’s Cube.

3. Don’t make gift shopping a bigger hassle than it needs to be. I think we all have a tendency to blow this WAY out of proportion. Here are some great ways to simplify:

· Many credit cards offer double bonuses for shopping on their affiliated sites. You get everything done in the comfort of your home, plus you get a little something in return. · I’m a huge fan of theme gifts – in fact, I do it almost every year. This just means that you give everyone on your list the same thing, or some variation of it. It’s a great way to control your budget (which we’ll get to in a second), and there is no sense of “competition” between gift recipients! · Remember that the purpose of the gift (beyond religious symbolism) is to show your loved ones your appreciation… not how much money you have. · Decide whether you really need to get a gift for everyone you know. If you have a large family or circle of friends, consider drawing names instead of buying for everyone.
4. Make a budget… and stick to it. BEFORE you start purchasing, determine what funds you have available. As you find appropriate gifts, write down the price and subtract from your budget. Once you have a list of gifts that fits your allowance, THEN go shopping. (Note: If you’re buying online, don’t forget to include the shipping!) If you love the thrill of the hunt and the chaos of the malls (!), you can have your cake and eat it too, but you must resist the temptation to whip out the wallet on the spot. Carry a pad of paper and write down the gifts you find, then circle back to purchase when your list is complete. This also eliminates the problem of having to skimp on the last gifts you purchase because you’ve run out of money!

5. If you are hosting an event, one of the biggest hurdles is the always the food. Decide on a menu: formal or informal, catered or cooking? If you are catering, call at least three restaurants / services to get pricing and availability – there’s a lot of gouging that goes on this time of year, and you’ll want a guarantee that the food will be ready when you need it, especially if your event is ON a holiday. If there is one restaurant you prefer, but it’s not the one with the best price, don’t be afraid to ask if they will meet their competitor’s price (as long as you are comparing apples to apples, of course) – the worst they can say is “no.” If you are cooking, make a list of all ingredients for all the recipes. Cross off what you already have on hand, then take the remaining list with you when you go grocery shopping. This will eliminate the crisis of missing ingredients on cooking day!

6. Holiday cards are a staple of the season, and are truly a great way to keep outlying friends and family at least a little in the loop. Many people shy away from sending cards because the store-bought ones are too generic, and personalized messages seem like too much effort. Truly, sending a warm greeting does not have to take hours or cost a fortune! If you’d like to include a newsletter (always a nice touch!), make bullet points for each event you want to talk about – three to six points is plenty. Now just flesh out each point with two or three sentences, and just like that, you’re done! If writing isn’t your thing, you can certainly snap a photo of yourself or your family, or heck, even the dog! Then just use any of the huge number of online photo services available to create an instant card with a simple personalized message like, “Sending you all the warmth and love of the season from Bob, Cindy, Mike, Julie, and Barky!” I’m sure there’s no need for the trite reminder about keeping the spirit of the season rather than getting swept up in the commercial chaos, so just follow these guidelines, and you’ll find yourself sailing through the season with all the joy and gratitude that you’ve previously only seen in made-for-TV movies. Happy Holidays!
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Forex daily pivot points:

Fapturbo is one kind of software that helps forex traders to analyze and make decisions upon current market situation. Its essential function is to analyze. First of all, a trading expert input a programmed trading system into it; of course, this system is profitable so that to make sure the robot can give traders practical help. After that, you only need to set your trading platform in and wait for the analysis and its automatic implementation when external conditions are met, i.e. profitable.

People never use this software before may have deep doubt on its actual result. After all, there is no comparison between analyzing ability of human being and knowledgeware, especially in complicated situation. Nobody wants to risk his own financial security. A practical way to solve this problem is to have an experiment by known data. During the analyzing procedure, the trader could get exact and first-hand information of the forex robot’s working. He could bring the robot’s decision into comparison with himself’s and get a conclusion about the feasibility of taking it instead of human being.

As soon as the trader has learned enough information of Fapturbo and how useful it is on helping traders to earn money, it is certainly for every cautious but also eager for business success forex trader to buy one!

Why are you still hesitant? Trader can’t use the most advanced trade tool equals to soldier leaves his own life to enemy owning the best arm. Fapturbo will bring you pleasant surprise just like it brought to me!

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1. Crooning Bob, Hidden Muse

2. Masked & Anonymous

3. Robert Allen Zimmerman

4. Elston Gunn

5. A Star Is Born

6. A Legend Mends A Legend

7. Emergence

8. Bringing It All Back Home

9. Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid

10. Grammy Time

11. Pope On The Red Line

12. In Their Father’s Footsteps?

13. Albums Of The Year

14. Hollywood Hit List

15. Jack Fate

16. Award Monger

17. The Missing Beatle?

“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan

1. Crooning Bob, Hidden Muse

Recently a Japanese writer named Junichi Saga was astonished and flattered to learn that passages from one of his books apparently found their way into a few of Bob Dylan’s lyrics.
In Bob Dylan’s 2001 song, “Floater”, he croons – “My old man, he’s like some feudal lord, got more lives than a cat.” “I’m not quite as cool or forgiving as I sound” “Sometimes somebody wants you to give something up, and tears or not, it’s too much to ask.”

On page six of Junicihi Saga’s book, “Confessions of a Yakuza”, he writes – “My old man would sit there like a feudal lord.” “I’m not as cool or forgiving as I might have sounded.” Then on page 182, writes – “Tears or not, though, that was too much to ask.”

The practitioner of Chinese medicine resounded that the revelation of Dylan calling upon his own work was surprising. This could be counted as a literary theft of sorts, but the author has stated he has no plans to sue. “Why would I sue? To take something that made people around the world happy and try to exploit it for money – that’s poverty.”, stated Saga.
“This shows that people in other countries can relate to the harsh realities of prewar Japan, which was a poor, struggling nation. I’m just happy somebody read my book and liked it.”, said Saga. “My book hasn’t even sold that well, and it’s out of print in Japan.” He further added he has estimated to have only made about $8,475 from the publication.

A few weeks ago, Saga bought his first Bob Dylan CD, “The Best of Bob Dylan”.

2. Masked & Anonymous

Would you reach out a hand to save a drowning man if you thought he might pull you in?

This is the tagline for Bob’s latest film called, “Masked & Anonymous”. In it, Bob plays, Jack Fate, a singer whose career has gone on a downward spiral and is forced to make a comeback to the performance stage for a benefit concert. For this film he was joined by some of Hollywood’s hottest and brightest, all of which reportedly signed onto the film at scale rates. The cast includes: John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, Reggie Lee, Angela Bassett, Steven Bauer, Larry Campbell, Bruce Dern, Alex Desert, Treva Etienne, Dan Frischman, Tony Garnier, Laura Elena Harring, Ed Harris, Shawn Michael Howard, Val Kilmer, Bruce Kirschbaum, Antonio David Lyons, Cheech Marin, Chris Penn, George Receli, Giovanni Ribisi, Mickey Rourke, Sam Sarpong, Charlie Sexton, Jon Sklaroff, Christian Slater and Fred Ward. On top of all of that, T-Shirt King friend, Keri Bruno, pulls 2nd Unit Directing duties on the talent heavy film.

The film hits theatres in a limited US release on July 25th.

3. Robert Allen Zimmerman

At 5 foot six inches, Robert Allen Zimmerman might be a slight man, but under the name Bob Dylan, he is a legendary giant of a musician.

4. Elston Gunn

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born May 24th 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. His father, Abe, was employed by the Standard Oil Company there, but when Robert was six the family moved to Hibbing, Minnesota. The one riddling note about Hibbing is that is very often the coldest place in the United States. Yikes. Growing up there he taught himself piano and guitar and formed several high school rock bands. Around this time he toyed with the stage name, “Elston Gunn”.

5. A Star Is Born

By 1959, Robert entered the University of Minnesota and began performing under the name Bob Dylan at clubs in Minnesota and St. Paul.

6. A Legend Mends A Legend

In 1960 he traveled to New York to perform in various folk clubs throughout Greenwich Village. While in New York he spent time with his idol, Woody Guthrie at his hospital room.

7. Emergence

Late in 1961 he landed a contract with Columbia Records and the following year his debut album was released with two original songs. A year after that, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” emerged with an all original album, including a song that became an anthem of the ’60’s – “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

8. Bringing It All Back Home

In February 1964 Dylan and a small group of friends drove south out of New York City and stopped in unannounced to see poet ‘Carl Sandburg’ in North Carolina. Disappointingly, Dylan left only 10 minutes after arriving when he realized he couldn’t get the venerable man of letters to take him seriously as a fellow poet.

He popped folk-rock into the mainstream after touring with Joan Baez with his own flavor of electric/acoustic swagger, culminating with his hit song, “Bringing it all Back Home”. Soon after the Byrd’s turned his song “Mr. Tambourine Man” into another hit with their cover version of the famous tune.

9. Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid

Following a motorcycle accident in 1966 which took him out of the limelight until 1969. Around that time, Sam Peckinpah asked him to compose the score and appear in his film, “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”. This would be the only the beginning of a long and continuing relationship with Hollywood and filmmaking.

10. Grammy Time

In 1974, Bob Dylan and The Band hit the road to promote their first number one album, “Planet Waves”. The next year they had another chart-topper with the release of, “Blood on the Tracks”. He followed that with several Rolling Thunder tours, a film called, “Renaldo and Clara” and then stunned the music world with the release of his fundamentalist Christian album, “Slow Train Coming”. A song from this album garnered him his first Grammy.

11. Pope On The Red Line

In May 1997, he was stricken with histaplasmosis, a possibly fatal infection of the heart sac, but recovered to take on a tour of Europe. He kicked off the trip by September, starting off in Rome by special request of the Pope.

12. In Their Father’s Footsteps?

His son Jakob Dylan has made a good time semi-emulating his infamous father with his own band, The Wallflowers. However, his Jesse Dylan has taken a slightly altered route to stardom, opting for the glamour of Tinsletown. His first major directing gig is about to be released, “American Pie 3”. Jesse also directed a film called, “How High” and appears with a special thanks credit on “The Matrix Revisited”.

13. Albums Of The Year

He is truly legendary, his 1997 album, “Time Out of Mind” and his 2001 album “Love and Theft” were both voted Album of the Year by the Village Voice’s annual critics’ poll. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

14. Hollywood Hit List

He has composed and recorded songs or had his recorded songs used in the following films:

Gods & Generals

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Vanilla Sky



Remember the Titans

High Fidelity

Wonder Boys

The Hurricane

American Beauty

Hope Floats

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The Big Lebowski

Jerry Maguire

Breaking the Waves

With Honors


Band of the Hand

American Pop

Renaldo and Clara

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

15. Jack Fate

The small $10 million dollar film, “Masked & Anonymous” was directed by veteran TV comedy director, Larry Charles, who has also helmed shows for, “Mad About You”, “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

He appeared on the TV show, “Dharma & Greg” playing himself. When he met Conan O’Brien at a recent concert, Bob was quoted as saying, “I know you from the TeeVee.”

16. Award Monger

He has received numerous awards of note, including: The Polar Music Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 2000, The Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from France in 1990, an honorary doctorate from Princeton University in 1970 and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Bruce Springteen at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1988.

17. The Missing Beatle?

He appears on the sleeve of the Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club”.

At the famous “Johnny Cash at San Quentin” concert, Johnny Cash introduced a song he co-wrote with Dylan by describing his as “…the greatest writer of our times.”

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Flower tattoos are not just for women. Some rose tattoo designs, for example, can be combined with skulls or daggers tattoo designs to realize a real masculine tattoo.

Nonetheless, some flowers are not really appropriate for men. The probably most feminine among flower tattoo designs is the Daisy tattoo design. I think it is really difficult to find a man wearing such a tattoo. They are very much associated with a feminine, ladylike appearance (Daisy is also nickname for Margaret) and are usually small cute tattoo designs. The femininity of these tattoos depends on this flower’s characteristic: its beauty, its delicacy and the meanings it carries. The daisy can symbolize different things to different people but it is a typical symbol of innocence and purity. It can also mean sisterhood, love and faithfulness. Daisy tattoos, on the ankle, shoulder or foot for example, are pretty and delicate.

The common Daisy is native to western, central and northern Europe and is also known as Lawn Daisy or English Daisy, but its scientific name comes from Latin: Bellis perennis, a wonderful name which can be translated into perennial beauty.

The medieval poet Chaucer called it “eye of the day” as it closes at night and opens again in the morning.

A daisy is very much loved for its natural beauty and symbolic meanings.

A daisy tattoo can be made to symbolize different things depending on the colors and the shape of the flower design.

In medieval times daisies have often been associated with the baby Jesus. Since that time daisies have always symbolized the innocence of children and childhood in general.

During the second part of the last century, daisies and daisy tattoos became a most widespread symbol of the peace movement.

As said, daisy tattoos can have many different meanings. Today they are mostly chosen for their beauty and their ability to express joy and bring brightness to anybody’s life.

Little daisy tattoos are usually to be seen on girls’ feet, ankles, shoulders but also hands and neck. Quite much widespread are also complex tattoo designs which can even cover a girl’s whole side, or part of the back.

A big concern when it comes to a daisy tattoo is originality. Today is not easy to come out with an original tattoo idea and the quite simple shape of daisies is not of much help.

There are different ways to personalize a daisy tattoo and make it unique. You can play with colors or combine a daisy tattoo with some other tattoo designs.

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Bahamas is an exotic place to visit. It is in the northern most region of United States. It is a favorite zone for nature lover. It is a wonderful place for holidaying and vacationing. People throng here in large numbers to capture its charming beauty in their photographs. It is a great place for sightseeing. If you want to visit this place, you can get cheap Bahamas vacation package. It is a great destination to visit to. One can find clean-white beaches, hotels, night time entertainment clubs and scuba diving facilities here. It is a great place for water lovers as there are various water sports available here. One can spend ample time here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

There is a wide array of peaceful and picturesque locations on either side of the beaches. You can gather a pleasant experience during its tour. It is attracting and attracts you many more times after your first visit. Cheap Bahamas vacation is a source of rejuvenation. Going for a vacation is the most sought after thing which one looks for after days of working in a hectic schedule. Vacation helps a person to come back to work with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm. It is important to unwind ourselves and Bahamas is a perfect location to enjoy.

A cheap Bahamas vacation is a good option to go with your loved ones. All of us want to spend some quality time with our loved ones and family and it is the perfect location to go for. It rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. A holiday soothes the mind and keeps us relaxed. It is a lifetime experience. The Bahamas is a mesmerizing place that constitutes of seven hundred small islands. The place is one of the most intriguing places on mother earth and gives one the chance to feel close to nature. Opting for cheap Bahamas vacation is definitely an intelligent move. The entire experience seems to be so enthralling and exciting that it makes tourists go back to the same place repeatedly, as the vacation gives them a chance to feel close to nature, to spend more time with their loved ones.

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When most people think of love poems, they think of serious and soulful expressions of passion. Long sonnets by Shakespeare or romantic poems by Browning and Lord Byron are the norm for love poetry. However, funny love poems can be good for a laugh. They may not be romantic, but they do give your friends something to enjoy.

Some of the best funny love poems are limericks. Limericks started in Ireland and follow a standard form of five lines and a rhyme scheme of aabba. Here are a few limericks written by anonymous authors:

There once was an old man of Lyme

Who married three wives at a time

When asked “Why a third?”

He replied, “One’s absurd!

And bigamy, Sir, is a crime.”

There was a young fellow named Hammer

Whose had an unfortunate stammer

“The b-bane of my life”

Said he, “Is m-m-my wife

D-d-d-d-d-d-damn ‘er!”

She made friends with a young undertaker;

Her last boyfriend had forsaken her.

But she started to curse

When he turned up in a hearse.

She said next time I’ll date a baker!

There was a young lady named Constance,

From boys she wouldn’t stand any nonsense.

If her partners grew deft

She would lead with her left;

The results would not weigh on her conscience.

My sweetheart and I are just wed.

Already I wish I were dead.

Two weeks she’s been spending.

It was time never ending.

We are thousands of pounds in the red!

Limericks are fairly easy to write if you can rhyme well, so you might try writing a limerick yourself that includes the name of your friend or loved one. This is a good way to make a funny love poem that is personalized.

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